Tomato Tasting

texangal(z8a)June 11, 2013

I am trying to organize a Tomato Tasting for August. One hiccup...I've never been to one. I just think it would be fun to taste all those home grown tomatoes and find some new ones to try next year.

Has anyone ever been to a Tomato Taste Off? Or organized one?

If anyone wants to travel to the north Austin area to taste some yummy tamaters in August, you're welcome to come join us! I'll keep this thread updated with our info.


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I've never heard of such a thing, although it sounds like a fun idea. I might be able to join, but I know that most years, my tomato crop is done producing by end of July due to the nighttime temps.


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Sounds like fun. I've never heard of one either. My tomatoes are done by the end of June.

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If you can baby your maters, maybe using a shade cloth, or extra water at base, whatever they need, you could drag 'em into the fall, and get that bonus crop in September and certainly October.

I'm in Austin, and mostly grow heirloom tomatoes, so maybe that's why I can get 'em through the fall. :)

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I'm in the area as well! sounds like it would be a great time, though I have also never been to a taste-off.

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It's not worth the cost of the water to get them through those two or three months, at least for me. I've tried to get them through before, but they never really produced well after that heat.

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Even if you keep them limping along, I don't understand why a tasting in August? Doesn't seem they are going to set any fruit in July in Auston, no matter what you do.

Why not have one at the height of the tomato season, which most years I think would be about now, though in DFW at least we are waaaaay behind and just now starting to pick the early ripeners.

Sounds like a fun idea, but I don't understand the timing.

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

August would be a bad time try for the end of June.

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I agree about the timing. I pull mine by July 4th.

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