jack in the pulpit

growerman(Z4)May 1, 2008

These aroids are blooming now. I cleared the garlic mustard away from the patch, so I felt is was alright for me to take just one. It might be illegal, but I feel that if I help out the forest, the forest can help me!

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You are zone 4 and your jacks are blooming? Mine are not even peeking out. That is interesting. I have harvested many jacks from wild, empty lots in my sub division. They would be destroyed when the lots are built on. I love to hunt for jacks, solomons seal,wild leaks,and trilliums. Besure you aren't hunting on public land. The fine is not worth it.

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I am guessing a college campus is public property...Oh well. I will plant any seeds that come off of this one, as I am sure it will have both male and female flowers, as it has a fairly large corm. Within a few years, that whole particular part of the forest may be swamped by garlic mustard anyway. I may get the reclamation club and horticulture club to pull out all the garlic mustard, but not this year, it is too close to finals for that. The only thing is, everyone taking care of the problem needs to watch where they are stepping....

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