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Violet_Skies_(5b S.Central WI)June 27, 2007

The cucumbers and cantaloupes are both about 8" tall right is the eggplant. My first year growing eggplant, it sure is slow, but it does have two buds on it! Garden Peach, Silvery Fir Tree, Black Krim and Amish Paste tomatoes all have between 1 and 5 fruits, from marble size to almost mature. Garlic is huge, starting to die down a little. Bush beans doing great, should have blooms any minute now, as well as the snow peas. Dill is about a foot tall, its a short variety. Daylilies budding. Raspberries big fat and juicy, been picking for almost a week. Cilantro gone to seed, will plant those for a 2nd round this fall. Poppies mostly done blooming, big seed heads now. Datura getting big, no blooms yet. Parsley doing great. Other herbs too. Jalapenos, red apple peppers, and mini jingle bell peppers all have small fruit. Bok Choi badly munched by cabbage moth worms...letting it go to seed and will replant in the fall, remembering to cover it this time...I think that's everything...oh, and morning glories and cardinal climbers each a couple of feet tall now, climbing the trellises.

How's your garden growing??

I'm in DeForest, WI, just north of Madison.

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I am in Sheboygan

I only have a few vegtables, no flowers.
3 cherokee Purple Tom's - each about 4 ft high, Big and bushy..i mean really full i am not sure why there are so many leaves? 2 fruit bearing ( largest about 2" around) - the one w/o fruit is the one i mistakenly cut off the main stem ( BOO HOO) - but i do see 2 blossoms on it.
zucchini wild...have about 10 fruit 4" or less, i have jumped the gun and grilled a few already...I cannot wait much longer :(
Big bretha Green Pepper,close to 3 ft tall, my first time growing in a pot.There is 1 fruit about 5 " long, 4 more starting to come out.
Californaia Wonder pepper - DEAD unsure what happened but it never grew after i trasnplanted it, it is about 3 inches tall and does not grow - it will be removed very soon (grrrr)
Large cherry Tomato - leggy looking thing on the est side of the yard...about 4 1?2 ft tall..has one branch of fruit set. (marble to grape size)
and i have 1 lonely little eight ball sqaush that is tiny and cramped, it has 3 fruit set but i am not counting on anything exciting, i would be happy with one to grow full size to grill with a burger :)
I WISH it would RAIN my grass is brown! Sorry had to say it i swear it has not rained here for almost 3 weeks!


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nanatink(Z4 WI)

My tomatoes have marble to golf ball sized fruit
Rudbeckia are blooming beautifully
Cantelope has blossoms and is 6" tall
some of the lillies are blooming
coneflower is blooming
I've been watering every other day.

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I hear you, on the watering, nanatink! No veggies here (no full sun), but the flowers are going well.
My orange ditch, stellas, oriental lilies are all blooming. Hostas have scapes. Coreopsis, coral bells, daisies, astilbes, veronicas are all full. Bee balm is starting. Joe Pye and white gooseneck are about to start. The few liatris that the rabbits left me are full of buds, and my Karl Forester grass looks terrific.

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