My woodland Garden (pics!)

taureanMay 3, 2008

Well with help from the forum, my garden is getting better and fuller! And so I would like to share some pictures. Many, many pictures...

Almost the whole garden. Its hard to see the plants. Tons of leaves from last fall. Small space for some people, but nice to me!

I also got some plants that I do not know the names of. Help please? I see them all the time in fairly large colonies.

My dad's Jack-In-The-Pulpit. I'm jealous lol.


My Jack-In-the-Pulpit.

False LOV.

Christmas Fern. Have tons of ferns coming up to fill in.

My first Trillium. Trillium Erectum. And I got 10 maybe 11 Trillium Grandiflorums coming soon. It is done blooming though.

Bloodroot. My dog likes to sleep on this plant. Glad he is a chihuahua.

Partidgeberry. I have about 5 plants scattered.

Ostrich Fern. It will be a nice backdrop to the back of the garden.

False Solomon's Seal. No blooms this year.

Pink Azalea. After Cow peed all over it during winter.

Other JITP

Japanese Maple. Growing happily back here.

Bellwort of some sort. Got a sessile one but no pic. Soryy.

Bleeding Heart. Finally settling in. It would have been choped up by now if I hadn't moved it back here.

Dwarf Columbine. I like these flowers. First one ever to bloom for us after many tries.

Monkshood and Viola.

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I enjoyed your pictures. I am starting a little wildflower garden too on a new post construction bank behind the house.

Is the last of the unknown pictures either squirrel corn or Dutchman's breeches?

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

Small but lovely! The last unknown is definitely Dutchman's Breeches. Does anyone know what the third one is?

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The third unknown looks like what we call Ground Pine (Lycopodium species). The second unknown looks like it could be a young solomon's seal. The last unknown could be Dicentra eximia (Fringed bleeding heart), related to squirrel corn but a different species.

You have certainly made a lot of progress.

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Thanks for the compliments and identification. :D

I guess I have to wait for the plants to bloom to finally identify them. Dutchman,s Breeches, Squirrel Corn, Fringed Bleeding Heart. All look extremely similar.

And now I am in the hunt for my pictures of the trillium and bloodroot when they were in bloom. So, I'll be posting more pictures soon! And more when I visit the park which I got my inspiration from.

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Oops. One pic didn't turn out.

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Nice pics! Looks as if your plants are healthy & vigorous. I just planted a bunch of plants in my woodland garden, and while some of them have already come in nicely (& bloomed), some of the bareroot ferns still look pretty doleful. So I guess I'm saying I'm jealous. ;)

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Nice pics.

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The third plant is princess pine. the site below has more information about that plant than anyone could want.

I like them. They look like tiny xmas trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: princess pine

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