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luvtosharedivsJuly 27, 2009

I'm hoping some of you gardeners that have a passion for growing shrubs can help me with info on taking cuttings.

I'd like to know the best time of year to do this, and how a person would root the cuttings - how much to cut off the shrub, softwood, hardwood, soil conditions, etc.

These are some of the shrubs I'd like to take cuttings from:

Highbush Cranberry



Sweet Mock Orange



Yellow Twig Dogwood

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I think in general cuttings are best taken in the spring when the plant is strongest, however I have had success with cuttings taken in late summer also. If you wish to transplant in the fall then they shoud be from spring cuttings where as late summer cuttings should be held over winter and planted the following spring.

I have had most success with softwood cuttings and new shoots. I did pull a Mock Orange sucker late April (with a portion of the roots intact) this year from my mothers land and stuck it straight into the ground at my house. It has since been leafing profusely and looks to be in good shape.

I think the general concensus (from my own personal probing) is softwood cuttings about 5" long in the spring in a 50/50 mix of moist (not soggy) peat and perlite as a medium. Cover with a bag to hold moisture in, leave only a few leaves to prevent moisture from escaping via transpiration. Allow fresh air to circulate every few days.

Good Luck!

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