Brown tips on Deodora tree! Need help please!!!

pederslilfarmMay 13, 2014

my Deodora tree has brown tips on about 50% of the tree is about 10 years old in about 40 plus feet tall. Its been especially warm winter and very happened very suddenly we just noticed it one day - is it possible that it needs more water I did put water on it for hours.I'm just worried about something worse than just seem dry. Does anybody have any suggestions or any ideas about what might be happening to my tree? Please help! Thanks! Susie

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Oh my! I sure hope you don't get what my Leyland cypress trees got. The ends turned brown and little cone shaped organisms covered the ends then it went the entire way up the tree! Ruined all my evergreens. I put some pictures of the damage and here's a link you may want to read.These little bag worms (devils) are bad to get on cedars and leyland cypress. Ive tried every insecticide made and nothing kills them.

Ive also put a link where i bought mine below. This nursery has even stopped selling them

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Plants Nursery

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Pederslilfarm, submit your post on the Conifer Forum. They know the answer.
The needle problem has been getting worse here in the NW. I have it on most of my Deodaras. The Cedrus atlanticas are even worse.
I had to get rid of a weeping atlantica and a gold atlantica because of it.
Strangely, one Deodara doesn't have it at all!

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