Id this thorny weed please

virrasztoMay 17, 2007

Can anyone id this weed? It's got thorns just like rose bushes and it grows wild in my backyard. I'm having a hard time keeping it gone. This year while trying to cut down some of it, I got scratched badly by the thorns. They itch like crazy and have welted up. I've got this growing all over my backyard which butts up against the woods.

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Looks like a Rose. Compare it against Multiflora Rose.

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I think you're right! All the things I read about Multiflora Rose doesn't say it itches when scratched. So, I did some more searching and wow, I've got all kinds of crappy weeds in my yard. I'm pretty sure I have Tree of Heaven and for sure poison ivy and poison sumac, among other things.

Boy, have I got my work cut out for me!
Thanks for the help. ;)

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Yes, it's amazing how all those nasties can get together in one place! Good luck. You're not alone in fighting these things.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

"poison sumac"

Are you sure? That's actually a native although it's listed in some states as a noxious weed. Usually found in very wet soil, swamps and bogs actually. Red veins and white berries?

Poison Sumac

Lots of native sumacs. 8 or 9? Smooth and Staghorn Sumac are also native and more common. I grow Staghorn and like it but you have to keep it in check.

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Note that the other sumacs are in the genus Rhus, not the same as Poison Sumac. Around here we have Staghorn Sumac and Winged Sumac.

But keep in mind that people can have reactions to plants that aren't even called "poison". I believe English ivy is an irritant to some, as an example.

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I may be wrong about the poison sumac. I looked at the photos of it online and while it does look like something I have in my yard, maybe it's something else.

I know that several times in the past two weeks I have been out chopping weeds down and got scratched quite a bit. I assumed it was from the multiflora rose which is everywhere and for sure I have scratches from it. But maybe that's not what got me the reactions. The scratches have been itching like crazy for 2 weeks. I have itched until the scratches are raised lines and are red. THey look like welts. The itch is maddening! I'm sure it's not from poison ivy---even though I have it in my yard. MAybe it's just a reaction to one of the weeds. I wish it'd hurry up and stop itching. Kinda doesn't make me feel like going out there and tackling the weeds.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Totally not a plant reply BUT, I got something similar (the welts) last year while working in my garden. Bright red raised welts that just wouldn't go away. I tried all sorts of creams with little or no result. THEN, a friend (also a nurse) was visiting the garden, commented about the welts & suggested taking anti-histamines - off the shelf alergie pills. It WORKED!!
You might want to give it a try and ..... next time wear long sleaves when working in that area of your garden!

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