Ephemerals: structured or natural ?

dbockwoldt(Illinois)May 8, 2005

I am trying to restore a 3 acre parcel of mostly white oaks. By "restore" I mean I am hand pulling the %^!@!$@ garlic mustard, killing the dandelions, etc with the hope that the native plants will spread and thrive. I have a healthy assortment.. lots of trillium, trout lillies, bluebells, columbine, jacks, mayapples, etc.

My question is.. the stuff isn't really growing in "patches" but is scattered willy-nilly. Like there may be a single bluebell plant in the middle of a sea of columbine. Should I just let nature take its course, or would it be better to move the bluebell so it is amongst its peers?

Also, the floor is blanketed with virginia waterleaf.. it seems too much. I'm wondering if I should kill some of it so that the other ephemerals have a chance to spread?



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waplummer(Z5 NY)

It depends on what effect you want to have. I have a large colony of bluebells, but also scattered ones hither and yon. As for the waterleaf I would try to keep it under control.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Yes, thin out your waterleaf...it will take over! it's easy to pull. like Walplummer said, it depends on the effect you want to have. April

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