UPDATE: Birthday Bash 2009 begins

ncgardengirlNovember 1, 2008

Happy Birthday month Deb. May it be filled with goodies for you.

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Thanks to Mariann for making the monthly signs for us. This is what she was working on. Thank you very much, you know I think they all are adorable.

:) Fran

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Great job Mariann!!
By the way Deb, there is a box on the way. No DC, do not ask me why but I did not have my act together. I also think I did not label everything, once again, no good excuse. When it arrives, let me know and I can explain what you have.
Happy Birthday, at least it is not snowing and I have not spent all my money on Christmas (you understand what I mean).

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Nice job Fran!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Deeeb,
Happy birthday to you!
I hope you could hear me singin! Have a great birthday! Nik

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Yay Yay YAY!! We can begin!! :O)
Happy Birthday, Deb!!!

Can I send my box now?? HUH??? Can I? Can I??

Or do I HAVE to wait? :O(

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Have a nice glass of wine and relax a bit, you deserve it!

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Here's my little munchkin on halloween, we took him over to a relatives house to trick or treat because the houses are too far apart here and I don't think many people handed out candy. Of course, I didn't bring the charger and my battery died so I only got 2 pics : ( I might put it on him again today just so I can get a good pic!

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Vic he was adorable. Hummm, I wonder what the CAT is thinking...lol
I bet if Zack had spun around and yelled Boo the cat would have been out of it's fur....hehe

:) Fran

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Ok ya'll I don't know what happened to the original of these questions but VIC (THANK YOU) sent me HER original answers so I would have the original questions.
If you would kindly CCP these answer and email the back I would apprecaite it!

Would you like to receive a Gift Certificate in instead of a package of gifts/plants?

Is there ANY actual store you would prefer a Gift Certificate from?

Is the ANY actual store you would NOT want a Gift Certificate from?

Do you have a favorite online store which offers Gift Certificates you would like?

Are there any online stores that you know of you would NOT wish to receive a Gift Certificate from?

Sorry again and THANKS!!!
:) Fran

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I'm soooo excited! November's here already! I've been so stressed and looking so forward to this! :)

My Mom had a bunch of tests on Friday (EKG, chest xray, bloodwork) and they all must be ok, because we were allowed to make an appt. for surgery on Monday morning. So far she's going with the lumpectomy with radiation (2 times per day for 5 days). Things could change though depending on what the lymph nodes show. If the first one is clear (a biopsy will be taken and looked at under a microscope during surgery) then things will go as planned. I'll be praying really hard tonight for good news.

I'll be at the hospital all day tomorrow and Tuesday. I'll try really hard and keep everyone posted when I come home each night.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes & Prayers!


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Hello Deb;
I am assuming you are already on your way but in case I am wrong, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom today. It sounds like they caught it early which is wonderful as they have great results with early detection.
Hope everything goes the way it should.
On another note, I have discovered that there should have been some stuff in your box that is still here at my house so I have to send another. That should not make you sad, more stuff to open.

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Hello eveyone,

How is everybody today?

Deb, just want you to know I have been thinking about you and your mom all weekend, and esp. today, and I am sure I will be tomorrow too. Please let us know whatever you find out as soon as you can. We are all praying it will be excellent news.

I still need a couple of questionnaies that haven't came in it.
I would like to take a minute to remind everyone to PLEASE HAVE YOUR EXCHANGE PAGES AS UP-TO-DATE AS POSSIBLE.

Thanks so much. Ok, also, remember to send out the Birthday box as close to the persons choosen date or birthday as possible.

I KNOW everyone is excited, and wants to send out Deb's box NOW, hehe. But Her choosen day IS the 17th. BUT in light of everything going on with her, I believe she needs a pick me up and it would be a boost for her to receive some early!

HERE is the run down of the months again:

17-debbya/Deb Yah, we are on Deb's month NOW!!!!

Secret Santa/Ornaments Swap (either purchased or Hand made)

Taking a break



10-flwers4ever/Kym (R.I.)




23-wynative/Marie (WY)


Halloween Swaps? (? or closed?)

I can't remember if we decided to do the October swap or not.

:) Fran

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Deb-You've been in my thoughts. Prayers for your mom's surgery.

Fran-I didn't realize we were suppose to send the boxes on a certain date. Anyway mine is all packaged and postage paid. It will go out tomorrow.
DC# 0103 8555 7495 4669 8720

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Hello Fran;
I did not know we had decided to send it close to the person's birthday. Since Deb's and Mine are both December 17th, that will be difficult if she is the November Birthday Girl and I am the June.
I had thought the plan was to make the whole month a celebration of the person's birthday. Can I continue on my merry but faulty way?

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Hi! Good news so far! It's not in the lymph glands, the Surgeon for some reason tested 3 under the microscope, all of them came back clear! They did a lumpectomy, and couldn't insert the balloon (for direct radiation) in her chest lump hole (I can't think of any other way to describe it, my brain is so tired). So, Mom's going with external radiation for 5 weeks. The balloon method I'm assuming is new, it would of been 2 times per day for 5 days. I'm sure that method would of been fast and aggressive. But, it just didn't work out with Mom's breast structure.

The Surgeon wants to do a full body scan, and bone scan to make sure there is no other cancer in her body. I think this test is tomorrow. I'm so tired! I've been at the hospital all day and just came home at 9, grabbed something to eat and am ready for bed. This has been one long day! I'm so glad it's over!

Thank you so much for all the Prayers, thoughts and well wishes! It means so much to me!

Giant Hugs,

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Deb, I'm so glad to hear that!!!! I will keep praying for her! Good luck tomorrow and try to get some sleep!


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Ditto what Vic said. That is great news. Deb honey, I am sorry you are so tired and having to go through all of this, and your mom. I KNOW she is worn out. I hate she will have to go through the radiation for 5 weeks, that is so hard. It is good you are there with her. She will need you when she begins that treatment. You are a good soilder, and a GREAT DAUGHTER! Hang in there, it will all be over soon.

diene, I posted somewhere sometime or another that I would like us to send the boxes out as close to their bday as possible OR their chosen date in Debs case she picked the 17th of Nov.
If it is ok with the person who is receiving the gift boxes to get them earlier then their bday DAY or their chosen DAY for that month in yours and Deb's case then it is fine with me.
I was just thinking that since it is their/our Bday's then maybe it would be fun to receive as close to the actual Bday as possible. BUT I am ok with it either way and as long as the boxes get to there intend place in that month I am fine with that too!!!

No worries, and your right. The WHOLE month should be a celebration for the person whose month it is!!!

But on thing I DO ask is for pictures of the contents of the box. WE WANT TO ENJOY THEM TOO!!!


:) Fran

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Bunny, how are things with you dear?

Deb, how is you mom doing? How are YOU doing?

Mariann, I hope you are feeling better.

How is the rest of the gang?

Deb, I am going to wait to send my box to you. I don't want you to get them all at one time so I thought I would hold off just a bit. Spread out the excitement just a little. LOL.

Vic, I like your HOORAY up there, it is very festive!!!

:) Fran

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Great news, Deb!! I guess the cheers from your ever-so-lovely cheerleaders worked!! :O)
Now, we'll just keep on cheering for the rest of the journey. It'll be a long road, but we're here with ya!

Mama Fran~ I'll be a good girl, and wait a few more days to send my box. :O) I want Deb to have a GREAT birthday...and you're right...if we stager sending out her boxes, so she receives maybe one or 2 each week...it'll keep everything going all month.
Who all has sent already? Just Diene & Mariann? (such great gals, aren't they?? Even MORE excited about pampering the birthday girl than I am, I think!!) :O)

Okay, I'm off to round up the kiddos to go buy some birdseed. We had a sad morning- one of our parakeets died. But he was OLD, so it wasn't entirely unexpected. But, I'm going to go buy some special treats for the other birdies. I know it won't take his place, but maybe it'll make them feel a bit better anyway. :O)

Have a great day everyone!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Deb, So glad to hear the good news! I'll continue to pray for your mom. I know some days are going to be tough but thankfully you have good news.
Fran, Seems I was a bit hasty in sending my box, too. I was really searching for this one special thing and when I found it, I just couldn't wait to send it. I didn't want to risk not keeping it healthy:)
Sorry to hear about the birdie Melissa. We've been having a lot of fish deaths at our house lately. I can't convince my dh that there might be something wrong with the water. Let's see how many fishies have to perish before he'll listen...
Hey Fran, How are those seeds doing that you planted last month? I'm embarassed to say that I got a little hasty and planted some seeds too. Now I'm nursing the seedlings, waiting to see if I can get them up enough to put them outside. Our winters are usually mild enough and I just couldn't wait!
I hope everyone has a great week. I'm off to work on some research. Nikki

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Today was a totally different day! Mom's body scan results came back and they found an aneurism by the top of her heart. She's also been really sick, vomiting every 10 minutes and blamed it on the barium (for the body scan) it turns out that Mom has a few (one really large) stone blocking the duct. She's throwing up bile and on an IV, so is growing weaker all the time. She needs her gallbladder out ASAP. Also, her breast cancer pathology report came back and her breast needs to be reoperated on. The lump was so aggressive that it started eating through the skin, that's why it was so close to the surface. She needs more skin removed. I'm so exhausted! The cancer turned out to be just regular cancer, not the kind that runs in families. So tomorrow I'm meeting with 2 vasular surgeons to set up surgery ASAP for her heart. And on Friday, her regular surgeon will take out her gallbladder and redo her breast.

Diene sent a wonderful package, I'll post later what was in it. I have to go to bed immediately, I'm really exhausted and feel sick myself.


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Deb Hon, I am so sorry. You and your mom just can't seem to catch a break. Know that we are here and we are praying for you both. I honestly hope there is nothing else your poor mom has to endure. That is terrible about her breast having to be re-opened up.
I know how she feels with the gallbladder, been doown that road myself. It truly makes you sick as a dog. The sooner they can remove it the better as well. She will feel a little better after it is gone.
Please let us know when she will be going to the different surgeries so we can keep her in our thoughts at those times.

Deb, I hope after all this is said and done your mom improves and has 20 more years, at least, ahead of her!
I hate that she and you are having to go through this.

I truly hope knowing that we are putting your boxes together for YOU, that it is a pick me up in these very trying days for you. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, I want you to be able to enjoy your month. Is what I mean, I hope with all of this you still can and are getting a boost when you get each and every box. I want them to bring a smile to your face, because I know how difficult it can be to sit and worry at the hospital.

Please take care of yourself, make sure you get as much rest as possible. Don't make yourself sick because you stopped taking care of YOU. That is important too. Your mom needs you well, so be sure to catch whatever sleep you can get, don't let yourself get run down. TAKE CARE OF DEB TOO!!!

Bless you and your mom, we are with you dear.

:) Fran

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Bunny, glad you are well. Sorry about the birdie, I am sure he had a good life!
Hope your taking care of yourself too.

Nikki, I am having to babysit my babies too. I brought them in and have a light on them and water when they are dry. It is a pain but they do actually seem to be growing now which is a plus. I want to get them big enough to put them in pots then I will transfer them outside, I HOPE!!!

Ya'll ain't gonna believe I was sick AGAIN! I went to the doc last Thrusday. Got put on MORE antibiotics and well THIS time I got the dang problem MOST women get when on antibiotics. I had a sinus infection and my ear ache I had over the summer that I told everyone wasn't cleared up yet and the DOC insisted was, well IT WASN'T or it was trying to come back. She looked in my ear and said it was turning red again. So back on the icky antibiotics I went on them and BAM, something else to have to deal with.
I tell you, I don't know WHAT is going on with my body but I DON'T like it I tell yah!!!
When I was a kid I stayed sick all the time, Mama wouldn't let me outside to play in the snow and nothing in winter cause she said I always got sick if the wind blew, well I think I am going back into that cycle again....I sure HOPE not!

Bunny, you might want to send be some of those homeopathic remedies you have in my box, LOL.
But seriously could you email some of those things you mentioned in the last thread I am ready to try to find the stuff. Although we DON'T have a health food store here, I suppose I can get it online?

:) Fran

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Oh, Deb...I am so sorry to hear that! Try to keep your spirits up, and your mom's especially. That's so important right now!
We're all still cheering for you...praying for you...and sending you TONS of hugs.
We're here when you need us, just a holler away! :O)

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Deb-I'm sorry to hear that your mom needs further surgery. Also with the other health issues that have cropped up. I'm sure that the Dr.'s will take very good care of her. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Fran-For my birthday month I'd rather receive gifts throughout the month. It gives me time to enjoy them more. I'd also like to be able to post to one person at a time to thank them. Take care of yourself! My DH use to have a reoccurring sinus infection. It would flare up every couple of months.

Bunny-Sorry you lost your parakeet.

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good morning all
i am typing with one hand because i cut the top of one of my fingers off yesterday. It is surpringly not painful which has me worried. i have an appointment with the surgeon later today to determine if i will need surgery. so how was your day?
i am so sorry about Deb's Mom's diagnosis. the only positive thing is that they have found the problems and hopefully can fix them. it really puts my little issue in perspective.
i am glad Deb liked her box, hnb sorry about your birdie, i also would prefer to have my boxes spread out so i can give each one the attention it deserves.

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diene, OUCH!!! If I may inquire HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO IT?
If it isn't painful now just wait for the nerves to start growing back....owh, owh, owhy, ouch, ouch...Trust me! It WILL hurt then!
My SO a few years back was working on a lawn mower, can't remember HOW he did it but it caught onto his middle finger nail, jerked it and most of the nail bed and finger underneath the nail area away. IT HURT, but he lost a lot of feeling in it and then when the nerves started growing back he felt it a WHOLE lot more then. However he still doesn't have total feeling back in it.

I smashed the tip of my thumb (chopping up ice, no ice maker) oh man it HURT, but in the main area where the hammer got me I still have no feeling, so you may not get it back for a long time either.

Is it just the tip, tip of your finger? Or is it like part of the nail too?
Either way it sounds painful and I know you WILL start to feel pain. Sorry about that, I hope you DON'T require surgery either.
I can imagine how hard it is to type with a bum finger....
I hope you can start using it again soon too. Can't do a lot without the use of a finger either. So, hoping you a speedy recovery!

I hope everyone else's week has been better then the last few posters...(me included in the bum post, I honestly hope whatever is going on with me clears up soon!)

You know, I was eating a lot of grapefruits, but haven't had any in about a month. Hummm, I am wondering now if that may have something to do with my immune system, I saw on the Doctor's yesterday that citrus HELPS stave off colds...ha, bet ya'll are wondering now too ain't cha? LOL...

Bunny I appreciate the info you sent. Thanks again. I hope I can get some of the things you mentioned and start using them...esp. gonna try the honey trick. I used to eat it all the time when I was little. I am curious to see if it will help and yeap, I DO know where some 'REAL' farm fresh honey is! Hope I can choke it down as well, not one of my fave things either.

Sitting here waiting on my mail, I just KNOW I have some packages in there today!!! (Mariann sent me some in the other swap :)!) HEHEHE...
I LOVE getting packages in the mail, it is so FUN to open them.....I wish I could get something EVERYDAY!!! That would be worth waiting on the mail for LOL.

