transplanting Lily of the Valley: How best, and when best?

Chatsworth(7)May 15, 2013

We're moving in July/August and I'd like to transplant most of the LOV from our current house to the new one.

I know that snowdrops are best transplanted "in the green" but does that hold true for LOV as well? Or doesn't it matter?

We will still have access to our current home at least until the holidays (a relative will be living there while it's up for sale) and so an autumn transplanting is also an option if that would give better results than moving them in July or August. Or again does it not matter?

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Take a clump, anytime they will transfer just fine. They are worse than any week one can imagine. They cannot be killed. They will appear from the smallest amount of root that gets transferred from one area to another..I just found them coming up in my driveway. I transplanted DAY LILLIES no LOV in site. They are noxious!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I transplanted a bunch from the old house when we moved here. They will spread like crazy and the move well any time. We put them out by the mailbox on the other side of the wall where they can spread to their hearts content and not do any harm. They will take over whatever they can, when they can. But the fragrance they generate in the spring is phenomenal.

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