not enough sun...Moved the plant, was that wrong?

gardenquestJune 3, 2006


I planted a "supersweet 100" last weekend, and i put to far over in my was not getting as much sun as my other Toms'( my garden is next to garage and gets only full sun from 1pm on) - so i transplanted it to a large container and moved it to a full (FULL - all day sun)I wonder if i killed it now?

How can I / when will I tell if the plant does not like it's new home?

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Hard to say. Tomatos are one of the plants that seems to enjoy transplanting although I confess I have never transplanted an "adult" plant.

If the plant wilts (gets limp) then it isn't enjoying the process, but there is a good chance it is temporary and the plant will spring back in a day or 2 with ample water.

If your plant shows any stress, since it is in a container, just move it to a less sunny spot for a couple days and then move it back out into the sun.

My guess is everything will be fine.

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pretty sure i killed it.
I noticed this evening the leaf stems are curling under and the plant just looks Ill. I guess i will never know which thing i did that killed it.Moving it, tooo much sun ( from basicly none to 8 hours direct) or who knows. Good News is the other plants in the garden are growing nicely.

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daddylonglegs(z5 WI)

Like username 5 said, I suggest moving it to shade for a week and keep it wet, add rooting hormone. Let it recover from the shock first because it won't be able to take up enough water until the roots start to establish. They are tough, probably not dead yet.

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wanted to give an update, found the problem.
I had moved that sweet 100 into a wooden planter, Well it seems that the pot must have had some disease in it, and also it did not drain the water. I got disgusted and moved it again a week and a half ago - moved to the main garden in a spot that was empty ( some beans did not grow) it is Ok now, VERY small and sad looking but it's not dead.

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