Chicken of the Forest

sprout_wi(z4 WI)August 15, 2010

Has anyone in western Wisconsin ever seen a large yellow tree fungus called Laetiporus sulfureus, also known as "Chicken of the Forest". Can you tell me where you have seen them growing. Thanks-


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birkie(z4 WI)

Hi, sprout:
We have specimens of your tree fungus in our woods NE of Spring Green almost every year and last year there was a large colony on our huge willow tree by the road. We ate lots and froze several pounds, and when the rest became too dried out to use, the deer cleaned it all up during the winter. I call it polyporus sulphureus (from my Orson Miller ID book) but it is obviously the same thing.

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I have seen in in the Devil's Lake area and in Green Lake County. It is YUMMY!! Sautéed in a little butter and added to my salads or wraps. I wish I would find some now :)

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It's called 'Chicken Mushroom', according to the Audubon Guide, but what do they know?

Laetiporus sulphureus~~

It's blooming right now where I am (Eagle River). It's on Oak--stumps, logs, or on living trees, though it's been my experience that the tree's days are numbered when that happens. has good info, including when NOT to eat them.

Bon apetit!

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