Mountain Pinks and Blooming Natives

wantonamara Z8 CenTexJuly 9, 2014

The Mountain Pinks are really putting on a show this year. and I included a few natives that are blooming in my yard for the first time. I would like to try to establish them on a slope on my land. I have not been successful before. SO if you have some hidden knowledge about these beauties. I would like to hear how you are doing it.. What I know is that they need full throttle sun on a slope of disturbed limestone rubble and caliche that water will flow across when it rains. I sent seeds to TexasRanger and she gets blooms every spring. She can get anything to grow..

Here, below, is a Menodora heterophylla (2 yellow spots) and a Dalea purpuria amongst my mexican wire grass. It is the first bloom of the Redbud Menodora. I am hoping for more. It has been long in coming. I thought I had lost it but it has taken off this year. I think they are slow to establish.

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Mara, here is a closeup of one coming up from seeds you sent me that came up next to a large Hairy Golden Aster, another one you sent me seeds of. I love both of these Texas native plants.

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love your prairie clover. The ones in Okie-dirt seem to splay out more like a fireworks display, my pink ones have had a lot of rain this year so they are taller than usual. I've got my eye on a large white one I marked out on a roadside to get seeds from this fall. I love the liatris in the picture, thats a good grouping. My rough mendora looks like a weed compared to that variety you have. You'd drool.

The Mountain Pinks are finicky little things. Very choosey about their chosen spot. I only ended up with 4 this year but at least that will insure seeds enough to keep my small crop going.

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Here ya go, how's this for a closeup?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Love those mountain pinks! Thank you both for the gorgeous pictures of your blooming native plants.

I read that when Lady Bird Johnson was looking for a place to plant mountain pink seeds she chose the slooping edges of the Air Force One runway on the Johnson ranch which had been built up and leveled with rubble. They flourished there.

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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

Thanks for sharing the photos. Nice having a name to put with another beautiful roadside flower.

One search quirk is that Google didn't initially return this plant in the first few pages for "mountain pinkS". Had to use singular form ("mountain pink") to find it on Either works for me now that Google knows what I was looking for. Both forms seem to be in common use for Centaurium beyrichii, but without history, the Google algorithm apparently associates the plural form with creeping phlox and the single form with centaurium. Just mentioning in case anyone else is looking.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have a hard time finding it also on the net. I will have to remember about the the little "s". Life is in the details, and they often escape me and leave me hanging..

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