mystery guest

pondwelr(z5 WI)July 17, 2009

All day today, my dog and I could hear stuff falling and bumping around in the garage. Some animal got trapped in there, and I dont know what. Finally, after opening the

garage door for a lengthy time, it is quiet. Whatever it was had a pretty chirriping sound, and I assume it was quite big, considering the mess in the garage. Anyone have an idea of what?

I knew it was hiding in one of those green tugs that are tall, and have handles. I'm ashamed to say that I was afraid to look. However, it gave the lovliest trilling

sound when threatened by my small barking dog.

So far, I have had racoons, possums, and red fox in and around the yard. Also tons of deer. Just can't figure out

what this critter was. Any ideas from fellow wisconsites?


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I would say a racoon. They get into everything and chatter quite a bit. He was probably having a good old time!

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I think its a prarie the little critters that dig holes in/under your lawn but look like chipmunks. I'm almost positive thats what it is because I have one that digs holes all over my yard and chirps like a bird whenever im near (Im pretty sure this is to notify its family/friends). They will definitely get into stuff as I'll always catch it trying to climb up my eavestrough or going through my garage. I've never heard a raccon chirp or trill and I think a raccoon would be able to muscle its way out of a garbage bin just IMO...

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Here's a link to some raccoon sounds(scroll down the page), maybe something will sound familiar...

Here is a link that might be useful: raccoon sounds

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Yes, noinwi, it could well be a racoon. perhaps a baby one

When my neice had a guinea pig, it made some similar happy
chirps and noises.

I'm an old grannie, and think I've seen and heard it all, but am bolloxed by those sounds I heard. Remember Occams Razor, tho. Always look for the simplest answer.
So far, it hasn't returned. Thanks so much, Pondy

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