Woodland plant ID....natives or weeds?

JillyWillyCT(6)May 4, 2014

The woods have come alive...finally! I am hoping someone can help me ID these guys who have popped up all over. I am not sure if these are natives or weeds.

top photo: I was hoping these were an Epimedium of some sort, but I don't recall any flowers from last year. They are in clumps, even thought the photo looks a little like a vine. The leaves are about 4-5 inches max, and the overall plant doesn't get much talker than 6 inches.

bottom photo: these are single, Hosta-like leaves. They are not much taller than 3-4 inches each and are usually in large batches, but single leaves coming from the ground.

any help would be appreciated! thank you!

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top does not look like epimedium>>>bottom looks like hosta seedlings

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Jilly Wiilly ,I have similar leaves, Canadian Lilly of the valley...check and see what you think ????

Mianthemum canadense

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Yes, much more likely to be Maianthemum. T'would be most strange-at least in my experience-to see hosta volunteers coming up in the woods. I guess stranger things have happened!


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Well, if you HAVE hostas, it is definitely not strange. I have them all over my woods, but of course you must have hostas in order for them to reseed.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

The first photo looks like an aster of some sort.

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wow! thanks everyone!

#2 is definitely not hosta, because my "darling" deer would be all over them! ;-). I will watch to see of they flower, hadn't ever heard of Canadian Lilly of the Valley...

Will also watch the other leaves for flowers.....Asters are native to the area.

Gardenweb to the rescue, again! ;-). Thank you!

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Plenty of hostas here, of course, just as there are plenty of hostas everywhere by now. Never a one time have I seen new recruits. Maybe it doesn't happen here....I just don't know. Never heard mention of this occurence either.


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