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bigpinksJuly 25, 2012

Its hard not to brag when your tomatoes do really well. This is the first yr for me with three of the dark tomatoes in the garden. Cherokee P, Indian S and Black K have really surprised me. Estler ML and Bear Claw weighed up to thirty ounces. Today I picked a bi-color that weighed 37 ounces. I had Mr Stripey, Hillbilly and Va Sweets so I dont know which it is. With 75 plants I have given away tomatoes every day now for three weeks. What a blast! Not to mention eating them.

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wow good job / yeah thats the way are / were knee deep in tomatoes

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

Ah, gee, BP, send some up my way, would you? We're probably still weeks away from getting any ripe slicers (I don't count cherry tomatoes, they always start ripening much earlier.) My Estler's ML was the first to set fruit, but probably won't be the first ripe, which is OK... I'd rather the maters get nice and big. Glad to hear you are having lots of good eating down in your neck of the woods!!

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Nice to hear from you Edie.....hope your big pinks are just that.

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Beat my record yesterday. Had either Estlers or a Bear Claw that weighed 41 oz. Unbelievable.

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Congrats, BP !

Suggest you watch out for the garden police who've been known to random check for veggie steroid use.

Cheers -

Will and the Furry Ones in the OC

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For two weeks I ate only the dark variety but I cut a one half inch slice of pink tomato and applied it to a catfish po boy with baby swiss, light mayo and lettuce yesterday. I can testify that big can taste just as good as the small ones. I think maybe I hit the 6-10-10 about right this yr and mother nature did the most. It was hot and dry here for the first month with maybe two or three good rains....the tomatoes loved it!

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

I bet it was a VA Sweets. I had one about that size last year. I don't remember the exact weight but I know it was over 2 pounds!

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

Granddaddy Estler routinely got 2+ pounders so it could easily be your ML.

And, guess what? I found an ML hidden back in the back of the plant under all the foliage and it's about 1/2 ripe already. We'll be eating a BLT soon!! YAY!!!!!


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