garlic mustard poisons native seedlings??

lisa03(USDA5)May 15, 2006

This research paper claims that garlic mustard roots reduce the fungi in soil which many native plants rely on to take up nutrients. They found that seedlings were negatively affected even when planted 2 years after all garlic mustard had been eliminated. This caught my attention, as I've noticed some native plants not establishing well in areas which once were covered with garlic mustard. On the other hand, some of you have found that native species spread quickly when GM is removed. Exactly which natives do you find establish well in areas which have had GM? My own experience is that trillium and virginia bluebells have not been seeding as well in those areas as in others, although my established clumps of trillium and bluebells do fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: GM Study

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

Many of the reports of natives re-establishing after Garlic Mustard removal might be reports of established natives (not seedlings - plants that are at least a year or two old) springing back after GM removal. I find a few small native plants under even the thickest Garlic Mustard. htese plants don't appear to be seedlings, but rather suppressed natives. the regrowth of older plants could be very different from new seedlings establishing, in terms of the impact of soil fungi or lack thereof. Also, I bet that an area that has been recently invaded by Garlic Mustard would have different soil fungi than an area that has grown nothing but GM for a long time. The difference in soil fungi could have an impact on seedling growth.

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