Woodland lot and Poison Ivy

jgarzasrMay 1, 2006

I purchased a 5acre woodland lot that is covered with poison ivy. I would like to remove as much as possilbe or all, but probably impossible. Does anyone have a good way to tackle this w/o killing other plants around it. I have a lot of wild ferns, berries, and natives. Or do I have to round up everything and start from scratch? Thanks.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Brush or swab roundup on the leaves. It may take more than one season.

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Please consult a knowledgable ecologist before attempting such a destructive "solution".I've been able to control poison ivy by merely cutting off all upright vines,thereby restricting its growth to ground level where its is eventually shaded out by other perennials.Its always good to get acquainted with the ecology of your new property before attempting to"fix things up"as I haved regretted many of the improvements I did in the past to my woodlands.If you are not extreamly sensitive to it leave some for the birds,they eat the berries.It"s not unattractive and can have beautiful autumn color.

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turbo_tpl(z7a Richland WA)

However, be aware that following nywoodsman's advice will lead to a lot more poison ivy. While birds love the berries, they will poop seeds all over the place - it is the main dispersal mechanism for the plant.

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I have had success with Roundup, but you do have to watch what else you spray it on. I would spray (and/or paint) the ivy that is growing up the trees; the Roundup will be absorbed and go to the roots. A few weeks later, I would start cutting the stems of that that tree hugging ivy near the base of the tree. When the roots send up new sprouts (and it will), give it a light shot of Roundup. Too heavy a dose will kill the leaves before the Roundup is absorbed. Continue sprayng every few weeks. Waplummer is correct; it will take a few years to really make a big dent in the poison ivy, but if you keep after it, there will be less and less every year. I am finally at the point where I only see a few plants every spring!

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OOOHHH,the poison ivy going to get us.Why not spray the whole area with roundup and kill everything.Then well be safe.I heard black topping works real well.

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