Looking for a native groundcover for low-lying area

misterpatrick(4)May 25, 2013

Hello all,

I have a small woods full of great natives. The woods and the yards all drains to a low spot under a silver maple, a very large spruce and a couple of dogwoods. During the spring melt and after heavy rains this is a very wet area which will have standing water for several days. It's very muddy and the only thing taking hold is the creeping charlie. The trout lilies are coming up to the edge of the area and there are plenty of ostrich ferns just upland from it. I just moved a couple of small clumps or wild ginger and wintergreen but was looking for suggestions on a ground cover that I could put down there to out compete the charlie.

I don't want to do shrubs or anything as I need to keep the ground low as it drains out of this area and any root heaving that might occur could damage the area.

So any thoughts on what could stand the standing water for a bit? Thanks!

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How about Northern Bog Violet?

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