:) Fran

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diene-You poor girl! I'd be howling in pain. It reminds me of the scene in 'The Piano' where Sam Neill chopped off Holly Hunter's finger with an Axe. Now I have the willies!!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Ouch Diene! You are gonna have to give us all the details when you are able to type again.
Deb, I hope things improve for your mom real soon. I'm praying, can you give me a first name?
Fran, Glad to hear that you are better. Did you ever figure out those chocolate pods?
Hope everyone has a good weekend. I, for one, hope to plant some bulbs out in between writing a research paper and preparing a presentation. Nik

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Mom passed away today at 1:15. We received a call at 2 am saying that Mom was found on the floor in the hospital bathroom a 2 am and was unresponsive. They called code blue and gave her CPR. Her blood pressure was really low. I didn't even have a chance to meet with the vascular specialists until we walked in. They said the aneurism was small (by her heart) and they would monitor it. It wasn't life threatening. They also said her gallbladder calmed down and the attack stopped and said that wasn't life threatening. But, what was serious was why Mom's stomach was bloated and why she was found on the floor. Mom was awake and alert and a little disorented, but I was able to talk with her and tell her that I loved her! They then rushed her to surgery, and they came back with horrible news. They said Mom's aorta threw a blood clot, the clot clogged the top of the intestine, which then caused both intestines to die due to no blood circulation. They said Mom wouldn't have much time, so we spent the morning with her on a ventilator machine, she was in a coma. Mom didn't want to be hooked up on any machines if her prognosis ever turned really bad. So, going with Mom's wishes, had the machine turned off. She warned me that if I didn't listen- she would haunt me. ;) She knows how I don't give up on anything- and that I'm subborn. I'm in shock- exhausted and can honestly use all the prayers possible for strengh!
Mariann's box arrived today, and I didn't have a chance to open it yet. I'm so sorry..
I've been on the phone with the funeral home making arrangements and will meet with them personally tomorrow at 11 am.

I'll be back online tomorrow, after I open up Mariann's box. I'll also post what was in Diene's box. I honestly never imagined this in a million years! Mom was only going in for a small breast lump (2 centemeters) and that was it!
I have a feeling that the wake will be on Monday, and the funeral on Tuesday. So, if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, you know why.

My Mom's name was Gayla, Nik.


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Deb, I have tears running down my cheeks, I am just sooo sorry ! I think it is hardest when they go in for something, and so much else goes wrong...that is what happened with my mother in law..

Please know my heart goes out to you, and Ill pray all weekend for you to have the strength to get thru all of this...we ALL will be here for you when you get back, and please let us know if we can do anything.

Deb, dont hurry here to post what is in the boxes, I am sure we all understand...post when you can !! I hope the boxes will lift your spirits a bit...

hugs and prayers to you !!


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OH my Gosh Deb... I don't know what to say. I am in total shock. I am so sorry. I can't believe you even had the strength to post that news for us waiting here to hear what was going on.

God be with you, I am so so sorry. I wish I could easy your pain.

Deb dear, take all the time you need. Please don't feel as though you have to post the contents of your boxes yet. Take the time you need to do what you have to to get through this terrible time.
Post when you can, we will be here. We are not going anywhere.

I hope you can get some rest, Deb take care of yourself.

I believe your mom was a strong woman, I am sure you are too. I am not going to tell you anything sappy and the usual stuff people throw at you when you have a loss like this.
I will say, you will be in my thoughts and I will wish for you to be able to make it through this period in your life without too much heartache.
Your mom perpared you well and I don't know when she talked to you about not letting her lay on a ventilation machine, but you said she told you she would came back an haunt you if she was placed on one and you didn't carry out her wish.
That tells me she had a sense of humor too, from what you have told us she sounded like a wonderful person and someone I would have liked if I had met myself, and know that you made the right decision by taking her off the machine.
I am sorry you had to make that decision though, but I am telling you that you did do the right thing because it is what your mom wanted and it was the only thing you could do.
Again, let me say I am sorry, I wish as do we all you would have had many years left with her. I am sorry you had to lose her like this.

Again, please don't worry about coming back and posting unless it is something YOU need to do in order not to think about what happened, BUT please don't think you HAVE too. Only if you are up to it.

I wish there was more I could say, or something I could do. Just know we/I am here and if you again need to cry, scream, complain, vent, or just simply talk to someone you can email me anytime.
I and am sure the rest of us would give you a big ol' bear hug right now if we could.
I will pray that God gives you the strength to make it through.
God bless you Deb and again I am sorry.

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Deb-I'm in shock. I'm sending you a big hug and prayers. I'm with Kym and am choked up with tears. No rush on posting anything about the box I sent you. Seeing that your mom's last wishes were fulfilled is the best thing you could have done for her.

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Oh, Deb~ I'm like the other girls, and in shock, too. I have nothing to offer you but long distance hugs, and a virtual shoulder to cry on. I only wish we could all be there for you in person.
Big Hugs,

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Deb, I hope you don't mind but I posted your last post in the obf group and the GOM group.
I know you where to exhausted and overwhelmed to post in all the threads and I just want to let you know how much I/we appreciate you taking the time to post for us.
I know it was hard for you.
Again, I want to say Bless you and may you feel the warmth and love of each and everyone of your friends here at GW.
We ARE here for you.


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wynative(z5 WY)


I am so sorry to hear about your Mom.((((HUGS))))
I have a little something else to add to your birthday box and will get it sent out tomorrow.


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Sent as of now:
vic_zn5/Vic(MT)(working on it? hehe)
ncgardengirl/Fran (waiting)
flwers4ever/Kym (R.I.)(?)
wynative/Marie (WY)(Will be sending soon)
hazelnutbunny/Melissa (waiting)

Gosh you ladies were on the ball huh?

Ok, I have to ask, everyone understands what we are doing for December right?
We are combining a Secret Santa Swap WITH the ornament swap so an ornament NEEDS to be included in the box.
IF after everyone has sent (and you can send the DC#'s to me so I can keep track of who has sent) and you want the Secret Santas revealed then that can be done ONLY after everyone has sent their packages. Just let me know what you all want to do :).

Marie, how are you doing?

I can't wait to hear what Deb has recieved, I know it will be a bit before she feels like posting...Ummm anyone want to email me and drop me the contents? HAHAHA, I'm curious, I'm excited, I wanna KNOW....lol.

:) Fran

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i am really confused. are you going to pair us up or are we supposed to send an ornament to everyone?
i am a bit foggy on alot of this. diene

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diene-I won't speak for Fran however my understanding is that Dec. is a Secret Santa Swap and the box needs to have an ornament in it.

I think it'll be fun, for Fran, to post who sent to whom at the end when all boxes have been sent.

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Yes, Mariann, that is correct.
I will send you via email the info on the person you are sending too. I hope to do it by the 15 of this month.
It will be a secret santa and there needs to be at least one ornament in the box. It is a secret so you can tell WHO you are sending to.

If you have any more questions, please ask. Thank you Mariann! You did well..lol.
:) Fran

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Fran~ I have a real quick question. About the December swap? The box contents....what are the guidelines for what we should include? Is there a certain $$ amount? Or a box size? Or just certain contents...like candy, a stocking, seeds, a small gift, of course the ornament...etc...?

I'm just asking, so I can start planning my box. :O) And I don't want to go over board, if that's not your plan. LOL

I'm sure you'll cover that when you email partners...but you know me....I'm impatient...
It's a gift.

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Fran, as I mentioned in the emial..I am waiting a bit before mailing to Deb...so she wont get all her boxes at one time...and seeing all she is going thru...I think she may need a pick me up once things settle down a bit.

I also was wondering what the guidelines were for the SS swap...as far as content for the box...and I love the typo...Fran...it says "it is a secret, so you CAN tell you are sending too" LMBO !! Ok, I promise to tell...LOL

Hi everyone ! I hope you all are well...I have to admit I cant get Deb out of my thoughts...It is times like this that I wish we didnt all live soo far apart !

Have a great weekend !


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See Kym, I told you I was a airhead, I didn't even catch that typo. AHHH the fearless leader! ( and now you can stop laughing...hehe)
Ya'll sure ya'll STILL want to follow me...HAHAHAHA

Yes, Kym I DO remember you telling me you also wanted to wait. And I like you believe Deb will need a pick me up after all she has been through already. Which is why I also am waiting to send...Sorry about forgetting that, like I said I had you and Nikki mixed up, DON'T ask me how...I don't know... I thought Nik said she was waiting and then she sent her box and THAT threw me off too, WELL DUH, it was YOU who was waiting....Again, I am an airhead...lol.
Do you forgive me :(? (smooches)

The secret santa swap IS a SECRET, and we WON'T tell WHO we send to UNTIL everyone has sent and received unless of course you all want it to be a total secret then we can leave it at that. Secret Santa, you CAN NOT tell anyone who you sent to until after it is over. Ok, is that part clear? LOL. NO TELLING...sssshhhhhhh, it's a secret.

As far as the contents, I just want everyone to have a good time with their boxes. The only requirement is an ornament.
Don't want ANYONE to go overboard with their boxes. Just what you feel you can comfortable afford to send or whatever.
Again, I will email your partner's questionnaire to you and then you can decide what to send from that.

I also want everyone to know IF you receive something you wanted that is listed as a want on your questionnaire BEFORE it is your month to receive please feel free to ask me to make corrections on your questioinnaires.
I do not mind amending them for you.
For instance, when you sent it back to me say at that time you were looking for white baptisia, white roses, and white rain lilies and in the time it took to make it to your month you had received them in another swap then please by all means either correct it on your original and resend it to me to save as an updated verison OR just tell me this is no longer your top 3 or 10 or whatever and I will correct it.

If there is any more confusion please ask, we want everyone to be on board and understand what we are doing...

:) Fran

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I picked up on the "it's a secret so you can tell" bit too Fran. Unfortunately spell check would simply gloss over that one since 'can' is a word.LOL

My DD and her DH are coming over this morning. We have to take our old stove to recycling. She is running on empty because her kiosk is opening on the 8th of Nov. She's had a mountain of paperwork to take care of. Plus all the work making stained glass ornaments and candles. I'd probably be sucking down Valium by this time.
Have a great day

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Thanks Fran, I think the Dec. swap will be fun. I'm going to limit myself to only do this one in December. The holidays get crazy busy for me.
Deb's been on my mind and in my prayers. I hope she is doing ok.
Everyone, have a great weekend. The weather is beautiful here. Nik

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Thanks Mariann, I am glad you glossed over the typo TOO...HAHAHA. I thought well now wasn't that sweet of her to KNOW it and NOT mention it...hehehe...
Apparently spell check isn't the only thing I have to worry about...lol.

Deb has also been on my mind as well, it is so sad and I can't stop thinking about her. I do hope she can move on without to much difficulty, losing someone is never easy. But losing your mom for a woman is one of the hardest things we have to deal with.

I/We got all my garlic planted and red and yellow onions planted today. I am happy, we hauled in 3 PU truck loads of mulch (leaf compost) and planted them in most of that, I have one load reserved for my carrots next year because it was nice rich DARK crumbly dirt, anyway the only thing I am concerned about is we ran out of bone meal which is highly recommended for bulbs (onions and such) and I hope they will do fine without it. 2 1/2 rows got it the rest didn't.
Guess this will be an experiment for me.

Anyway, I am GLAD that is over with and I HOPE we get LOTS and LOTS of onions and garlic. I cook just about EVERYTHING with onions in it :)!

:) Fran

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Fran, that sure sounds like a lot of work you were able to get done ! I look forward to hearing how you make out with the onions and garlic !

Fran, I hope you know I was just teasing you about the typo...it is just funny how some of them change the context of the sentence..

I too have been thinking of Deb, and one other person on another forum that has been having a hard time. I know the saying is " God doesnt give us more then we can handle" but it sure never seems that way when we are going thru bad times.

Diene..I hope your hand is doing better !

We have had a good weekend here..my sons football team..is going for the state championship...and they won the first game last night...24 to 0. SO now off to the superbowl next weekend. annnnd to get into the holidays...we went and tagged our Christmas tree today. My daughter is working at the tree farm this season...so they told us to come before they opened today. For some reason...picking out the tree has become one of my fav times of the season.

I hope this weekend finds everyone well..Deb, please know we are ALL here for you !! cyber hugs coming your way...and...oh heck...to the rest of ya too !

I am looking forward to the Secret Santa !


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Kym, I KNEW you were teasing, I just can't believe I MISSED it! LOL

That is funny about you picking out your tree today, I told SO earlier that I was ready to put up the tree. I haven't been 'READY' to put out ANYTHING Christmas in a long time.

My kids are all gone and the one that is in the Navy isn't going to be able to be here for this Christmas either and my baby well I NEVER know where he is going to be. For the last 2 Christmas' he wasn't even home, he had ran off to a friends house and now he has moved out so I am sure he isn't going to come for Christmas either. BUT I think knowing WE/US/THIS GROUP is doing a secret Santa has put me in the mood, I really think that is what it is.
I can't wait to go get some more things to add in my Christmas box, I already have a few things. But I saw the cutest little things I wanted to pick up when I went shopping for Deb so I just HAVE to have those for my partners box...;)!

I might even put up my outside lights this year since I actually have a porch to string them on!
Ho,Ho,Ho....OH I KNOW WE HAVEN'T DONE THANKSGIVING YET!!! Just let me bask in my Christmas bliss, it REALLY REALLY has been a LONG time since I wanted to do Christmas, last year I didn't even HAVE a tree!

We hauled in the mulch YESTERDAY (Friday) and I was going to plant the onions and garlic Friday too, but I don't know what happened, along about 2:30 I got so tired I needed a nap and then just didn't FEEL like doing anything after that.

I still have some flower bulbs to plant too, I went out after we planted the veggies and the wind was blowing and it was so cold my nose felt like it was going to fall off, so I planted about 4 things and high-tailed it back inside! So I guess they will have to wait until the next good bulb planting day.

ANYWHO, I will stop babbling now.

:) Fran

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Well, WHO is ready to receive their Secret Santa info?
I have been working on figuring out the cheapest postage for everyone and who is closest to whom.

I based it on a package at 5 lbs, anything over then that everyone will benefit from going the Priority Flat rates.

VIC you REALLY DO need to more closer south, OR BACK to MI...lol, you are right you are not CLOSE to anyone...lol.

Anyway, I have been working on figuring out postage for a while and now I managed to give myself a headache, I am taking a break for a while and getting something for lunch. THEN I will work on getting the questionnaire's emailed to the Secret Santas. I HOPE everyone has a ball with this...I already am!!!

Did everyone receive the addresses I emailed in case you want to send Christmas cards?

:) Fran

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OOH OH OH ...or should it be HO HO HO ???? I cannot WAIT to know who I am sending to....WHOO HOO !

Fran, I also am in the holiday mood this year...we were singing Christmas songs in the car last night on the way to the mall...my daughter said OH NO... NOT before Thanksgiving !!!! HA HA

Fran, doing the secret santa seed swap has me really in the SPIRIT of the holidays AND now we get to do a SS SWAP too !!

