What can I grow close to a small (8ft) conifer

grassroofgirlMay 10, 2006

I am very lucky and have a beautiful south facing garden with lovely loamy soil.

However in one of my flowerbeds I have a golden conifer type tree about 8ft tall and 4ft in diameter. The lower 2ft has been pruned off. Next to it I have a Fatsia Japonica which is doing not too badly but could be better. However my husband does not like it and I would like to replace it with a flowering shrub.

The position of the new shrub would mean it would get lots of sun from morning to about midday then it would be in the shade of the conifer. The ground underneath the tree and around it gets very dry in the summer.It would be protected from the prevailing wind. And I do not know if the soil would be acidic or alkaline.

I have thought about a Philadelphus.....any ideas anyone?

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The soil below the conifer will more than likely be acidic (pH 5.0-5.5). Try azalea, rhododendron, mountain laural, blueberries, etc.

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