Yellow inside tomato fruit

plants4chris(7)July 22, 2009

I'm hoping someone will know the cause of my tomato problem. I've tried researching and came up with nothing. My tomatoes look fine on the outside, nice and red. But beneath the skin the fruit has yellow veining. The outside wall, just beneath the skin is often very yellow in large areas. The same symptom is happening on all 3 of the full-size indeterminate varieties I'm growing this year (not grape or cherry). I'm thinking it's some sort of nutrient deficiency or possibly the heat? I had this problem last year, but to a lesser degree. I would very much appreciate an explanation if anyone has one.



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sunsi(z5 NY)

Sun scald possibly. If you can maybe provide a photo.

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mojavebob(9/Sunset 11)

Does it look like the medium sized tomato at 1:00? This is a bad example because it is more pronounced on less photogenic fruit, but I'm sure it's caused by heat here.

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It could be cloudy spot caused by stink bugs. You may have a bad infestation of stink bugs where they're sucking on your tomatoes so much that you get a lot of yellow spotting.

Does it look like some of these pics?

Cloudy Spot on tomatoes from Stink Bugs

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The yellow veining does look like Mohavebob's pic at 1:00, but it doesn't show through the skin like that. In other words, if I peeled the tomato it would look similar to that, but with the skin on it would be red and show no signs of the problem. Same with the stink bug pics. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed a stink bug infestation (yuk). (Thanks for that info - I have seen that damage on my tomatoes before and didn't know what caused it). Right now I'm thinking it must be the heat. I'm in zone 7 and we aren't having all that hot of a summer relatively speaking. I will try to post a pic. Thanks for the help!

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