To be honest...I love the holidays when there isnt soo much stress...I like the simple parts of the holidays. Like decorating the tree..and baking !

Well, I was getting ready to take a nap...but um..now I will be too 'cited to sleep !

Ok, WHO am I sending to ??? I wanna go shopping ! LOL

Fran, do we have a date we have to send by ? Wanted to know if it will work for me to send some of my bakedgoods..

OK,OK....Ill patiently wait...sigh


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I know who I'm sending to next month! Yay!! :O) I already have part of my box ready for her, too!
Oh, and THANKS for the addresses, Fran! I've had most of my Xmas cards addressed & ready to go for 3 weeks now, but I needed a last few addresses. Now I can send them off!
Nothing like a
little procrastination, huh?? lol

How has everyone's weekend been? I've been busy as usual, but not nearly as busy as I have been. (although, now I'm confused...lol)

Yesterday, I made an apple crumb pie & a peach pie. We had hamburgers for supper. Tonight, it's homemade bread & veggie soup. With pumpkin pie. I also made popcorn balls for snacks. Somehow, I've gotten 7 loads of laundry done. Plus a truck load of dishes.

My 12 year old is in a church group that is raising money for a trip to WI next year, so this morning he had a "bikeathon". They biked 12 miles (in the 40 degree weather!! ACK!). He had several people sponsor him for x amount per mile. He raised over $250, so it turned out pretty good! :O) He was proud of himself, especially dealing with a tire blow & having to fix that.

Anyway....that's been our weekend. I need to finish another load or 2 of laundry, and then I'm going to start on some more housework. Don't know where I got the sudden burst of energy. LOL
Maybe it's that nesting thing.

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Bunny, it's a good thing you got this energy. Yes, I think it is a I gotta get ready thing!

Good job to your son! That was a good bit of money to raise, he did very well, and SHOULD be proud of himself. Heck, my SO's son he will be 15 Dec 26 and he will not even move unless he is made, he doesn't even have a bike. He is too lazy to ride one! Can you believe it? That is so sad!!!

I hope everyone likes who they are Secret Santas too. I tried my best to make it even but it wasn't easy with some of us. We are so spread out all over the country... ANYWAY, I managed so Ho! HO! HO! ALL...hehehe

Oh, if for some reason you can't open the file or I didn't send it the way you needed it sent let me know I will resend the info by CCP.
:) Fran

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Ok Kym to answer your question I went back and read the last thread and I had posted on that one we should send the Secret Santa/ornament boxes out by Dec 15, BUT I am now thinking maybe we should extend the ship by date to the 2oth of Dec.

As far as I am concerned as long as they gets there by Christmas I would be happy, BUT since we are doing an ornament swap too maybe we should stick with the DEC 15th date so we can use our ornaments THIS year?

Ya'll let me know what is the best date for you and we will go with that.

Vic, WHERE ARE YOU???? How are things going with you?

Bunny, did you come down from your energy boost yet?

Ok, let me know what ya'll think about the Dec date.

:) Fran

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Yeah, Fran....I crashed at about 8-9pm last night. LOL I started having contractions & a horrible backache. I was WIDE awake mentally, but physically....it was all I could do to take a shower. :O) But, this morning, I'm feeling a bit better. Back still hurts, but maybe that's a good sign. Things are warming up, anyway! I'll be thrilled to be able to reach my toes again. Hopefully, soon!

Oh, I also made 6lbs of chocolate & peanut butter fudge. The kids love it when I cook....I can never stop at just ONE thing. Today, I'm planning a red velvet cake. It was going to be carrot cake, but I remembered I used my carrots in the veggie soup. UGH. Sooooo....I'm disappointed, but red velvet is nice too. :O) I think it'll be fried chicken for supper, but I may just go with chili...I've heard spicy food brings on labor. LOL Although, the luck I have...it'll probably just give me a killer case of heartburn.
'Nuff bunny food rambling......

Yes, WHERE is VIC?? Did she get snowed in again??

And how is Ms Diene doing?? I hope her finger isn't bothering her too much! And that she stays safe...!

Deb~ Still praying for you & your family & sending big hugs your way.

I like Dec. 15th, Fran. I think most of us will have our boxes ready & mailed by then, anyway. We're all usually very impatient...er...prompt. :O)
I know I've got most of my box packed & ready. Just needs a few finishing touches, which I'll be picking up this week or next. See? Impatient! LOL

Ok....I"m off to start the kids on their school work, and start supper prep. (yes, the impatience..or preparedness, as I like to call it...spills over into ALL parts of my life. I like to have things done YESTERDAY, and I'm always the annoying one that shows up 10 minutes early. Can't STAND to be on time or late. UGH!)
Anyway...like I said, I'm off. Gotta bake that cake, ya know! :O)

I hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!

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Jeeze Bunny, you make me tired and with child to boot. I can't imagine what you are like when your NOT!
I think I am gonna start calling you the energizer BUNNY!
I have NO desire to do half the things you do. You kind of make me think I am lazy....HAHAHA.

I hope to hear from Vic soon.

I too am wondering how diene's finger is.

Where is everyone else? I need chime ins on the above date.
I am good with it too, like I said I would like to be able to use the ornaments we get!

Kym, are you happy with your Secret Santa receiver? I made you wait a while huh?
I confused myself a couple of times figuring them out, ONE TIME I didn't even have ANYONE sending to ME! LOL, I was like WHOA, I WANT A CHRISTMAS BOX TOO!

Oh and I want you all to know, just because you are sending to lady X doesn't mean lady X is sending back to you!
So don't go trying to figure out WHO is sending a box to you! :) HEHE!!!

:) Fran

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Hello All;
My typing is really bad because I only have one hand. I lost the top of my middle finger on my right hand and chipped the bone. I have been to the surgeon and have surgery scheduled for friday. they are going to rebuild the top of my finger as best they can using tissue and skin from other fingers. I will probably lose the nail but I am hoping to have full use of the finger. I should know by next Wednesday.
It is very sad for me but not life threatening so I am fortunate. I saw a young man today on crutches missing most of his left leg. Made my missing finger seem silly.
When I am able to type better I will entertain you with some of the amusing stories about this whole experience. I am generally in good spirits and not in much pain. Thanks for all the well wishes, I am fine.
Looking forward to next month and the Secret Santa.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Glad to hear from you Diene. The loss of part of your finger sure is a pretty big deal if you ask me.
The date sounds fine for me, Fran! I'm only doing this swap and the secret santa seed swap for December so I hope to have everything ready pretty early.
It won't be much longer for you Bunny. Just enjoy your last few nights of sleep. Sarah Kate didn't sleep all night until she was 8 months old - Aghh. But, I have to say I enjoyed those middle of the night feedings - just me and her. Such sweet memories. I also remember rocking my oldest to sleep until he was almost too big for me to hold him. Every one is special in their own unique way.
Kym, so nice to hear that you are already enjoying the Christmas spirit! It doesn't quite hit me till I get out the old Amy Grant CDs. It's such a fun time to be a teacher, too. All the kids get excited and just enjoy everything you do.
Is anyone forcing any bulbs inside? I'd like to give that a try this year. Any tips on when to get started and how to go about it? Thanks, Nikki

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Hi Girls!
I'm here, sorry to be MIA lately, it has been so crazy around here and with working full time again Zack is really wanting my attention when I get home at night. By the time I get him ready for bed I am too! It's just a matter of adjusting for all of us and getting back on more of a schedule.

Deb, I am sooo sorry to hear about your Mom! My heart just aches for you, I really wish there was something I could do for you.

Diene, I'm sorry to hear about your finger too! I'm glad you are taking it so well, I do hope you regain full use of that finger again. I have all these things going through my mind about what you could have done!

Fran, I hope you are on the mend also. Zack is still fighting a cough and sinus infection. Then on Thurs. he got a cold sore on his lip, he had one last year on his cheek and it got so big it left a scar. Friday night he started getting a red mark from the top of his lip, around his mouth and down under his chin, by Sat. morning it was almost like a welt! So.... I spent the morning in the walk-in clinic with him. He is doing much better now, and really it seems pretty trivial compared to what so many others are going through!

Bunny, hope you are doing better, I'm sure this will be a long month for you!

Well, girls, I didn't have time to read all the posts, I knew if I did I wouldn't have time to post! Sorry to anyone I missed. We will be going to Wyoming this weekend to help Jamie's sister get some wood cut for winter, we spent last Sunday at his nephews bday party, whew, I am needing an extra day in the week somewhere!

Night girls!

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Yay, we heard from Vic! :O) She's not snowed in, just snowed under with work! LOL Hope things settle down for you soon, Vic..& that Zack starts feeling better. Ugh, it's no fun when the little ones are sick, no matter WHAT it is.

Well, I picked up a few more things for my SS box today! :O) Saw lots more that I WANTED to get, but have to spread it out a bit. Still got a few more weeks before we have to mail out, so I've got time.

Ya know, it's the darndest thing, though......I totally forgot about getting BABY SOCKS! This entire 9 months, I've run around getting EVERYTHING together...and it didn't hit me until last week, that...DUH...the baby will need SOCKS! Hello! LOL Can't have cold tootsies this winter! And wouldn't ya know, there are NO baby socks in this house! Anywhere! And every single store I've been to has been sold out of the newborn sized ones! EVERY STORE!! From Kmart to Walmart, Target to Sears...UGH, I'm getting tired of looking! They have the 6-12 months sizes, but all of my babies have had tiny feet, and even the newborn socks have always been too big.
I'm thinking of hitting up the MIL to see if she will crochet some. Seriously, this is ridiculous! Does EVERYONE have newborn babies that need socks this time of year?? LOL
I guess I'll have to order some from the web, but...I've been afraid that the baby would get here before they would! Hence, the running around store-to-store. :O)

Okay, I will get of my SOCK BOX now. :O) Just needed to vent a bit. Sock frustration, ya know.... LOL
And I've got yet ANOTHER pumpkin pie in the oven. I love to make them...love the smell when they're baking, but I can't stand the taste! I stand there and sniff the pie as hubby is gobbling it (he can eat an entire one in a single sitting...) but I gag if I eat it. Weird, huh??

Have a good Tuesday, everyone!
Remember our Vets!!

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Hey Vic, I hope things settle down for you too. I am sure in no time you will be back in the rhythm of it all. It will all be ok!
Of course Zack wants mommies attention, THAT is a GOOD THING! Even though it cuts back on mommies computer time. You spend all the time you can with him now, cuz it will not be too many years he will not want to spend anytime with you...lol. It's a boy thing! Trust me, I had 3 I know, lol.
Sorry he is still sick, I still have some of my sinus infestion too. I keep forgetting to take my antibiotic, it is 3x a day and I have only been managing to remember 2x...oh well, at least I am taking SOME of it!
We are passing the stomach thing back and forth here, SO had it over the weekend and then I got it again Sunday night and all day yesterday!
I am going to Oust everything in a bit, maybe that will stop it. I think his kid is bringing it home from school though! How do you stop that?
This has been a rough start to winter, for everyone. I HOPE the ick season doesn't run rampant, it looks like it has alreay started though!!!

Diene, don't down play your finger, chipping a bone and requiring surgery to fix it is NOT a SIMPLY thing. It is serious anytime we have to go under anesthesia it is something to be concerned about. Albeit, I agree with you there are more serious things in the world, but right now this is serious for you. You have every right to 'miss your finger' if it was just the tip and only the flesh then it would be no big deal, but also including the chipped bone it is a big deal. Not to mention the risk of infection you now carry. You have every right to whine about it too!
Trust me, when I smushed my thumb about a month ago I whined, it hurt! And I STILL have no feeling in one spot, it is weird too, when I start to clean out from under the nail there is no feeling, all I can feel is the pressure. Very weird to feel! The good thing is, the spot is getting smaller at least, soon will have all feeling back.
I know you will regain the use of the finger. I truly hope you will have feeling return in it too, I am hoping they can reconstruct the nerve in it so it can grow back.
Good luck with your surgery, and like I said in the email, don't worry about us. Post when you are able, I am sure it will be a couple of weeks at least, and then you can give us the details as we are ALL curious to learn HOW you managed to do it!!!

BUNNY, STOP STRESSING OVER THE BABY SOCKS!!! Good grief girly. There will be some show up I am sure, don't stress. Asking the MIL to crochet some is a great idea, they will be warmer and stay on better then store bought ones anyway!
And they are much, much cutier too. I understand why it never occured to you to get baby socks, because it was summer most of the time! Not something I would have thought about either, and didn't with my second one either. He was due in Feb. and if it hadn't been for my mom and sister I wouldn't have had any because all I was thinking about was a diaper bag, sleepers, blankets, other crib stuff, and a crib, lol. HEY that was the MAJOR stuff, who thinks about baby socks??? OUR MOTHERS! hehe....

Kym, where are you? I thought you would have posted some more Christmas cheer by now...hehe

Deb hon, I hope your spirits get lifted some how too. I hope you are getting along alright. I know it is hard for you right now. (Hugs to you) I really wish we could make everything better for you. I know you need time, we understand.

Well, I was hoping to hear more of you let me know you have your Secret Santa duties under controll... I guess everyone is busy getting set for the Holidays!!!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

:) Fran

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You're right, Mama Fran.....I need a chill pill. Maybe watch some Yoga videos.....
Repeat the mantra..."Socks are Silly"color>
And stretch............

It's a silly thing to worry about, for sure.
Ah, but you know how it is.

Diene~ Fran's right...a missing finger is a big deal. Even if it's just a little part. :O) It just serves as a reminder that it could have been worse...but it helps us keep our perspective. It's still a big deal, in the way that EVERYTHING that happens in life is for a reason, to teach us something or help us grow.
Hmmm. I'm not sure what leason you were supposed to learn, though....Maybe to stay away from sharp objects?? (teasing!)

My hubby smashed his thumb in a metal bending machine 9 years ago. It healed nicely, but it's flatter than a pancake. Looks pretty funny, actually! :O) ANYWAY...he still has no feeling in it. Somehow, he never took any pain pills...thought it was "no big deal". Maybe that's a man thing, I dunno.
BUT...you take care of yourself, take it easy. No more finger chopping, accidental or otherwise! :O) (how DID that happen, anyway? Did I miss that part?)

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I'm excited about looking for gifts for my secret Santa partner! I think I know what I'm going to buy.

diene-It's great that they can do some repair on your finger.

Bunny-Where do you get all that energy! When exactly is your due date anyway???

Vicky-How are you liking your job? I remember working full time and taking care of my family. Don't know how I did it all.

Fran-I use to hate getting sinus infections. The only thing that helped was moist heat on my face.

I spent 8 hours in the ER yesterday. I woke up with some intestinal pain and by 11:00am I was in agony. I was doubled over and crying hysterically. I started throwing up as soon as I got to the hospital. They started an IV and gave me pain and nausea meds. Because I'm allergic to the CAT Scan dye I had to drink barium so they could do the CAT Scan. It took me an hour to get the stuff down and then I threw it all up. The Dr. thought I may have a perforated bowel. They finally let me go at 8:00pm but they still didn't know what was wrong. I made an appointment with a Gastroenterologist for next week. I do have IBS and it may be a flare-up. If so it's the worse that I can imagine. I'm still in pain today and just taking it easy. Nothing seems to help. At least I'm not doubled over anymore but it's still there.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am.

