Are these Virginia Creeper seedlings?

docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)May 27, 2013

I posted on the Vines forum, but I thought someone here might know the answer. I love Virginia Creeper and would love to have it growing all over my long chain link fence. This week I've seen lots and lots of these guys, and I'm nearly positive they are VC cotyledons. Does anyone agree with me? I want to transplant as many as I can to spots along my fence and train them to climb to provide privacy and more cover for birds and bugs, etc. hope some one knows the answer. BTW, I did search for images and found only one of the early seedling stage, and it wasn't labeled or identified in any way. But, it is encouraging. TIA.


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At that stage a lot of seedlings look alike. When they get their second set of leaves you will be able to tell. They will look like this..and then ypu will be able to transplant them.

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Want some plants with roots? I can send some. I am getting ready to thin out at area. I love the plant, but there can be too much of a good thing. Email me off-list.

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I don't think your seedlings are Virginia Creeper. I wish I could send you enough of mine to cover your entire fence. :)

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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

Don't know what those are, but you will have no problem persuading VC to go up chain link. Mine loves it up there.

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