Can I overwinter a hardy hibiscus thats in a pot?

gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)August 22, 2006

It its a new variety 'Pinot Grigio' dinner plate. It bloomed in July, and now has many new buds on it. I would like to leave it in the pot instead of putting it in the ground if its possible. Has anyone here ever left a hibiscus out all winter in a pot? I have a sunny unheated porch off the kitchen. Would that be better than leaving it outside. Its a nice thick plastic pot from Stiens. Thanks to anyone who replys. Judy

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I would think the porch would be better than leaving it outside, since someone told me that leaving it in the pot you can drop 2 zones. Hibiscus are very late to come back to begin with, so I don't think leaving it in it's pot is a good idea. My hibiscus bloom from the end of June through almost October sometimes. I just love them!

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Well, another point of view here.

If your porch can fluctuate above and below freezing through the winter, that is not a good thing. Remember how it is recommended to mulch the garden after the ground freezes in fall? That is to prevent freeze/thaw cycles. Those cycles are not good things. An option might be to put it in an insulated box in the porch, and out of the sun (of course).

Assuming the plant winters in the pot undamaged, it is my opinion that having it in a pot will hasten emergence. The soil in the pot warms much faster than the ground ever will. Thus, your hibiscus should emerge earlier.

If it were me, I would sink the pot in the soil, in your garden or whereever. Mulch it well after the ground freezes. In spring, remove the pot after the ground thaws, and you will have a headstart over anything remaining in the cold ground.


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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

I'm assuming this is a hardy hibiscus and not the tropical species (rosa sinensis). I would plant your pots for the tropicals and enjoy them all year in the house.


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gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)

Thanks eveyone. I planted it in the ground yesterday. I am so glad I asked for your help. Judy

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