Tomatoes not growing well

myahrJuly 21, 2011

Hi all -

My tomatoes are not growing well this year. Some of my plants are not even a foot tall yet and I've had only a few flowers on any of them. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Any suggestions for something to boost their growth a bit? My boys will be so upset if there is no salsa this year! Thanks.

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Im in SE WI and mine look very poor. I think the last wind storm that came through with winds at 70 mph just tore them up. The cages and the plants all toppled. I am so glad I did a few celebrity's, black krim, cherries and a few other in large pots on the decks. Atleast I'll have something. Stopped in at the mushroom place and asked how their tomatoes were doing, they had the same challenges with the extreme high winds here.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Would need a great deal more info. Are they in the ground or in containers? What size containers? What have you been feeding them? How often and how much are they watered? How long have they been planted? How has your weather been (other than the wind)? Were they planted at the normal time or planted late? What varieties are they? etc.

There have been many posts lately about not growing or no blooms/no fruit, etc. but invariably it turns out they are late season varieties or were planted much later than normal or are over-watered and under-fed. And given the abnormal weather in many parts of the country the weather alone has caused delays for many.


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