Jack-in-the-pulpit color

mfliegner(z5MI)May 11, 2005

I just purchased a Jack-in-the-pulpit, Arisaema triphyllum, from a reputable store, Bordine's. The question I have is the spathe is green - it looks like the leaves of the plant. I bought this one, because it was the biggest one, and the salesperson assured me it would turn white/brown, which is the way I have seen them before. Well, I have had the plant a week and it is still as green as ever. Is this normal? Will it always be green or will it vary from year to year? Thanks!

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

My understanding is there are many variations on the single species tryphyllum. Some taxonomists/botonists even classify them as three distinct species or subspecies with many different variations within the three A. atrorubens, A. triphyllum, and A. stewardsonii some even use another A. quinatum to encompass triphyllum and atrorubens into a single ssp. Triphyllum also supposedly hybridizes naturally in some places with A. dracontium, I'd like to see one of these. Whatever the taxonomy there are many different color variants.

Sounds like you have stewardsonii which is a more northern variant. A VERY nice plant.

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fusty_overalls(z6 PA)

i have jack-in-the-pulpit that have spread on their own. the original one was green with lighter green stripes but, the "babies" are the nice dark brownish with cream stripes. perhaps there are natural variations within the same species?

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Thanks for the information! I will just enjoy this one as it is and look for its babies (years from now!).

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