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Oh, Mariann! How awful! (and scary!!) I hope you get to feeling better soon & that they can figure out just WHAT in the world is wrong!


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So sorry about the Mariann, I hope it is nothing serious.
When I was sick last month with that viral infection, it reminded me of when my gallbladder messed up. It was painful and I couldn't keep anything down with either one. I can not believe they gave you barium with the nausea, even if they were giving you phenergan it takes it a bit to kick in! AND on top of that barium makes you want to vomit even when your are NOT doing it in the first place, that's crazy!!!
I truly hope it is nothing serious, gosh lady, what more are you going to have to encounter? Best wishes for you dear. I hope you start feeling better soon. Lay down and take care of yourself!
I wish I had some suggestions for you on making you feel better.

You are right about the heat for the sinuses although I haven't tried that this time, it doesn't seem to be that bad. What I am having trouble with is this dang stomach viral infection crap we can't seem to get over. I seem to be bothered by it more then the rest of the household, can't take the cramping that comes along with it.
I had been feeling somewhat better today until just a little bit ago and the cramping seems to be trying to return! UGHHH!!!

Bunny that is the cutest pic of that bunny in the stretch!!!

Do you know how long Veteran's Day has been a National Holiday?
If you can tell me what is was called before it became a Holiday I will send you a present.

Not sure what yet, I will have to think about it.

:) Fran

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Hmmmm....A history lesson, Mama Fran? :O)

Well, Veteran's Day was originally called Armistice Day, in honor of the cessation of fighting between the Allied Nations & Germany. That happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918.color>

President Wilson declared the first Armistice Day in 1919, but it wasn't until May 13th, 1938 that congress declared it a legal holiday.color>

The name was changed to Veteran's Day on June 1, 1954.color>

Do I pass the pop quiz?? :O)

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You're right Miss Bunny!!!

Let me check something and I will get back to you on what I will send you.

BTW your Red, White, and Blue is CUTE TOO! HEHE, I got it.

:) Fran

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Ummm, still thinking about what I am gonna send you Bunny. It is a toss up at the moment so I will let you know maybe tomorrow ;)!!! OR MAYBE I will just send it and let you see when it arrives....hmmmmm, thinking about which I will do. :D!

:) Fran

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Oh, Yay! :O) I didn't think I'd be the first one to get it right!
I actually love the patriotic holidays, they're some of my favorites. I have so many Veterans in my family, and I appreciate them all. I know how much they sacrificed to do what they felt was right, so saying Thank you is the LEAST I can do, ya know? :O)
Although, my grandpa (served in WWII for the entire time, start to finish) threw all his medals in the ocean on his way home from Germany. He said "That's not why we went over there, not why we fought."
Amen to that. :O)

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Ohhhh surrrreee....post a contest the day Im not around to play...uh huh....Guess Ill have to make sure I come here ALL the time and pic on ya, huh ????? LMBO !! Congrats Bunny !! Sooo glad you have something fun coming...um..if it was me...id be sending ya some SOCKS...LOL

We have 42 shopping days till Christmas...HO HO HO !!! We always decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving..and for some reason, I feel like a little kid this year...JUST cant wait to get decorating !!!

Im sorry to hear soo many of you have been sick...I hope you all will feel better soon...AND can come and chat more...ok, I am off to make some hot cocoa..and work on my seeds..have soo many to get ready.

Ohhh...and Bunny, was it you that said you have all your Christmas cards done...can ya write mine out for me..LOL

I am going to be meeting another gardener from Maine tomorrow..I am so looking forward to it ! ( So, Fran...no contests tomorrow ok ?? LOL)

Hugs to you all..


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Hey Kym! You ARE still around! LOL :O) It's been so quiet here lately, that I'd begun to think Mama Fran & I were the only ones still here.
Good to hear from you!
I'll make a deal with you.....I'll address your cards for you if you share some of that hot cocoa! :O) Mmmmm...that sounds yummy....

Yes, I've got all the decorations up, stockings hung, cards addressed and awaiting stamps....but I am SOOOOOOO behind in my shopping! I haven't gotten the kiddos anything yet! (bad bunny mommy!)
So ya see....I'm not ALL that good at getting things done early! :O)

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Hello Kym;
How are you meeting a gardener from Maine? That is quite a trip for a one day visit, if you are coming this way tomorrow, let me know. I am trying to kill time until my surgery on Friday so I am looking for distractions.
Mariann, sorry to hear about your distress. I have none of those kinds of problems in fact we were thinking about changing to catastrophic (sp?) health insurance because I have no doctor bills or at least I did not until last Wednesday. The ambulance ride cost over $ 500. Can't wait for the rest of the bills.

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Bunny, I cant beleive you are decorated too...You must be the energizer bunny..LOL **passing cup of cocoa to bunny, and several boxes of cards**

Diene...I have been talking with a gardener from Maine for a long time, and she is off recovering from surgery..well she went to NY, and will be going past ..So Ill be going to meet her partway for lunch. I wish I was coming to ME..I was going to come in the spring, but It didnt work out. If I can get there next season...Ill have to let you know !

I hope all goes well with your finger..I know how it is to not be able to use your hands..

See how Fran is hiding today...LOL

I try to come and atleast read what you are all up to..

Bunny...found some socks for ya...

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hey Bunny, I wish you were close by, I bet I could come up with some socks:)
Kym, good to hear from you. I know you are gonna have fun with your gardener buddy.
Mariann, I hope you are feeling better. That stomach stuff is aweful!
Diene, We are still waiting for the details on how you cut your finger. I hope things are going well for you too.
I'm off to do some housecleaning... Nik

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Hello Nik;
I have had many people ask and when I start the story they say, uuuu stop! So I will e-mail you privately but let me just say it was not much fun and I am very sad about the loss but they will be grafting tissue and skin so it will look fairly normal. Not sure if the nail will survive but there are a lot worse things that could happen to me so I am counting myself fortunate. It is really starting to hurt today which is uncomfortable but since I was worried about nerve damage, it is a good thing.
The other great thing is no housework or dishes for this girl, doctor's orders!!

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I want to Thank all of you again for all the Prayers, support and well wishes, cards! It's meant so much to me at this difficult time! The funeral's over, Mom's with Dad now. What's so strange is that my Parent's anniversary is Nov. 10th (Mom's wake was that day). When my Dad died, all of us could feel his presence in my Parent's house, really strong. But, now with Mom gone, the house feels totally empty.
I only have one strange story to share. We were talking (at Mom's house) about having an open bar at Mom's memorial luncheon. I questioned if we have enough money for that, because liquor is so expensive, and we had a feeling that a lot of people would show up. At that exact moment a wine glass shattered all by itself on shelf behind my Dad's bar. When it did that- I laughed and said nevermind- let's go with open bar! Who cares about money, LOL!
My Mom also joked when in the hospital, that maybe she should of postponed her surgery to another week- not her anniversary week. She joked what if my Dad wanted her to join him. I swear the woman was psychic! ;)

I received 2 wonderful boxes so far for my B-day month!
A box from Diene and a box from Mariann!

Diene's box~
Cherry tree, a cute wooden standup plaque that says "This place is for the birds"
Seeds- Clematis, jap lily, allium
Angel cheeks Guardian Angel pin
Breast cancer awareness ribbon pen
cute small frame (farm scene) with yellow daisies
Bulbs- Quebec, Vaneisa? Not sure on spelling
Cube of roots (not sure what it is)
Yummy smelling body butter & Sugar scrub- Ginger citrus
Garden gate picture frame
Tulip note cards
samples of nutramin

Mariann's box
Vintage Haegar pottery!
Gardening apron (handmade by Mariann!) perfect for days when I repot my violets!
14 k gold filled yellow quartz earrings (so beautiful, handmade by Mariann!)
And some nubby soap (massage soap handmade by Mariann's Daughter!)

I LOVE everything both of you sent! Giant hugs!
Thank you so much Diene and Mariann for preparing a box perfect for me!

I hope your feeling better! Don't hesitate to rush back to the hospital if you have ANY abdominal pain! Keep us posted!


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Deb-It's great to see you posting. You've been on everyone's mind and in our hearts. I'm glad you liked what I sent you.

Kym-So far I've met 2 GW members. One when we were in Florida a few years ago and another from NJ. It's so much fun talking about gardening with someone who's as enthusiastic about it as you are.

My DD has had a few setbacks about opening her kiosk on Saturday. There are bound to be some snags. Her bank hasn't sent her credit card machine yet. She can't open without it.

I feel a little better. Still have a few twinges in my intestines but nothing like I had on Monday.
Have a great day,

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hello deb;
the cube of roots is a variagated hosta, you can either soak it and separate or just plant the block. i am attaching a picture of the parent tree on the cherry, it is fifteen years old but has been a great addition for over ten years. it is almost too big now. i just looked and the hosta is part of the one that is by the silver mound closest to the porch.
welcome back, glad you are finding some joy in knowing your Mom and thinking of her reuniting with your Dad.

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Deb~ It's good to hear from you! Like everyone else, I've praying for you & your family....you've been on my mind all week. That's a great story about the wine glass...it's as if your mom was reminding you that life is too short to worry about such things. :O) Moms are good at that kind of thing.

Mariann~ Glad to hear you're feeling better! And I hope your DD is very successful this season! What all does she plan on selling? I have a HUGE weakness for anything bath & body related, especially handmade stuff. When I worked in the mall, years ago, I would literally spend my paycheck at a particular kiosk that sold homemade soaps & bubble bath. There just isn't a commercial product around that can compare! :O) Although....I DO Love to shop at Bath & Body works! Just for the seasonal scents, though. I love peppermint & the vanilla bean. Yummy....

Diene~ Everytime you show your house, I can't get over how gorgeous the yard is! It's wonderful & I can tell you've put a lot of work into making it so! I hope your surgery goes well & you heal quickly. I don't like to hear of anyone being hurt...makes me sad. :O(

Kym~ My daughter thinks you made that basket! LOL She loves it, especially the bunny. She's into all furry & cuddly animals right now. Actually, she most often will meow instead of talk....that gets VERY annoying in public places. I suppose that's normal for a 5 yr old, though....I hope...! :O)

Off to get the kids started on school work! (did you just hear all the groans??? Mostly mine??? LOL)

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Deb, It is nice to see you amongst us again..You have been in my thoughts also. It sounds like your mom knew, but I have to say, what better day to be reunited with your husband.

Diene...I hope you are doing well...your yard is just beautiful...too bad we didnt live closer, I could ask for some help !

Bunny...I WISH I had made that basket...and dont worry..not too long from now your daughter will only talk of boys, so enjoy the animal phase...oh, wait...isnt that the same ?? LOL

Marianne, I am sorry your daughter is getting a late start, Id love to hear what she is doing also ! This will be the fourth person I have met from garden sites..and I have made some wonderful friends...Wish I could meet everyone I enjoy chatting with !

Deb.you have recd some really great gifts already..and just think there is more to come !! and then secret santa to come...oh I cant wait !

Nik, housecleaning ?? UGH ! LOL

Ok, I am off to do some visiting...and eating lunch...Ok, where is Fran hiding ? I surely hope she isnt sick ..

Fran, my daughter is baking cookies tonight for a boy she likes, it is his Bday tomorrow...It is making me want to start my cookie baking...Hurry up Thanksgiving !!


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You just made me spit my water all over the computer screen! (Bad girl!!) For 2 reasons: 1-the comparison of boys & animals (so true!) and 2- for reminding me of what I've got to look forward to! AHHH!!!!!!! I am SO not looking forward to that!!
You're right, I'll take furry & cuddly animals ANY DAY.

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I will be mailing my box out to Deb tomorrow.
Here's the DC#: 0308 0730 0001 0937 6498

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Deb - Did you not receive the box I sent? It's a tall brown box. You really should open it ASAP as it has something living (or it was alive). I mailed it before I knew about your mom so I knew it wouldn't get opened then but now that I've heard about your other boxes you've received, I'm beginning to get worried. Let me know. Nik

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Bunny...doesnt it make ya appreciate the animal noises...LOL Sorry you spit your water...ha ha My daughter is now 16...need I say more ??

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*me in 10 years*
Thanks for the mental image, Kym! LOL I imagine you already look like this, huh?? :O)

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OMG, I was in the middle of writting a post and I x'ed out of my window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, just wanted everyone to know I am not hiding.
We have been at the hospital since 12 noon yesterday (Wed.),
thought SO was having a stroke so we took him in and they decided to keep him overnight for observation and to run test.
Turns out that it wasn't a heartattack or stroke.
The DOC said he has a weak heartbeat and he needs to stop smoking, start execisering or next time he may just wind up in there due to a heartattack and not just a scare (actually what she said was STOP smoking or you WILL end up here because of a heartattack or worse so STOP smoking NOW!)
It was pretty scary to think that he was having or did have a stroke.
We both hated being at the hospital, we got to leave at 5:30 this evening.
Then we had to go get his scripts filled, or I did, he just sat in the truck until I got finished.
Then we still had to have supper and I decided to kick back a little bit and watch some TV, then my BFF called and she and I was on the phone for 2.5 hours.
BUT now I am HERE and HERE I AM....lol, not hiding. Just had life issuses.
I am so tired now, I didn't sleep well at all last night so when I finish this I will be hitting the hay.

Deb, glad to see you posting. I just want you to know I DO believe in spirits and things of that nature and I think too that the wine glass thing was your mom!
I was in the middle of packing your box to send it out Wed when we had the scare and had to take off for the hospital, so I will try my best to get it out to you tomorrow. I HOPE SO!!!!
Glad you have gotten a couple of the boxes as well, I am worried about the other box too. Nik told me what was in it and IF it isn't there I am going to be so disappointed and so will she.
I really wanted to see pics of what you received, but with everything going on with you I understand it is hard to post those at the moment.

BUT PLEASE EVERYONE when it is your turn PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pics....THANKS!!!

See Kym, not hiding, just life. I will do another game just not so sure WHEN....lol. BUT there WILL be one.

Bunny, gosh girly, I am sorry I have left you hanging on what I am sending you. BUT I haven't had time to think about anything other then home issues.
I will get back on track and decide what it will be soon.
I will let you know when it is on the way.

Mariann, how are you honey? Good I hope.

diene, we ALL want to know HOW you did it, maybe just not so graphic details....lol.
Glad the pain arrived, I told you it would. Which IS a good thing, just NOT when you have to be the one to feel it!!!
You have a beautiful home btw.

OKI will check back in later on Friday to see what everyone else is doing for Friday or posting or whatever...

:) Your fearless leader FRAN!!!

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Hi All-My DD makes scented candles and stained glass. Here is one of her designers

Bunny-She also makes bath and body products. Not as much as she use to. Her products are the only ones I can use. I sent a bar of her Oatmeal Massage soap to Deb. Right now all her concentration is on candles and stained glass for Christmas. She uses Palm Wax for her candles which are not harmful to the environment.

diene-Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure everything will go well. Your home is beautiful!

