'Split' tomatoes Ok to eat?

tackysueJuly 10, 2009

So, I'm super new to growing tomatoes. Tried last year and got a few little ones but I do believe they were miracles because that poor plant looked awful. I tried again this year, and while the tomatoes are larger (simply the breed) they don't look like much.

I've learned so much just by reading this forum today that I realize I need a bigger pot, more fertilizer, start them sooner, provide a little bit of shade when it's too hot, less dense soil and research a breed that's better suited to containers and this heat! So, next season I'll hope for more.

This season though, I do have three tomatoes (!). The problem is that the skin is split. Are they ok to eat? And (this is really embarassing) how do I know when to pick them? Is it just a color thing?

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bdobs(8b or 9 SF Bay Area)

Sure you can eat split tomatoes. I'm assuming your talking about a split that runs fron the upper stem area down vertically along the side that heals with rough greyish matetr??? Just cut away any of the hard gross stuff and enjoy :)

As for when they are ripe to eat....
The color is one aspect, but give them a feel. You want to feel a little bit of give to them. You'll know


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I think a split tomato is only an issue if it is exposed to water polluted in some way and of course it will be more vulnerable to mold.

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This is great news! As I only have three I was hoping that I could enjoy them :) Thanks bunches.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

Healed splits are one thing. My sugolds have been splitting occasionally on the vine. Today I picked a bunch and picked out the splits for the compost. A few hours later at least half of the unsplit toms now had splits? What's up w/ that?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Some varieties are more prone to splitting than others. I don't remember if Sungold is one of those.

One reason for splitting is inconsistent moisture. I lost a lot of my volunteer grapes last year after heavy rains: sometimes 25% of what I tried to pick had split. I took to picking them earlier and earlier to try to avoid losses.

And sometimes just washing a tomato is enough to make it split!

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

sometimes just washing a tomato is enough to make it split!

hmm... These got washed more than once, was taking them to a picnic.

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