Hosta Sources in Wisconsin

aka_margo(z5a WI)July 7, 2008

I think we may have posted something like this in the past, however today I visited a garden I had never been to and was really impressed. It was located right outside of Kiel, and they had some really nice hostas and gardens. So I thought I would start a list of great places to buy hostas in Wisconsin, just in case I am missing out on any others. Plus I know we have a few hosta lovers here!

Here are ones I have visited and liked:

Pondside Gardens -Kiel

Woodland Gardens -Crivitz (only open one weekend a year now)

Flower Factory -Stoughton

House of Hosta - Green Bay/Suamico

Steins (have never seen a diseased one there yet)

Rosehill Gardens -Onieda area

Mayflower Gardens -Onieda

Thompson's Nursery - weyauwega

Jack-Kens -Cedarburg

Greenscape (I think that's the name) - Fond Du Lac

Lang landscape - Bear Creek

Honeymoon Acres - New Holstein

Thistledown - Bonduel (only a few varieties, but usually new ones)

I'm sure I am forgetting some!


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Well Foxfire Gardens in Marshfield, or outside it rather has got to put every other place in the state to shame. This place only sells hostas, and with a huge amount of variety.

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arugula(4/5 Wisconsin)

We are regrading and are giving away several large, clumping hostas with large green rippled leaves and tall flowerstalks with lavender flowers (do not know the name). If you are near the Lake Mills (52551) area and would like to trade for some other perennial (I'm not a hosta gal), please let me know.


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arugula(4/5 Wisconsin)

Oops, forgot my contact info.
Please email vs. posting here since I don't get on this site too often. Thanks.

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I agree with you, Jack - Foxfire Gardens is the best.

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I second what Janet said:
I agree with you, Jack - Foxfire Gardens is the best.
I ordered from them for the first time this Spring, and was very pleased with the huge fans and root systems. Will order from them again!

Thanks for the list!
If we take a trip up North later this summer, I will take that list along.


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I am hoping to visit Foxfire this year yet. It's always on my to do list. My favorite place of the ones I have been to is Woodland Gardens, as she is set in the woods with acres of hostas for sale. However she retired last year so only has her sale once a year which this year was the weekend before the 4th of July.

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Woodland Gardens was a nice place - I really enjoyed going there last year.

I can't say it enough that a person has to go to Foxfire Garden to really understand why some of us get so excited about it.

Jen - it's only a 2 hour trip from where you live. :-)

Julie, you really should go see the place even if it takes 3-4 hours.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Is Jurustic Park still there by Foxfire?


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It still was two years ago.

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Jen, other than Woodland Gardens, which place on your list had the best selection of minis? If I remember correctly from 2-3 years ago, Scenic View/House of Hosta had a few.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

House of hostas is very picked over this year. He said he cut back thinking sales wouldn't be good this year. The "house" is only 1/2 full, but if you make an appointment with Ron I am sure he has a quite a few in the greenhouse.

The guy in Kiel has quite a few minis. Plus he is not very far from Solaris Farms. In fact Solaris has it on their map but call it Lily Pond Gardens (he does have beautiful lilies by his pond) instead of Pondside Gardens.
I have his email and phone number, email me if you would like it. I can also send you a list of what hostas he has.

There is also a place I forgot to put on the list. It's in Fond Du Lac and is open by appointment only, called Greenscape Gardens. He has a lot of minis.

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We went to Solaris Farms and Pondside Gardens today. I will definitely go to both places again.

It would be great to get the list of hostas, Jen. I'll probably go back in a few weeks.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Janet I couldn't find our email. Here is a link to the list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pondside Gardens List

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We live in central Wisconsin and "ONLY" have about 120 different hostas.............want to buy more.........where would you suggest for someplace different to go????? Foxfire got us hooked years ago, but we want to try somewhere new........we have a Saturn that gets 40 miles to the gallon, so we aren't afraid to travel.......thanx, Linda.......

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I would say if you are willing to take the drive The Flower Factory in Stoughton is very nice. They have two greenhouses of hostas, and a ton of other greenhouses full of plants. It's almost overwhelming.