Fran-You had a scary day! How is your SO doing now?

Kym-How sweet your DD making cookies for a boy. I don't remember my DD doing that but she may have.

I'm still getting pain in my intestines but not nearly as bad as Monday.
Hope everyone has a great day,

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Bunny...How did you get my picture ?? Are you stalking me ?? ROFLMBO !!

Fran...I didnt mean you were "hiding"..I should of said missing...I noticed your absence and was concerned...I am so sorry about your SO...but I am so glad he received a "warning" now it is up to him to take charge of his life. My mother had a massive heart attack, and they told her if she smoked another cig, she wouldnt be alive 6 months...she was someone you would say " she will never quit"...we all were shocked when she did !! So tell him he CAN do it !!

I went for my visit with my gardening friend from Maine, we had a really nice time..although she still had a long drive ahead of her, so it was a quick lunch.

Today, I am going to Olive Garden with my BF..and I havent been there in a very long time...I hope I dont spit my water out like Bunny..LOL Her B day is next week..and for those of you that Know the Christmas tree store, we will be going there also...my fav place !!

I plan on sendind Deb her box next week...Fran, I keep wanting to email you...when you get a chance..would you send me the SSanta questionarre in an email...I cant open an attachment...*sigh*

Mariann, I have been doing some stain glass..and mosaics..with a friend..we have been enjoying it ! Id love to know more about the candles..do you know if she uses artifical coloring in them ?? I have been looking for some candles but cant use any with colorings...

mariann...I am lucky..I have two good kids, I just have to get thru the teen years...my daughter enjoys baking. A few weeks ago, she asked this boy over..and they made cookies together. They made the hershey kiss cookies...well..they rolled them in SALT...LMBO !!! needless to say, they made a new batch...but they are his favorite cookie..so she made more for his B day. ( and no, they arent even " dating")

Ok, I have rambled enough ! Happy Friday to you all !

Happy Holidays !! ( two weeks till Thanksgiving !!)


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Wow, Mariann! Stained glass! That's really awesome, I love stained glass pieces! The bird is gorgeous!
I collect colored glass, but I haven't gotten the nerve to actually BUY actual stained glass pieces, since I'm afraid my kids will accidentally break them. I can live with it if they break a jar or vase...but to break something that someone MADE, a unique piece...well....that would be horrible!

Fran~ I'm so glad to hear that your SO didn't have a stroke! Oh, wow...that is SCARY!! Tell him to take care of himself...goodness sakes...if not for HIM, than for YOU! :O)
AND, don't worry about me. Just take care of yourself & your family. That's what's important!

Kym~ I remember making cookies for boys, too. Actually, I still do! LOL I'm always baking for hubby...usually goofy stuff like giant heart-shaped cookies. *blush* I guess it's something you never grow out of! :O)
So....I'd have trouble believing that they "aren't even dating".....LOL A girl don't just bake for a guy...just because....! :O)

Okay, I"m off to the grocery store (yay!) and the PO. Oh, boy! Oh, and the new Little Debbie Outlet store! They're having a red bag sale...as much as you can possibly fit in there for $10! Wooo-Hooo!! :O)

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I only glanced really quickly at the thread, I'll be back later on tonight to post more. I have a lot of bank issues to take care of for Mom. I've been running around and have hardly had any time to clean my house, do things I have to do. Nik, I never received your box yet. Hopefully today! I'll post when it arrives. I only received 2 boxes so far, one from Diene and one from Mariann.

Be back later,

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Well, the Little Debbie store was a bust this morning. Their debit/credit card machine was down...so they were only taking cash. And, I mean...COME ON...like I am responsible enough to carry cash around!! LOL So we had to just come on home.
I did get Deb's box in the mail today (I remembered!!) and even managed to find some more goodies for my SS box. Adora helped me pick out an ornament. She thought it was a real....something...you can eat...I won't say what, because that would be spoiling it...but ANYWAY...when my partner sees it, she'll understand, I think... I hope...LOL
So I HAD to buy it, Adora would have been SO upset if I didn't.

And here is a picture of the kiddos sitting in the huge, giant chair in front of the store we stopped at today. We go in probably once a week, but I've never let them climb in the chair before....no good reason, I suppose I'm just a big mean mommy...LOL
Anyway, horrible picture, because it's with my cheapo-been dropped in jam-frozen-and otherwise abused- camera phone...and you can only see 4 kids, plus one hat and a couple of feet. Adora is sitting on her big brother's lap.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Yay, it's almost the weekend!! :O)

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Deb, I can't imagine what all you are having to take care of. I hope you don't have a hassel with ANY of it...banks can be a pain in the you know what to deal with without having to take care of a fiancial situation for someone else. Good luck, take care.
I am getting your box took to the PO today, I hope it is there by Monday at least.

Wow Bunny, that is one BIG chair. Makes the kiddos look very small. That would have been a good deal on the bakery items, to bad you couldn't use the card machine. Prolly a good thing, besides you bake real stuff anyway, better for the family!

Mariann, I hope you get over this stomach/intestine thing...no fun when you feel bad. MAN, I LOVE that hummingbird, I wish I could figure out how to do stained glass things. They are so beautiful!
SO is doing fine, he is trying to stop smoking now, this scared him and I hope it was enough to actual STOP him from smoking. He has said for the last 13.5 years and hasn't managed to do it yet.

Kym I am sure the DD is sweet on the boy, don't let her fool you...lol. I know you didn't mean anything by saying I was hiding, I am not an uptight person and knew you were joking ;)!
I will get your info emailed to you sometime for you SS so you can know who you are sending too.

Nik, I am a little concerned with where your box IS! I am wondering WHERE it went to, I can't remember when you sent it but I KNOW it should have been there by now shouldn't it? It has had time right? I have gotten mixed up with my time since the hospital visit. I will be worried until Deb says she gets it!

diene, good luck, I hope all goes well. Speedy recovery to you dear!

Marie, how are you. Did you get your Secret Santa info alright?

Vic how are things going with you? How is Zack? Is he better yet? I am glad you are liking your job!

I want to see pics of the ornaments everyone receives. It is so much fun to see what fun things everyone gets.

Ok, getting ready to go to the PO and to go check something out. Will check back in later.

:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I know - I'm worried too! The box was sent on November 4th. I looked up the confirmation number and it said "accepted on the 4th", then there's something in "Atlanta on the 5th" and that's it! Where in the world can it be? I'm so disappointed. It had a live plant in there that probably won't make it. I really looked hard to find it, too. Yuk. Anyway, I'll keep checking. If anyone knows anything more about tracking it down, the confirmation number is 03080730000092623999.
Fran, sorry to hear about your hospital visit. Mariann, I hope you feel better soon. Diene, I'm waiting on that private email with all the gory details about your finger. I'm so glad that it is not worse. Bunny, Love that big ole chair. Reminds me of that big chair in one of the segments of a show. I can't remember the name but it always started with someone hollerin "Hey you guuuuuys!" And the lady in the chair was lily tomlin I think.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Nik

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Deb-Great to see you posting. I think of you often.

Kym-My DD does use some coloring. Sometimes she doesn't. For example she is making Winter Wonderland candles and they are not colored. She also uses Palm Wax, as I stated in my other post. Palm Wax, when it dries is very lovely. Kind of looks like sparkling ice crystals. She also does requests, if you didn't want color she wouldn't add it. If you want to know more emial me and I'll give you her email address. Here are a few more holiday stained glass creations by her.

We'll be leaving at 6:30am to help her at the Mall. We'll have to take cash only for a few days until she gets her credit card machine and has Verison come and hook it up.

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hello all;
well my surgery went very well and they grafted skin and tissue together to cover the bone and attempt to rebuild the fingertip. DH asked about the nail and the response was a definite maybe. time will tell. nik i did send you the gory details but i did it through GW so it may not have made it. i will try to do it directly. fran, i do not know if i will be able to take pictures of all the stuff i get on my month, i may just pick the neatest thing from each box.
by the way the show with the big chair was rowan and martin's laugh-in which is also where the "fickle finger of fate" came from and that is the finger i damaged. no gardening for another ten days and since i just heard the s word on the weather report, it may be alot longer.
welcome back deb, hnb are you ever going to have that baby?? diene

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Wow Mariann,
I absolutely adore that first one. It is so pretty, the others are nice too, but I had to say the first one is my favorite.

Good grief Nik, now I am upset! I hate knowing there is a missing box! This is why I don't like using the post office!!! Maybe you can go to your PO and talk to the Postmaster there and see if anything can be figured out from there.
It has to be SOMEWHERE, lost in the back of a office or truck maybe?
MAN!!!! As if this group don't have enough going on huh? Sorry it happened to you and Deb's box...
I will be hoping that everything is STILL fine when it is found!

OK, this too shall pass. I am off to go watch Ghost Whisper.
For what it is worth here is the DC# for Deb's Box 0308 1400 0000 2495 5647

:) Fran

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Glad the surgery went well diene, I am glad it is over now.
Time for recovery, I hope it doesn't take long to heal.

Mariann, I would like a price sheet for a few things...I am interested in the palm oil candle, I like sparkly...hehe.

Well, I guess everyone has headed to bed or off to do other thigngs, I suppose I will go find something else to do as well.

:) Fran

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Deb, how did things go for you so far? I hope no hassels.
How are you doing? I am sure this past week has been very hard on you. I hope you can find peace and happiness in the holiday seasons and WE help lift your spirits too.

diene, when I asked for pics of the items in the boxes, I don't expect each individual thing. You can just group the contents in an arrangement, try to spread it out so everything can basically be seen and take a group pic of the items from the box. It will be one shot per box, then you just list what everything is too.

I do have a birthday bash photobucket account set-up, if anyone wants to put their monthly photos in there I will have a folder set up for each of you and then you can go in and put your photos in your month. If anyone would like to have the password and info on getting into the photobucket account just let me or Vic know we will get the info out to you.

That way you won't have to have the B-day Bash pics in your personal account and will not have to worry about deleting them out of your accounts.

Hape everyone has a GREAT weekend, I am putting up my Christams Tree!!! And I might even put some stuff up on my front porch!!!
MAN, it is WINDY outside today!
:) Fran

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diene-I'm so happy that the surgery went well. I was a Respiratory Therapist for over 20 years and I saw enough gore for a lifetime.... My DD was one who wanted details LOL

Fran-I'll email you about the candles.

We worked at the mall for about 5 hours. It was a good time to start because Santa Claus arrived while we were there. There was a lot of interest but since we can only take cash until next Wednesday some people said they'd come back. I'll be spending most of tomorrow making decorations for the display cases.
Have a great day,

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I might have to arm wrestle Fran over that first ornament, Mariann! I agree...they are all gorgeous, but there is just something special about THAT one. :O)
The candles sound wonderful, too! I absolutely love candles...ask my hubby! LOL The house is full of them, I get new ones all the time. My mom is always asking.."So, have you gotten any candles lately that you are tired of already...and maybe want to get rid of??" LOL I always rotate my "inventory" so that I have a new scent, and she usually benefits from it. Right now, I'm burning apple pie, cinnamon & pumpkin pie scented candles. Mmmmm...
But I've got to find a peppermint one for Christmas. Just isn't Christmas without a peppermint candle & Elvis playing on the radio! :O)

Diene~ Glad to hear the surgery went well! I hope you heal up nicely and are back in the garden ASAP. But I think you picked the best time of year to injure your hand....now you've got all winter to let it heal! Just think if you'd have done this in the spring! Yikes! :O)

Gosh, Mama Fran....What took you so long to put up your Christmas tree?? LOL I'm already lobbying hubby for a new, bigger one! It won't be this year, but maybe we'll get one on sale after the holidays. The one we've got is many years old, and you can see between the branches...it looks like a 5ft tall version of Charlie Brown's tree. LOL
I don't want a fancy one....just one that's full enough that we don't see the fake bark! :O)

Off to make a late supper! (taco salad! Yay for heartburn!!)
Have a good night, everyone!

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Taco salad sounds yummy! I just made a pan full of cashew chicken with lots of fresh veggies.

It sounds like the package is lost, I checked the DC# and clicked on 'more info' it's in Georgia. I'll copy the info..
Label/Receipt Number: 0308 0730 0000 9262 3999
Detailed Results:

Processed, November 05, 2008, 4:48 pm, ATLANTA, GA 30369
Acceptance, November 04, 2008, 4:43 pm, GRIFFIN, GA 30223

I'm glad your surgery went well, and wish you a speedy recovery! Keep that finger very clean! ;)

Be back later,

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Yeah, I want a tree with more fluff too. I purchased one a few years ago but it is one of the table top 4ft trees and it is in the building at my moms. THAT is where I store all my new things. I have purchased new kitchenware and housewares over the years in hopes I will be able to put ALL new items in my OWN home, well, it ain't happened yet.
Mama told me I was going to have to STOP buying because SHE was running out of building room...lol.
I DO have a lot of new things there though, and most everything else I own is there too. No point in keeping it if I don't need it now.
Even my new Christmas things she had bought me over the last few years I just say 'thanks, stick it in the building'. So last year she bought me a sweatshirt, she said, you can't stick that in the building you need it. Well, guess what? I found it the other day still packed up and it STILL had the new tag on it...oh she would SOOOOO smack me if she knew I have yet to wear it....hehe.
But it is NEW and I don't want to mess it up, that is my logic!

But at any rate, I didn't even put up a tree last year so this is a BIG improvement. I did get it put up today, kind of glad too, it has lifted my spirit a little more.
Also put a few things on the entrance door, I have some garland I am going to string along the front porch. I couldn't do it today we had terrible winds, it would have been impossible to do it.
Now I am thinking about going and getting some of those oversized ornaments to also put on the front porch, outside-is the only place I would want those.

Oh man, Bunny, I LOVE taco salad,,,yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

Yes, that first ornament and the hummingbird are just the coolest. I would love to see what all else she does. I am so thinking about taking a glass on stained glass, it is so beautiful and most everyone likes it too. Therefore, it would be nice projects to make for Christmas gifts and so much more from the heart. Still waiting on the pics of the things Mariann was sewing on too!

It is so dog gone cold here, I have on my beddy shoes and me feets is still cold! 'Bout ready to go hug up to the heater.... thinking I need my gloves on me fingers as well!


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Well, I am STILL freezing, it is just too cold outside. I HATE cold weather...brrrr.

Deb, keep a look out for your box, I am hoping it will make it tomorrow but I am thinking it will be more like Tuesday. BUT I AM HOPING TOMORROW :)! I hope you like what I sent, it is kind of sort of something you asked for, sort of in a way and I hope you understand what I mean when you open it ;)!

SO how is everyone's weekend?

I still haven't put my garland up on the porch it is just too cold!

Anywho, guess I better go get the evening meal prepared....yeah, cooking is so much fun, NOT! I HATE IT...been doing it way too many years...I want a cook!

:) Fran

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hello mariann,
i have done some stained glass and mosaic work. your daughter's first piece is stunning but i would bet it is more for a window hanging than a tree ornament. with all that intricate work it must weigh a few pounds.
good luck to her at the kiosk. i have found that most people do not appreciate the work involved and balk at costs. hopefully, i am wrong.

