Large tree coming down - will woodlands survive?

ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)May 29, 2011

I have a huge boxelder tree that is coming down this week....creates dense shade for the west/northwest corner of the fenced yard. It is growing into the power lines and they keep removing half of the then it suckers like crazy back into the lines...the cycle continues. The other half of it has one huge arm sticking up twice as high as the rest of the tree and half of it is dead with the rest declining.

I wanted to save the tree but alas...I think it is a futile effort. :(

Ok, enough of my emotional attachment and issues that need a therapist. LOL

Here is the plant issue: this part of my yard has many thriving woodland plants and shade/moisture-loving plants. When the tree comes down, it will open up the area to southern sun from about 2pm on. Fortunately, when the wicked western sun kicks in, the privacy fence will shield much of the area.

I know the hosta can make it with more sun and may, in fact, do better.

The plants I am concerned about: arisaema (many varieties), trillium (many varieties), rodgersia (the area they are in will still be moist but obviously the rate of transpiration will be greatly accelerated), various pulmonaria, woodland orchids, meadow rue, ferns name it. I also have a Deinanthe caerulea that is HUGE and gorgeous. It is in pretty deep shade...eek!

I can and will water the dogdoodoo out of the stuff this summer and plan to plant another/some smaller tree(s) back there eventually but just wondering if I am going to kill off my hard-earned woodland area. :(

Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions? Commiseration? LOL



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Commiserations certainly! :-) I have a woodland garden that is largely under an ash tree. The neighbour to the north's ash has Emerald Ash Borer... It's just a matter of time before we lose ours. I started planting small trees as soon as I heard of EAB a number of years ago, in hopes that they would be big enough to provide some protection by the time the ash comes down. I also tried to plant things that are reasonably tolerant of higher light levels.

I think your trilliums will be fine - they'll be dormant by mid summer and they're fine with sun in the spring. I grow some rodgersias in a fair bit of sun and they do fine as long as they have moisture. They do scorch a bit at the edges in late summer but it doesn't seriously damage them - they've ben coming back and getting bigger every year for years now. Meadow rue should be fine too. I'm not sure about some of the others. Keep everything watered well and replant some trees as soon as possible is what I'd do.

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