The House of Hosta (Scenic View Nursery) located by the N.E.W. zoo in Green Bay/Suamico is also a good place. But call ahead and make an appointment with Ron, so you'll be allowed in his private greenhouses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flower Factory Website

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Funky Gardens in Prescott, WI where the St. Croix River meets the Mississippi, about 10 miles from the Twin Cities has lots of hostas. You can get a catalog from them and they have pages and pages of hostas listed. Canterbury Farms in the village of Howard just north of Green Bay also has a few. I got a Guacamole Hosta there this year. I passed on the Captain Kirk last year, and this year they didn't have that one any longer.

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Just went to Foxfire last week, I told the 'clerk' it was now my favorite place on earth, next to my wife (she was standing next to me). Quite awesome. Jurassic park was still there, up and creating. Shady Gardens off Hwy 17 North out of Eagle River (follow small signs) is an interesting stop. Acres of hosta and now daylilies. Interesting 'dig as you buy'.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I've been to Foxfire three times this summer so far, and keep meaning to stop at Jurassic Park. I've also had quite a few people tell me that I need to visit the Winter Greenhouse in Winter, WI but have not ventured that way yet.

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Jurassic Park

Do you mean Jurustic Park?
I tried googling Jurassic Park in WI and got nothing except movie reviews. But I did find Jurustic Park just north of Marshfield. Looks like a fun place to visit!

Macko, thanks for bumping this thread you've whet my appetite. I've always wanted to visit Foxfire, since I've ordered from them a couple of times, and have been awesomely pleased at the size of the plants received.

Might try to talk hubby into a couple days away and load up on new Hostas!


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I thought I should post this message, from Steve at Foxfire, that was on the Hosta Forum. They are going out of the hosta business. There is a sale this week and a special sell off on Sat the 29th. I think the message below describes everything.

WOW! It seems I am deluged with emails and phone calls. Let me first thank all of you who have sent good wishes our way. It is truly appreciated and totally unsuspected. Both Linda and I thank you.
There have been many common questions so let me try to answer them for the benefit of all. If you have sent a previous email and this does not answer your questions, please send me a new on and I will try to answer.

1) The Foxfire line of hostas will live on through the wonderful initiative and cooperation of Bill Silvers in Conyers, Georgia. He has many in tc as we speak and more in the pipeline so the plants will become available in the future. Palm Sunday is looking good in TC as is Night Skye. There are a few more that will be new to you also. Foxfire Green Lantern, Foxfire Irish Moon, Foxfire Night Skye, Foxfire Off Limits, Foxfire Sidewinder, Foxfire Shadow Dancer will be available as liners in June 2010 with more to follow. Palm Sunday may be a little later.

2) I cannot mail order at this time and do not think I will be able to in the near future, but I will keep all of your addresses available and notify you in the future as plants you may be interested in become available. Who knows exactly what will happen in the future so we will just have to find out together.

3) Concerning availability of hostas for sale prior to Saturday: I extended an offer the past week to hosta groups and wholesalers of buying any ten or more hostas for $10 per plant. It has been well received and I extend that now to any of you who might want to come before Saturday due to scheduling problems. I feel in fairness to all there not be early sales at the $5 price. That way everyone has the same opportunity come Saturday at the lower price. You may certainly come earlier in the week and look things over, but the gate will open Saturday at 8:00am sharp. We will have additional help so check out will not be long or complicated (we hope). It should be rather fast and easy math and we will designate an area beyond checkout where you can bag your plants at your leisure for transport home.

4) For the big plants in the grower area, breeder area, and display area it is a bit more complicated. I think a minimum price of $3 per plant for the first 1-3 eyes and then $1 per additional eye up to a maximum of $25 would be fair. You will have to dig and cut off leaves (I will have some extra knives) but I will assist with pricing for easy checkout.

5) Hostas will not be sold that are in the Garden proper--only the ones down in the retail area. I will 'rope' off any 'no dig' zones (Wally's Garden) with yellow caution tape.

There! I hope that answers most of your questions. My emails keep coming in as I write. Thank you my friends for your kind words.



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