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Mariann, I've heard people say that some of their IBS attacks can be VERY painfull, I'm glad you are feeling better, and hope you continue to improve. Your DD's work is beautiful! I have always thought of doing stained glass, but never did it. I am wanting to make some homemade soaps, I've got a lot of the ingedients to do it, I just haven't yet, I want to do lye soap and am a little nervous about it.

Deb, so glad to see you around a little more, I'm sure you do have your hands full! I hope you get some rest and take care of yourself.

Kym, why can't you use color in candles? Is it an allergy? I've never heard that about anyone.

Diene, so glad your surgery went well, I'm sure it is pretty sore right now, did they take the graft from you? That must smart too! And yes, you will have to share the story! But, I can wait till you are more up to typing : )

Nik, that is odd on the tracking #, AND, I am having the same trouble and my package was sent on the 4th also! The PO didn't even scan it in saying they got it! It is with a private trade I did and I printed the label online, the only thing it says is
"The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on November 3, 2008 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later."
I emailed them and got this -
"The latest scan information indicates we were electronically notified by the shipper on November 3, 2008 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

Please note that complete tracking information is only available for Express Mail® items. Services that confirm delivery are designed to be a low cost alternative to full tracking. Electronic Delivery Confirmation may, but is not required to, provide the date and time when it was picked up or accepted for shipment."
SO... a DC# really does not TRACK a package! GRRRR
I have to send them all the info, who it is from and to where and when it was mailed! I'm worried the woman I am trading with is not going to believe I even SENT it! *sigh*

Gotta run,

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See this is why I don't think 'tracking/DC #'s" are worth the extra cost. In essence they do not DO anything, let's say I ship something to Mariann, I get a DC#, post it and then it is delivered. But NOT to Mariann, it was to her next door neighbor by mistake because the carrier was a sub and let's just say this neightbor (NOT REALLY TALKING ABOUT HER NEIGHTBOR, just an example!!!) is not an HONEST one ok? Well, the DC# is going to SHOW it WAS delivered, even though it WAS not to Mariann.
They person who sent it BECAUSE the TRUST the PO, DC#, and the PO carriers believes Mariann really DID get it and is trying to say she didn't when in FACT she DIDN'T although there is a DC# showing it was delievered, but it DOES NOT TELL YOU WHERE IT REALLY WAS DELIEVERED TO! Only that it was delievered, the person who sent it is going to be upset, Mariann would be upset because she now is out a package AND her sender believes she has the package and is just trying to say she doesn't...WHY? Because the DC# said it WAS delievered to Mariann!
Even when you send it signature required you REALLY do not know who received it, because it can be signed for by anyone. They do not check ID's when they deliever these things. You just have to hope that if for some reason your neighbor gets your package they WILL give it to you.
Yes, I did share an address with a neighbor, the difference was we were supposed to be 2464A and he was supposed to be 2464B BUT the PO did not actually recognize the fact that there WAS an A and B, sometimes we got his mail and sometimes he got ours.
Our mail carrier if they had something for him and it needed to be signed for and he wasn't home would pull on up into our yard blow the horn and ask us to sign for it!
THEN it became OUR responsibility to give it to him, we could have refused but never seen the sense in being mean to the mail carrier so we always took it and then placed it in his screen, BUT we could have been untrust worthy and kept something all we would have had to have done was sign his name and then it would have shown delievered and signed for!
People put WAY to much trust in the PO system is all I am saying....
We also had a situation with our carrier putting our mail in the WRONG box on a completely differnt road then ours.
We were 2464 well so was this other person, BUT they were on Sylvan DR, the carrier only looked at the numbers NOT the actual road, one time I got this ladies SS check. It was on a Friday, I KNEW if I put it back in the mail box she wouldn't get it until the following Monday so instead of putting it back in the box I drove it over there myself.
Explained to her that I had gotten it in my box by mistake, she said OH, YOU are 2464 blah, blah rd, I said yes, she said oh, well I have a stack of your mail in here too, let me go get it.
She came back outside with a LOT of my mail, although mine was JUNK mail and mine didn't matter. I was totally floored that the carrier would mess up so much that he put someone's SS check in my box. I mean THIS is someone's bill or medicine money!
See, now you understand why I don't put a lot of stock in the Postal system.
HOWEVER, all this being said, the system works GREAT when it works right and I LOVE being able to participate in trading and receiving 'gifts' so I will trust as much as I can that what I mail off WILL get to it's correct destination...
OH, and about the carrier that screwed up the SS check delievery, I and SHE complained and the PO he worked out of didn't even care! They just say well, if you get something for the wrong box just mark it and put it back in the mail, we wil correct it! and I thought OH GEEZE!

Ok, finished rambling now...

:) Fran

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Nik & Vic~ That's horrible about your packages! It isn't so much the incompetence of the system as it is the entire situation, I think. We all know how much time & effort (not to mention $$) goes into packaging a box for a trade, whether an RR or a private one. So when your package goes missing....it's a combination of frustration, disappointment, and... well, honestly wanting to wring someone's neck. :O)
And it's not like Ebay, where you can just refund someone's money.

I have only had a few packages that arrived smashed beyond recognition, and oddly enough....those arrived on time! I have had one that arrived 2 weeks AFTER the lady sent it. Priority. So that's frustrating as well, for everyone involved.

I think FEDEX is just as bad as the USPS. I know I will VERY often receive packages for my neighbor, and they don't make me sign or even answer the door.....they'll just drop them off in the carport. And it's not until I realize..."Hey, what's that box there??" And read the name on it, what they've done. It's taken me days to find something they've just thrown in there.
And it's a darn good thing we are good friends with our neighbors, else they'd be worried when Fedex makes that mistake. They've had some very expensive things left in our carport, and I really shudder to think if the Fedex guy had left them at anyone else's house.
You're very right, Fran....you can never know if your neighbor's are honest...or will keep something of yours. "Finders, keepers" and all that. :O)

ANYWAY! I hope ya'lls boxes turn up. Really, I do...that just STINKS. STINKS. STINKS!!

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I am very hopeful the missing boxes WILL find their way and I am MORE hopeful everything is fine or at least salvageable I fear they won't be though..ERRR!!!
It is the whole situation, in my case if I had a box missing I have lovingly put together for the intended person and it was lost I would be so upset!
Along with the it's a combination of frustration, disappointment, and wanting to wring someone's neck and the money issue too IF you made purchases for the person, it is also that all can not be replaced, along with the disappointment, the joy you had putting the box together is NOW crushed because of the disaapointment ...so therefore there is MORE frustration! A shame really, it turns into a vicious cycle UNTIL the box is found IF ever. Which in the case of it not the wonderment of WHERE it went is there for a LONG time!

It is sad when we received crushed boxes too, I understand that accidents DO happen on the road in transit BUT I think they should be more careful about throwing them around the mail rooms too! If it SAYS FRAGILE then they should handle with care, since we PAID them to do it in the first place! But we have to use these services to feed our addictions to GW so what are we going to do? hehe

How is everyone today???

:) Fran

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Hey everyone, I have had a real lousy weekend...to make a very looong story short, as I am a little too upset to tell it again...my husband lost his wallet this weekend...well, right AFTER he took out our Christmas money...we have had a lousy last three Christmas', and I was soo happy we actually had some money for the kids this season...HA ! not anymore....why cant people be honest ??

Soooo....we had to freeze all of our money...so I will be having to wait till Wed before I can mail to Deb. I apologize for the delay, I was wanting to mail today.

I will post again when I mail out..and I hope all is well with everyone.


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DEB Happy Birthday MONTH DAY!!!

Hope it is a good day for you....

:) Fran

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OH Kym, I am so sorry that happened! I have lost my wallet with my just cashed paycheck in it before so I truly do know how sicken this is.
I only wish someone would be honest enough to return it WITH the money still in it. I know that will not happen in these days and times. I feel for you honey, really I do.
I am truly sorry this happened. If there was something I could do to help I surely would.


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Oh, Kym! How awful! Did ya'll find the wallet, or is it still lost? If you've found it, but it was empty....Grrrrr....I am SO upset for you! But if it's still missing, we can all say a prayer that it'll be found...with EVERYTHING still inside.
Gosh, Kym....I wish there was something I could do to lift your spirits a bit.
How about a hug? It's not much, and you'll have to reach REALLY far....
I wish I could do more.

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I hope you enjoy your cake!!! :O)
And keep in mind.......

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Package him up and send him to me! LOL!

I've been doing bills for the last two hours. I'm amazed how much junk mail accumilates in two weeks and how bills can fall behind so quickly! I was totally caught up two weeks ago!

This birthday swap has been so much fun so far! ;)

I've got a yummy chicken casserole in the oven already, and the house is clean! I did 10 loads of laundry yesterday, things are finally settling down. We had a light coating of snow yesterday, the ground is totally solid, frozen. It's so chilly! The dogs run outside for two seconds and shoot back in. Winter is here!

Be back later,

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Yuck Deb, don't say the "S" word, I am NOT ready for that or winter either!
Yummy, chicken casserole, I want some...but I am too lazy to make it...lol. Although it WOULD be really good!! I will have to think about that for a little bit before I go cook...I was thinking Italian Chicken, but the casserole would be so much easier...hehe

Bills are no fun, today was your chosen Bday day and you should have done something FUN...lol. Not bills, they are just too depressing...

Your poor doggies I understand, my chihuahua IF it snows will go to the door, look around outside from the INSIDE of the door and turn around and come back in. IF it is an emergency, she will hop out on 3 feet do her business with one foot held up and hop back inside...SILLY, CRAZY little thing! I do NOT understand the purpose of keeping one foot off the ground, but I assume SHE has some kind of logic...LOL!!!

Where is EVERYONE again???

:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all!
About the missing box I sent to Deb, I called the usps customer service and after a series of automated messages and numerous redirected paths, I FINALLY spoke with a real person. He said that the package had 3 more days to make it before they would actually go look for it. I guess that is Thursday. If you haven't received it by then, I will start the search full force. I'm not letting up! I want THAT box!!!!
Snow, bills, and good food. Sounds like a day to stay inside and get some things done. Wow! 10 loads of laundry. Mine is backed up about that much right now.
Kym, I'm sorry that your husband's wallet is gone. (pausing to say a prayer). I prayed for the safe return of your wallet and its contents and for a very Merry Christmas!
Vic, I hate to hear that you are going through the same thing with your package. At first, I sent everything UPS instead of using the post office. But then I had a case where it was a po box and UPS doesn't ship to PO boxes. UPS helped me once in a case where the person actually gave me the wrong zip code. When UPS put it into their computer, they caught it and we fixed it. I think I'm going to use them from now on (except for people who use PO boxes). The cost was not that much more (if any) and at least I could track it every step of the way.
I'm off my soapbox.
Diene, I hope your finger is feeling better. I can't even look at a garage anymore without thinking of you!
Happy designated birthday Deb. I hope you find some time for yourself.

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Your Daughter's stained glass ornaments are beautiful! I make stained glass too! I haven't for a few years, but want to start up again. I love making suncatchers, table lamps. I have all the supplies in the attic and am making my Husband pull them out for me this weekend. I love doing crafts, and miss it. I sort of gave them up to spend more time with Mom. We were going shopping constantly, and going out to eat at least twice a week. My Mom always laughed at how much money I could spend. ;) It was basically on home things, so I always was able to say we needed it all! ;) Decorating and shopping became my hobby. Wow, I just realized how much money I'm going to save by doing stained glass (by keeping busy). Does your Daughter use a grinder? I know some do, and some don't. I learned with the grinder, so still do use it. It helps the pieces fit really well.

Two boxes arrived yesterday! One from Melissa and one from Fran!

Go get a fresh cup of tea or coffee, I'll be typing for a while! :)

Melissa's box~
2 Fruit & Yogurt treat packages (My birds are going to love this!)
1 Trail mix package (another yummy goodie my birds will LOVE)
2 copper tin hooks (Bird shaped) perfect for all our keys!
Garden tool (flat to break up soil)
Yummy candle carrot cake!
Camomile patio candle (I love candles)
Cute pen! I'm addicted to pens!
Box of white tea with lemon, love this!
Pretty mauve fingernail polish from Avon, my PERFECT color!
Hand gel antibacterial (perfect size for my purse)
pink berry lipgloss
Seeds- Bellis Red tips
Convolvulus ensign
digitalis purpurea
Mini scrapbook kit
Banana muffin wax melt Old Virginia candle co. SMELLS SO GOOD!

Thank you so much for such a nice box! I loved everything!

Fran's box~
16 month '09 calendar (flowers, very pretty)
Jolly ranchers candy bag- yum!
Lipton herbal lemon tea (love this)
Holiday spice candle, pretty clear glass votive (smells good)
2 candles, spiced pumpkin, cranberry citrus, smells so good too, with a clear glass votive!
Garden flag (I love changing mine all the time)
Tea gift set (yellow) reminds me of a beehive (cup & sugar container, tea bag!)
Taro bulb

Seeds- Black krim tomato, Cherokee purple!
Glass blue ceramic pot (perfect for violets) ;)

plant starts-
Colocasia Fontenesii
Split leaf philo
Philo brasil
Elephant ear Illustris

Thank you so much, Fran! I loved EVERYTHING you sent! I have the candles lit already! My house smells so good! I'm planting the plants today, I gave them a good overnight soak.

Giant hugs for both boxes, actually all boxes so far! This really is so much fun!


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Now see why I said it was something you sort of 'ask for'? The herbal lemon tea to help you 'relax' one time you posted you needed something relaxing. What is more perfect the Herbal tea? (besides a box of Calgon, and I just don't think I could have stuffed anything else in there...LOL)

I am glad you are pleased. NOW if we can just get Nik's box there...ERRRRR!

I want to learn how to make stained glass too! It is so pretty...I am going to beg SO to let me take a class or two next year maybe...

:) Fran

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vic_zn5/Vic(MT)(working on it? hehe)
ncgardengirl/Fran (SENT/Received)
flwers4ever/Kym (R.I.)(waiting)
wynative/Marie (WY)(Will be sending soon?)
hazelnutbunny/Melissa (sent/received)

Ok, We have done well, I think. Just a few more boxes to go this month. I hope Deb is enjoying her month. I have enjoyed hearing about what everyone has sent...and so far I think everyone has done super...We are off to a super start...
Thanks everyone, you are all making this fun and easy!

:) Fran

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Everyone really has done an outstanding job at "Packing the perfect box for me" THANK YOU ALL so much!

Ahh tea, I haven't had much time to drink any, actually I just pass out in bed without ANYTHING extra! And have a hard time waking up when the alarm goes off! I do plan on taking it more easy though. Life's too short to not enjoy it! Did I mention I'm reorganizing my kitchen next week? Hmm, where's that tea? LOL!


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thanks everyone for letting me vent..havent felt too chatty...but the money is gone...wallet was found empty. I KNOW Christmas isnt about money and gifts...just the last few have been bad for my kids..and they are getting older.

