Redbud trees dying

mrshowellMay 24, 2011

We just bought a house built in 1973 and there are two huge redbud trees out front (huge for redbuds anyway). I love them but the only problem is that both appear to be dying. One has only flowered and leafed on one side and the other fully flowered and leafed but when you look at the trunk it is riddled with termites or looks like the whole trunk has been swiss cheesed. Is there a way to save these or will they eventually just die? They are big enough that I worry about them crashing down and hitting the house. Can I cut them down to a certain point and get a new tree to grow from the stump? I love the locations they are in and I love the trees so any suggestions would be great.



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The lifespan of a redbud is about 25 years, so yours probably are very old. They can suffer from a canker disease, and droughts make these trees more vunerable. You could try cutting off and disposing of the affected parts, but I am afraid the trees will suffer a gradual decline. Sorry for the bad news.

Redbuds are my favorite native small tree, but they have problems.

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