Jacaranda tree

patty_cakesJuly 14, 2013

Has anyone had or attemped to grow one in zone 8, Austin? I've read they do best in zones 9-11, but is it because they need a slight cold snap, or can"t they take the heat and drought conditions of zone 8? They do very well in San Diego.

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ExoticRGVNativesTy(10a TX)

Cold-hardiness is more of an issue for this tree than heat and drought. They can be grown in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, but their bloom is reduced in years when spring rains arrive late, such as this year.


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I have one in the front yard, the one down the street used to bloom and was over 20` tall but it died in Ike.
I`m zone 9b.
Tally Ho!

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They do well here in Austin but they need protection from freezing temps which we really have not had much this past year, I want to get some seeds so that I can start some from seeds I used to have 3 but then I went away for a couple of days and we had a freeze and they up and died but I do know that they do grow in Austin.


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Thanks everyone! They're such a beautiful tree. I'm still toying with the idea of having the Oak that died replaced, or going the complete opposite with the Jacaranda.

I had two very large Oaks planted last year by what was supposed to be a 'very reputable nursery', to the tune of $850. At the time of planting I was told they 'stand beside' their product, when they do the planting. I watered the 2 new trees, every 3-5 days, drenching then at least 20 minutes. One tree survived, although it looks a but deformed as the branches are not spreading as I think an Oak should, and one died. When I went back the following year, I was told the 'guarantee' wasn't applicable since we were in 'drought conditions'. Anyway, I'm concerned about having another Oak planted in the same spot. Sorry, just had to vent.

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If you have a pool nearby, I'd put my two cents worth in that the little leaves are a pain in the skimmer baskets, and I'm not sure how fast they drop their leaves on Galveston, but where I am in Australia now, we're over half way through winter and some jacarandas are barren (which make for striking photos when they bloom against stormy skies), but I'm blessed with my neighbor's whose tree is still 3/4 foliated and plugging the pool filters with every windy day... Also, we're very sandy and dry here with no freezes in Perth, but probably don't reach the heat extremes in summer either...

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