Anywho...I am working on Deb box..and as soon as I can get back into my bank account...it will be mailed. I cant wait to hear what she thinks of my fav thing in the box..I love it soo much I almost got one too...LOL

Bunny thanks for the hug, I sure needed it..and Fran thanks so much for the email..and to you ALL for listening and caring.

Ill check in again soon...SOOO, what will you be doing for Thanksgiving ??? What are your Traditions ??


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Kym, don't you worry. You can cry on our shoulders any day! We understand, been there.
Were his license and things like that still in the wallet? That is important too. Things will work out, have hope!

That is all we can have, Hope and Faith. Don't frett.

Umm, I have decided I am NOT having Thanksgiving. My children are not coming home and I don't see the point. I am just fixing box stuffing, a super fast gravy, rice and a turkey breast and that is it... I told SO HE was taking me out to dinner, BUT the money didn't come in for extras this month so I am still cooking SOMETHING dang it! ERRR....

Deb, life is too short. WE ALL need me time, time to sit back and enjoy what we have. Make the most of everything everyday. So many of us don't.
At least you do light the candle you have, that is something nice for yourself!

Ok, I am STILL not ready for all this cold air....I don't like it...and I don't want it...lol.

Bunny girl where are you?

Mariann you must be working.

Vic too, ahh, we miss you!

:) Fran

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Here I am! :O)
I'm just being lazy, and not posting as much as I usually do. There are some that would sigh a sigh of relief, I'm sure! LOL

I'm like you, Fran....I am NOT ready for this cold weather! ACK! My skin is itchy & dry, my toes are numb, all my plants are dead....and the leather seats in the suburban are COOOOOLLLDDDD!!! The passenger side has the seat warmer, but wouldn't ya know it...the DRIVER'S side quit working last winter! *..gripe, mumble, complain...* Not to mention, the thing is NOT wind proof. It's like driving a sieve, there is so much wind coming in, the heater is only so-so effective. The kiddos have blankets in the back to cover up in! LOL
Makes going grocery shopping SOOOO much fun.

Seriously, I am just happy it RUNS. Last winter, it was broken down and we were without a vehicle. So I'm thankful for the sieve, and I'll be thankful for my cold buns when I"m driving the groceries home, instead of walking them home. :O)

Although.....I"d MUCH MUCH rather have a horse. Wow, I miss ours. Our donkey (Preacher) died last winter, and we had to sell our paint (Pacer). It's just not home without a couple of horses running around. I cannot honestly remember a time in my life that I HAVEN'T had horses. I feel like I'm missing an arm or something.
It's so much more fun driving a horse & buggy than a suv. :O)

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wynative(z5 WY)

I have been MIA due to being laid off and not having access to a computer daily :( but my sister lets me use her's when I am not job hunting, cleaning house & getting stuff ready for the craft fair the 29th. I have 10 lap/crib size quilts ready & some little clay ornament's - keeping my fingers crossed that they will be irresistible and all sell! LOL I also made my youngest sister an applique tea pot lap quilt for her birthday - my first one & I think it turned out great despite not getting along with my sewing machine! FYI - if anyone wants to see pictures just ask (wink, wink)

Deb - I still haven't got your gift box out but plan to either Friday or Monday. This way you will have something to look forward to besides the end of month junk mail & bills. hehehe

Melissa - How are you and baby feeling? Wow, time has went by so quickly - can't wait to hear all of her details :) I am sure you are ready also & with all the extra help you will have, it will be lots of fun :)

Mariann - your daughter is very talented. My favorite is the hummingbird - great color's. Although I do like the snow flake one also.

Fran - You mentioned the Dec. Santa swap... Help me remember what we are to do again???? Ya, I know I am off kilter this month but I have a good excuse... STRESS!!

Kym - I hope you got your wallet issues worked out! That is the worst feeling - when my daughter was 2, I was taking her to the doctor at 4:30am for an out patient procedure. I stopped at a Mini Mart for a soda (using the change in my coat pocket, leaving my daughter sleeping in the car, RIGHT in front of the door to the MM. I had went to the bank the day before and got enough cash out to pay the hospital (no insurance and they didn't except personal checks). After she was taken in, I went to the office to pay and you guessed it, I didn't have my purse! I looked EVERYWHERE - someone had taken it out of my car at MM. It was over a year later when I was called by the DMV to say that someone in KS had found my CDL while cleaning up the side of the roads. I lost over $2000, all of my son & daughters baby pictures, shot records, SS cards.... The worst part is that it is so hard for women to get their SS cards replaced - my daughter still doesn't have enough ID to get her's replaced - you need 4 different forms. grrrr

The weather has been soooooo nice here lately! The high was 73 today :) I got all my tree's and bulbs watered. Then on my way to town I heard that the snow is to start tonight and last through at least Friday. My niece lives in SD and a couple weeks ago she received 3 1/2 feet over night! They had to climb out the living room window to dig it away from the door.... Crazy but I am thinking that is what will happen to us as the weather has been so weird lately.

Have a great evening!

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Marie, you should have received your Secret Santa person you are sending too.
All you have to do is put together items you would think this person will like based on her information and then include a nice Christmas ornament, either homemade or store purchased, your choice....
Alright? We must have then sent I believe we all agreed on Dec. 15 and this is it!
I want to see pics!!! I want to see if those little clay ornaments are like the ones I saw on another site. Someone here on GW had made veggie tags out of clay, was that you too?
Those clay veggie tags were so cute, does anyone else remember seeing those if it wasn't Marie who made them??? If so, did you find out who and how they were made?
Marie, I sure hope you can find a job...it sucks so much being jobless.
Don't let yourself get overly stressed, I KNOW that isn't easy BUT it doesn't do any good to get stressed out either. It just makes your immune system get low!

I have been looking but I am selective about where I can work. Not in a C-store, I CAN NOT stand the cold to stay in the coolers to fill them back up.

Oh my goodness, 3.5 feet of snow....OH NO...I would FREEZE, absolutely freeze!...BRRRR, I get a chill up my spine just thinking about cold weather!

Bunny, glad everything is ok with you. I got more stamps today and I will be sending out your present. Tomorrow, I hope, I am sure I can get it in a envy I have. IF I can't I will have to wait until I can get something else to put it in...but it WILL get there ;)!

Deb, how are things with you today?

Nikki honey, how r u?

Kym, I hope you still feel up to checking in. Chin up dear, hang in there.

How is everyone else so far this week?

:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Bunny, The EXACT same thing happened to my heated seats on my suburban. I got it used but I wanted it just for those heated seats. The driver seat messed up last winter, too. My husband said, "Well the passenger seat still works." Such a man, how in the world am I supposed to warm my buns on the passenger seat?!?!?
I'm not complaining though with all the crap going on with some folks right now.
Deb, I'm still praying for you and your family. Tomorrow's the day that if your box still hasn't arrived, they will let me file a request for a search or something. Know that even if I can't find it, you will get a birthday box from me either way. I hope you are doing fine.
AWE Kym, I was hoping the money would show up too. Still praying for a blessing for your kids this Christmas.
Marie, I am SO Sorry to hear that you are among the long list of people I've heard of losing their jobs in the past few weeks. This economy stinks! I'd love to see those crafts! chanting...Pics! Pics!
Hey Vic, did you ever find your missing package?
Hope everyone is having a great week! Nik

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intelkid(6 KY)


Nov 4th was mine right on election day!

Take care everyone. :)


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wynative(z5 WY)

Yippy! someone ask to see my quilts. I haven't taken pic's of the clay stuff yet but I will and post next time I am on here.

Blue Jean Teddy

Light House - I love the backing on this one!

Cubby Pony's - I do not like the store bought satin binding at all that I put on!! YUCKY!! Tonight I am taking it off and making some light blue cotton binding for it.

Wild Animals -This is just a panel that I found in my stash and thought was cute - it has a grey fleece backing and light green satin binding.

This is a lap quilt for my baby sisters Birthday in Dec. -I hand pieced and appliqued all the tea pots on. I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at applique and all the arguments that I had with my machine for not doing what I was thinking instead of where I was guiding it.....

Fran - thanks I got my partner :)

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Marie~ Those are GORGEOUS! I love the teapot one. I haven't been able to make a quilt in about a year...I really miss sewing. I haven't ever gotten the courage to try applique...it always looks SO complicated.....but maybe sometime....when I actually HAVE time. :O)
Yours are very pretty! I hope you have TONS of good luck with them. You deserve it!!

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Oh my gosh Marie,
I like the lighthouse and the animals, but I am with Bunny on the teapot one, it is just too adorable! I absolutely love that one!
Where did you find the pattern for those teapots???

We will be waiting on the ornaments!!! :)
:) Fran

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Hey Girls!!!
I would ask how everyone is but..... gosh, bad luck seems to be looming every where these days.

I will have your box on the way Monday! I went shopping last weekend and just didn't find anything I liked for you, my favorite store was closed so I didn't get to go there yet : (
How are you doing? I hope things are calming down a bit for you.
Sounds like some very nice boxes you've gotten!

That is terrible about the wallet! I know what you mean about Christmas not being about the gifts, but with little ones..... I'm so sorry about that, there just aren't many honest people in the world these days!

Nice to here from you! I'm sorry you got laid off, do you know how long it will be for? I know all too well what the stress level is when looking for a job these days! Have a beer, relax, and try to think happy thoughts! I hope you find something soon.
Those quilts are adorable! I like the yellow trim on the one, maybe it just looks better on photo? I think it's cute! They all are!

Yes, it finally showed up! I haven't heard back from her as to the condition of it yet though.

How's your SO doing on the smoking?
I'm glad you clarified the SS box, I thought it was just an ornament exchange! I guess I missed something along the way LOL

How's your DD's kiosk going? Did they get the CC machine hooked up? I hope she is selling lots!

How is your finger? Now after Nik's comment, I look at my garage and think "what the h--- did she do???" LOL

How's the baby? I know what you mean about blankets in the back seat! The van doesn't have the greatest of heat and the back is coooold, so Zack has a blanket too! LOL

Now that I found a job, Jamie's work is slowing down! He has about 1 or 2 weeks left and then I don't know what we are going to do *sigh*

Well, I'm going to go check a couple more threads before I've gotta get Zack ready for bed : )


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Your quilts are beautiful! Wow, I'm impressed!

No package yet. I checked the DC# it's still in Georgia. This makes you rethink about using priority. ;)

Better make this short, I'm really tired. I'm meeting with a lawyer tomorrow. One thing my Mom didn't do was put me or my Sister on the house title.


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Hello Everyone,

Nikki, did you get a search party on that box yesterday? I am sorry it is lost. I know you are so disappointed. I am sure they will find it. Hopefully the live thing with be in a dormate state when they do. I have had them to do that once or twice, plants that is.

Vic, let us know when you ship...np. This way Deb has had something to look forward to and the celebration not over by the 17th!

Gosh, it didn't even get out of the 40's here today...BRRR, there was snow in the mountains and even a few flurries in Raleigh and on the coast.
We are on the NC/SC state line so we usually don't get any here. Sometimes if it comes up from the south we will but if it comes over the mountains it misses us.
Not that I am complaining..OH NO...I am glad we don't get that much, although this year we need more snow because of the drought the last few years. BUT I still don't have to like what we do get :)...

Vic, glad to see you dropped by dear, don't be a stranger...hehe. We MISS you!

:) Fran

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My apologies for being MIA-I really need to go back and read all the posts. I'm only part way thought.

The hummingbird stained glass ornament is mine...My DD made it for me for my birthday last year. It is strung with heavy duty fishing twine.

Things have been slow at my DD's kiosk. As a matter of fact the entire mall is slow. She finally got her Credit Card machine on Thursday. YEAH!!!

Deb-I remember you saying that you did Stained Glass work. My DD does use a grinder. She has been so busy that she taught her DH how to do the grinding. He's been a great help to her. You certainly are getting some great boxes!

Nikki-Sorry your box is lost!. I'm sure it will turn up. I mailed seeds for a swap a few years ago and it took 5 months to get there. Sometimes the boxes get miss routed too. My mailman knows me so I don't think he'd drop a box off at my neighbors.LOL

Marie-I love your quilts! Especially the one with the tea pots on it. You are very creative. I bought a quilting book years ago but never made one. Do you ever sell them?

Fran-It's been chilly here too. Down in the 20's at night and 40's during the day.

I did see a Gastroenterologist on Thursday. He wasn't to happy that the ER Dr. let me go home. Apparently I had a small bowel obstruction which eventually righted itself. It's because I've had 2 surgeries on my abdomen which can cause adhesions. He said it may never happen again or it can happen any time. So I have to go through a battery of nasty testing. Anyway, whenever I get a twinge in my abdomen I freak out!LOL

Hope everyone else is doing well.
I'm posting my DD's web site-Hope I didn't do that already.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Craft

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I just wanted to poke my head in, and say Hi, and to let Deb Know her box will be mailed on Monday...and I cant wait to see what she thinks..we finally got our bank account squared away, and still working on a few other things...

I just LOVE those quilts...SOooo pretty !! I have always wanted to learn how to make them..I did a sampler in school.

I hope everyone is doing better, havent seen Diene in a bit..

Thanks again for the support...and kind words...I am still a little upset, but I know I cant change what happened..life does keep going, and money isnt everything. Ive lived long enough with out it..LOL

Bunny, when is your due date ? If you dont mind me asking ? and I hope Hubby will come and let us know when the baby arrives..and I just cant wait to see a picture ! I hope you have an easy delivery..and all !

I promise to be more chatty once I get my seed swap done..Fran knows where I have been..lost in emails..LOL

Hugs to you all,


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

WOW Mariann - what a website (very professional). I wasn't picturing such a huge kiosk! I hope the sells pick up. I know it is a hard Christmas for everybody. I know we are cutting back this year.
Kym, I know you've been busy with the other swap. Wow! It just keeps growing. I'm waiting for the deadline date to see if I can fill some more wishes.
Advice needed: For the SS swap, I'm wrapping the seeds (just one trade each so I can send to lots of people). If I wrap the seeds in little bubble envy packages and then place in a regular sized Christmas card/envelope, how many stamps will each one require? I'd love to be able to get them all stamped and ready except for the addresses.
Fran, I did finally get the search started for Deb's box today. I have a separate confirmation for that: CO40749348. I don't know if I'll be able to check online for updates on that or not but the po is supposed to call me by the end of workday Monday. I'm trying -- AGGHH!
Deb, How's it going with your mom's house? I remember trying to clean out my grandfather's house. We were in such a fog that later I wished we had waited. Don't rush it if you can help it. You may remember something you wanted to find, when things calm down.
Glad to hear you found a job Vic. That's no small accomplishment in this economy. Yahoo!
Marie, those quilts are so pretty. I am talentless when it comes to sewing. Wierd thing is, my mom and grandmother both love(d) sewing. I guess I just didn't get that gene. Anyway, yours are awesome!
Bunny, how are you feeling? Anymore nesting stories?
Have a great weekend everybody! Nik

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Mariann~color> I just looked at your daughter's website! WOW! The lily is GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors on that one. It's beautiful! I can just imagine the sunlight pouring through it.....wow. :O) I hope business picks up for her. The slow sales certainly don't reflect on the quality of her work. She's VERY talented!!

