Evil Neighbors Killing Plants w/ Roundup

TemmieJune 6, 2014

Help! It's true. I live in a condo development with Evil Neighbors who have been vandalizing my property for years, and who have now taken to killing beloved plantings with Roundup. Why? Because they're evil, and ... honestly, it's to long to go into, but this is one of several attacks (including hoses cut in two, watering wands smashed, windshield wipers broken, honey being poured into my shoes and sandals when left outside my door, and eggs broken over personal belongings when I left my storage area open.)

Back to the point ...

Last year it was the Bleeding Heart, Black-Eyed Susan, Lupin, Fern and Hostas in the front.

Now they've attacked my native grasses in the back. I don't know what to do. I'm heartsick! Have made numerous complaints to the Condo Board, the Management Company, and even the police. (The police don't care, the Condo Board doesn't ant to get into it, and the property manager recommended my apologizing to neighbors with these words exactly, "You've got my attention. What can I do to make this stop.")

Good grief!

It's just so heartbreaking. :-(

What would YOU do? I can't move. My mortgage is upside down.

What does one do? Trail cam? How does that work?

Heartbroken with holes in my garden ...


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

They'd steal your trail cam. Look into surveillance cams.


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Surveillance cams!!
I would even buy cheap shoes, plants, etc (things they have damaged in the past,) for them to potential damage again.

Then provide a copy to the condo board/management.
You can also provide a copy to the police (unless you want to wait for the boards reaction.) Ask for a supervisor/chief if the police officer doesn't help.

If, for some reason, nothing is done even with video evidence, I would go to the local TV news stations.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

You must have a poor condo association if this is allowed to go on and the evil neighbors have not been given a warning to 'cease and desist". Experts say that 'all politics are local', so on that note, get involved with your condo board, suggest that some 'teeth' be put into warnings to non-compliant members of the condo assoc.
And yes, go for CCTV coverage to prove your complaints.

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