When do morning glories bloom?

gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)June 30, 2006

My heavenly blues are growing tall and strong, but there are no buds yet. This is my first time planting them. I didn't use any fertilizer on them, because I read on GW that they don't like it.
Thanks to anyone who answers. Judy

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username_5(banned for no reason)

I don't recall exactly when they start blooming (mine aren't ready to yet either). Usually the vines are about 10' or so before they start blooming for me, but that doesn't really mean much.

Not long now ;-)

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Right now the base of my wines are really putting out the blooms. So it should be any day know for you guys.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

It depends, those of us who are perpetually behind on their gardening and didn't plant their morning glories until JUNE still have a while to wait! Although one volunteer morning glory is already 4 to 5 feet tall, most of mine are still down on the ground with 4 or 6 leaves. Oh well, maybe they will bloom until November like last year.


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I started my own seeds and mine are all in bloom, I sometimes get one flower on a 6 inch tall plant. Heavenly Blue is one of my favorites. My other favorite is deep purple.

I have many plants and in some locations they grow much faster than others. Seem to like a little shade better than full sun all day.

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Snomam(Zone 3)

Here it is August 1st and I'm STILL waiting for a dumb MG blossom, not even any buds yet! I planted the seeds after danger of frost (June 1), vines have outgrown the 10' tall trellis. Some of the bottom leaves are turning yellow, maybe because of the heat, I did keep them watered during the drought. I sure hope it will be worth the wait, as so far I don't plan to grow them again. Anybody else enjoying blossoms yet?

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None for me yet either. Got a late start, you know how it is. I started alot of stuff from wintergrowing and inside, but didn't get around to the morning glories until 2nd week of june. They are about 7 feet tall, but no blooms yet.


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I put some Crimson Rambler MG seeds in around mid-May and mine aren't even budding yet, either. The plants are huge, though (and the blasted JPs are eating their hearts delight on some large leaves ... Grrrr ...). I thought they would have put out buds a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see the blooms!


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Snomam(Zone 3)

My sister is also growing MGs, and I keep asking her if she's got blossoms yet...so the other day she sent me an email "YES! BLOSSOMS!" and a picture, beautiful blue flowers all over the vines. I was so jealous! Then the next email, she says: "gotcha!" She'd been to a craft store and bought fake flowers and stuck them in amongst the vines. Brat! LOL

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Well there is blooms on mine, and have been for atleast two weeks now. They were planted last year. LOL Actually, they self seeded from last years. So not sure how long they took, but they took, and are now trying to take over the flower bed. Had to pull a few out this afternoon, so that they wouldn't strangle the other plants. Both spots that they are growing from self seeding from last year are in full sun.

If remember correctly, are they not ones that if wanted to grow faster, needed to be soaked or nicked with a knife, for they are hard seeds? Maybe that to is why it is takeing so long to get blooms if you planted them late. However, I never done that to mine. Usually plant though at first sign of no frost.

Don't give up, be patient. Worth the wait.

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Mine started blooming today!! Planted a couple varieties and grandpa ott bloomed first.


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Oops, wanted to put a picture here of my morning glory. Some how I goofed and made a new post instead. So if you wish to see it look under Morning Glory. Some day I might get the hang of this. :) Suzanne

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Here is a different picture than the one I posted on Morning Glory post. Think I have the hang of it now:)

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