Vic~ color>The same for you, I hope work picks up for your hubby! The job market really stinks right now. It seems like everyone I know is getting laid off or fired. My FIL lost his job of 15+ years, and FINALLY, after MUCH searching, found a job at a fast food resturant. He's tickled to death over it, and making the most of it. He says it'll be a fun change. Now, THAT'S the right attitude. :O)

Marie~color> I hope you find work soon, too. I am so sad for everyone that has gotten laid off during this time of year, especially. I just wish I had a magic wand. I'd make every thing better. :O)

Nik & Deb~color> They STILL haven't found that box??? Good grief. I'd be kicking some booty and taking some names by now. I mean, honestly....HOW do you lose a box?? Did it miss the truck when they threw it, and land in a dark corner somewhere? LOL
Seriously...I really feel sorry for ya'll about that. It's disappointing, DOG GONE IT. Grrr.

Kym~color> I'm glad to hear that you're getting everything settled down a bit. I hope things start looking up for you soon. I know it's not necessarily the $$ or the lack of gifts for Christmas....it's really about the lack of honest people in the world today. THAT'S what makes us all so upset, I think.
Especially THIS time of year, you'd think it would make the good in people come through.
But then, I suppose...with this economy, and with everyone out of a job...it would make it REALLY very difficult for someone to pass up what they see as "free money". Not condoning it, but I am saying I might see the temptation for some people. Especially if they have children to feed.
Of course....there are just crooked, nasty, dishonest people in the world that wouldn't even think twice about taking things....
(sorry, I'll quit rambling now...lol)

Okie Doke. Things are going OK here. But I'm not getting any rest lately. I've been up several nights this week with *false* contractions. Wow, do they HURT for false ones! I've always thought the false ones were worse than the real ones. Anyway, so I'm running on little to no sleep, and I REALLY hope that changes before I go into labor for real. I would like to be rested up a bit. Just a bit. I'll even settle for 4-6 hours of uninteruppted sleep. I don't need much! LOL

The due date is Nov 28th.color> So, just one week to go. But, knowing me....I'll carry well into December. I always go a week or 2 late.

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wynative(z5 WY)

Thanks ladies for all the praise :) here are a few of the clay ornaments:

The Kitty's and Puppies can be for People or Pets LOL

These I will personalize when purchased

And I really think turned out cute! Pins for Breast Cancer awareness:

There is light pink around the 'cups' to look like lace but it doesn't show up here. The 'ribbon' is also pink.


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Awww! The kitties! The kitties!! Those are ADORABLE!! :O) I love the little bras, too! How original! (my daughter is looking over my shoulder, and she just went nuts over the kitties & snowmen! Now she wants one like HER kitty!! LOL)

Wow, Marie! You are TALENTED!!! Those are so awesome! :O)

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Wow Marie,
I like the animals (puppies best) and breast cancer ones. Those are just too cute!
I like them all but the others are adorable!
I like the snowmen above the 'support' ones! How neat!
Great job!
Thanks again for sharing.
Um, how did you come up with the teapot patterns for the quilt?

How is everyone's weekend so far?

:) Fran

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Mariann, that is a great web site! She should set up a site and sell them online too!

Marie, same for you! Those are adorable, the cups on the breast cancer awareness ones look just my size! ROFL
I love the 4 little snowmen, and the others too, you are really talented!

Kym, I'm glad to hear from you! I hope you are chearing up a bit, and like bunny said, maybe it was someone that was really desperate and had to feed their kids. That's about the best we could hope for. BTW, how old are your kids? I don't think I've seen that yet.

If anyone sees or hears of some good deals on the games for leap frog L-max please let me know, I just bought Zack an L-max on ebay, it's used and was a great price, but doesn't have any games with it. I guess I should have priced those first *sigh*

This will probably be the first year I don't go shopping on Black Friday! I've always went for years but we have got to cut corners. We are only getting gifts for Zack so that will make it easier, of course Zack and I have pretty much ONE conversation these days....
Him "Mom, I want that!"
Me "Ask Santa"
LOL! It's just amazing how many new toys come out this time of year! I would like to smack those toy makers! LOL

Well, off to go check the other threads!

OH, Nik, if your envie is under 1 oz. it is 42, then it goes up for every oz, but you would have to check at usps.com for that, I can't remember the prices : )


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Well, I just got Vic good. I found her on ebay and wouldn't tell her WHO I was and made her guess. By golly she got it right too, first try! Ain't SHE a smart cookie?
Well played Ms. Vic! Now who's a smarty? HEHE

Vic you asked me how SO was doing on the smoking he has not had an actual cig. since Nov 12. BUT he is using the Nicorette gum. I hope he can really quit this time.
This is the longest I have known him to go without one, and NOT breaking down and getting one.
We also found out yesterday at a follow up visit to his reg. Doc. that he DID in fact have a mild heart attack.
She said they where not SURE WHEN it happened but it shows up that it did.
Well WE know for a FACT that is the day (Nov. 12) it happened because he had never experienced anything like the pain before and he also hurt in his chest for almost a week afterwards.
He had just had some test a few months before to look to see what if anything build up was there and at that time there were so signs of a heart attack. So YES the 12th IS when it happened. I am just glad is wasn't severe and he made it home from where he was and we were able to get him to the hospital.
So, yes I was sort of freaking after we heard the news and still am a little, I haven't been able to sit down an calmly talk to him about our future and what he needs to do now to take care of himself and make sure it doesn't happen again.
However, when I think I can talk without breaking down we will be discussing some options, and what-if's in case there is a next time. WHICH I HOPE there isn't, but we do have to talk about it at any rate.

ANYWAY, Bunny, I still haven't gotten my act together... I promise I will. It maybe a little late, but I will get your 'prize' out to you. I feel like such a slacker! I'm sorry.

Kym has her hands full with all her Secret Santa swap stuff, but I can tell you her kids ages are girl 16 and boy 14! I have insight...hehe, actually I have her questionnaire...HEHE, that is cheating now ain't it?

Ok, ladies I will tell you. I will be posting a game in the next week or maybe 2. When I decide what the prize will be and then I will post something. I have to decide what the prize will be before hand and then I have to decide what I want the game to be! Something hard or something that can be found online!

Well, I am either going to turn in or go play a game, it depends on how heavy my eyelids get in the next 30 min. or so.

:) Fran

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What is up people? How was your weekend?

This one has been too chilly to get out and do anything. Couldn't even go play with the doggies.

SO found a 1/2 frozen bird today. She had fallen in my rain barrel, managed to get out somehow and one side of her body was frozen. He picked her up and placed her on the dash of the truck where the sun was warmest. In a little bit she had thawed out and was able to fly again. He let her go and she flew off...
Wasn't that tweet? HEHE, nope couldn't resist that one....haha!


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Awe Fran, that bird story is so sweet:) It was warm enough here for me to put a few bulbs in the ground. I still have a brown paper bag about half full that need to go in the ground. I really overdid it this year with bulbs but what a beautiful spring it will be! My sister has an "incurable" autoimmune disease so she is on lots of meds. Once a month she gets a "drip" that replaces her immune cells somehow. Anyway, I always go and sit with her during her drip. Lately I've been bringing a bag or two of bulbs and planting them for her. It has become a tradition and labor of love. I'm as excited about her spring surprises as I am my own. I think I'm going to continue the fun with wintersowing - plant her some seeds each time and plants when they are ready to transplant.

Anywho, I emailed you Marie. Did you get it? I'd love to have some of those support ornaments. My sister in law is a breast cancer survivor - currently battling colon cancer for the second time. She's kicking butt and taking names!!!

I've been busy getting my package ready for our December swap. I've also been getting my little secret santa cards ready for Kym's ss seed swap. Wow - I have had more fun doing that one! I don't have a lot of seeds but I'm "sharing" some of my trades and commercial packs. Did I say I had the best time getting them together?!?!? Love it!

It sure has been quiet lately. I hope everyone is doing ok. Diene, how's your hand?

I'm off this week so you'll all probably be hearing from me:) Nik

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I love doing crafts too! Nice job!
I went to Michaels the other day and enjoyed looking around at all the new 'craft' things to try. I've done soaps, stained glass, gallery glass (fake, pourable plastic material that dries to look like glass, even has fake solder) suncatchers.
I miss making porcelain dolls, but can't imagine even going into that again. I spent so many hours pouring porcelain, cleaning the greenware, kiln firing, scrubbing the rough porcelain, china painting several times (for each face) assembling bodies (after pouring, baking, srubbing each piece) adding eyes, wigs, lashes, sewing clothes!
It kept me so busy, that I didn't even have much of a life! In between doll shows, and selling my creations/Dolls in Hallmark (a local store), plus selling on the side (custom orders), giving doll classes 4 times a week, selling supplies, nothing short of having two full time jobs. Sometimes I would just sit and stare at the calender and wonder how on earth I was going to accomplish it all! I had craft/doll shows lined up for every weekend, even when it wasn't a holiday. I would manage to find some craft, holiday, or mall show.

Oh well, better run and do more laundry! It's raining here lightly, and turning so chilly. Snow showers are expected today and tonight. It was snowing lightly when I took my Daughter to school this morning, BRRR!


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Wow Deb, I am impressed. That is a LOT to do for a hobby, good thing you enjoyed it! At least I HOPE you did, that is too much time and work to not have!!!

Hello all, how is everthing with everyone?

:) Fran

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I would like to "first" thank the "SANTA" that came to my house today..I didnt post about my hubby wallet, for you to do that, I just soo needed to vent...but THANKS ! It is muchly appreciated !! (((HUGS)))))

Also, DEB....your box is on the way..and I truly hope you like everything...each item was picked out with a lot of thought..I truly beleive we will all be best buds come the end of the season...this is just SOO much fun !!

I hope each of you will think about Joining the Secret Santa swap..today is the last day to join..and I cant get over how generous everyone is... ( Fran, I hope it is ok to post that...)

Nikki...the postage is going to depend on how you package..take one ready to go to the PO, and have them tell you...they never give me the same answer..so I dont want to tell ya wrong.

Yes, my kids are 14 and 16...but they were cheated out of Christmas, or much of one, the last 3 years...so I was soo excited to know they would have a nice one this season. Again, I know it isnt about the money, but as a parent it is hard not to make each Holiday special.

I dont want to go into a long sob story...but fran said she didnt know, and I usually dont talk much about it...but I was in a car accident 3 years ago...and I am in bed all but about 2-3 hours total a day. Im NOT saying this to get sympathy...I am blessed to have what I do...I just wanted to explain why I feel so bad about the season..my kids have given up a lot the last 3 years.

OK, enough of that.....again, thanks to you SANTA..it was very kind !

I hope everyone is doing well...We are baking a PAul Deen pie today, looking forward to trying it...it is called

"apple butter pumkin pie"...and just sounds sooo good.

I use to do a ton of crafts...and I just love seeing what everyone is making ! Is the Broncos Ornament still available ? Id love to buy it if so...

Fran, the bird story was really "tweet"....I love to rescue animals, we had a baby squirrel for a year...he was just the cutest thing...

I wish you ALL a very Happy Thanksgiving...I am thankful for a lot...esp all the great friends I have made here.



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Sure Kym promote the Secret Santa ALL you want :)! I posted it in the Carolina Exchange Forum, I hope some joined due to that.

No, I didn't know about the accident and I do appreciate you talking about it. It helps us get to know each other by sharing about ourselves. Not looking at it as a "sympathy" thing either. I think it shows just how STRONG of a woman you are! It takes courage and guts to try to overcome. And I think YOU do it EVERYDAY, as much as possible!

Kym, no-one thought you were trying to get anything from posting about your hubby's wallet, it isn't about the money, no...it is about the kids and people helping people...and helping out people who 'TRULY' deserve help.
Don't ever think a gift is a hand-out or sympathy. It is what it is. A gift.
I am sure "Santa" whomever that was is just thankful to have the opportunity to help someone who does deserve helping!
I would like to say thank you to whomever the 'Santa' was as well, what a good thing it was. May you heart be fullier and filled with much love and joy this Holiday Season!

See Kym, there are STILL good people out there, Hope and Faith. Those are what gets us by!

I would like to say to each and everyone of you, may your Holiday Season be Blessed and filled with lots of love and laughter, but most of all understanding. Remember to be greatful for what you have and the time you have had with loved ones those who are still with us and those who have past on, this is what truly matters.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, may you all feel blessed, and NOT RUSHED or overwhelmed.

:) Fran
This is what the true spirit of the Holidays intell.

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wynative(z5 WY)

Vic - Him "Mom, I want that!" Me "Ask Santa" hehehe
I know what you mean - even at 14 & 23 they still do that LOL

Deb - WOW! you were busy! A friend makes the 'rebirth' babies (I have several LOL) but she doesn't have children or a paying job. Boy I don't know how you could do it all, work and be a Mom. I am tired just thinking about it!

Nikki - Thanks so much!!

Melisa - The first kitty's I did were for my sister - she run's a kitten/cat rescue and has 17 right now with 9 of them being under 3 months old!! Good thing she has a 3 story/5 bedroom home - it is CRAZY there! The doggy ones are styled after our dogs, although the black & white one should have been chunkier.... My Border Collie weights in at a hefty 82 pounds!! Thank goodness we got in a new shipment of calves for her to train & work, cause she needs the exersize!

I talked to a friend in town this morning and there is a new western type feed store opening about 30 miles away. Good pay and benefits - so I am going over Friday to check it out. I wish I could figure out a way to just stay home - it has been so nice - I don't even get dressed until my daughter gets on the bus & the breakfast dishes are done these days LOL although I am still waking up a 5:00 but that is to be expected after having to get up at that time for so long...

If I don't make it back -


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Well, Mama Fran caught me over on the chocolate swap thread, so I figured I'd better post over here, too....LOL :O)
(can ya'll blame me though?? I mean...come on....we're talking aboutCHOCOLATE!color>)

Kym~ Glad to see you posting! I hope things are looking up for you & am thankful that Santa found your house so early! :O) There are alot of very generous & sweet people on GW. I know, because last Christmas, they helped my family out, too. We couldn't get the kids anything, and we were struggling to get by...plus my best friend/sister of 25+ years passed away, so I was feeling very down.
Anyway....I sincerely hope that your family is able to fully enjoy the holiday season. :O) Hugs to you!!

We are sooooo busy this week!
Hubby is swamped at work, due to the holiday & end of the month inventory. ACK! The kids are getting ready to take unit tests next week. We're headed to the inlaws (mine) for Thanksgiving, so at least I don't have to cook. Which actually depresses me, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook for Thanksgiving. Ah well. AS long as I don't pop while over there....I'd hate to be the entertainment for the holiday...I'd much rather everyone focus on the football games...LOL
Other than all those things....I guess everything is quiet here. :O)

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And so closes this thread. I will post another to finish out Deb's last couple of boxes and the rest of the month and THEN we will start on the Christmas thread. How is that?

I hope everyone cathces up what is on this thread before and and WOOHOO, WE have ran another thread to 150!!!

We are such great talkers! HEHE

:)M Fran

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