Tree/Shrub With White Flowers ID?

kicsibabaMay 17, 2005

We have a lot of these - some in shade, some in sun. In some cases, they are a tree (lower left corner of photo is the bark with lichens on it) about 15-20 feet tall. In the shade areas, they droop - almost touching the ground.

We cut one tree-sized one down and it's sprouting from the base of the trunk, becoming shrub-like.

I've looked through both my Tree and Shrub ID books, but just haven't hit the ID yet. Thanks for any info! Don't know if this is a "good" woodlands neighbor or another candidate for the eradication list.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Could it be a Viburnum. The flowers look typical and it appears to have opposite leaves.

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ginger_nh(z4 NH)

I agree with Walplummer. There are hundreds of viburnums--try googling nannyberry and blackhaw viburnums for a start. Use the distinctive flower type and the smooth shiny leaf as identifiers.

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Thanks Waplummer and Ginger_NH. It appears that it is definitely a viburnum, and very likely Nannyberry. The one key identifier? The wood really stinks (one site described it as smelling like a wet goat!) And to think I almost purchased one this spring...

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It's V. prunifolium. If the new growth is reddish, that's especially distinctive. This is the only one that's already bloomed in this area.

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