How Are Your Tomatoes Coming Along?

KatAugust 13, 2009

My tomato plants are growing really well, I have lots of tomatoes, but they're green yet. I did have a few of my yellow cherry tomatoes in mid July. We had 1 ripe Cherokee Purple this past weekend and it was really good. I'm still waiting for Celebrity, Black Russian and Black Prince to ripen up.

How are your tomatoes coming along?


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The only red tomatoes are those with BER.
Still waiting.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Cherries yes, Wis 55 just about, Black Krim some pink on them, Cherokee Purple & Mortgage Lifter just at the very light green stage.


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I would say they are coming along slowly, but Sungold has been producing for a few weeks albeit not heavily.

Bush Early Girl has produced 3-4 ripe tomatos so far, starting about a week ago. Cerise Orange which is a grape sized heirloom is and has been producing, but very sparsely.

The OP version of Big Beef I got a couple ripe ones from last night.

The longer season plants I am just now starting to see hints of blushing on some.

Overall the growth was on the slow side most of the season and the ripening is 2-3 weeks behind normal, whatever that is these days ;)

Here is to hoping the first frost is a looong ways away.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Deer ate all the tommies, peppers and one cuke plant(s) in the 4x8 bed in the back yard. The toms were all cherry type, and getting ripe about 10 days ago. Had to write those off. We planted lots of indeterminate old timers against the house in a raised rock bed, next to a stone stairway. Those are all fine, and loaded with fruits. Many are blushing that orangey color, and with the hot weather now....hey, we'll eat ripe ones in a week.
I guess I dont really mind the anticipation. Makes them taste even better! Pondy

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Larry, what's BER?
Justaguy, I've grown Sun Sugar for many years. This year I couldn't find it. It's the best tasting yellow cherry tomato I've tried. Produces heavily too.
It makes me feel better to know that my tomato plants aren't the only slow ones this year. Last year was just horrible. At least I've got a lot more tomatoes growing than last year.
Pondy, sorry to hear about your veggies being eaten. I'm hoping this 80+ weather will speed up the ripening process.


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I planted late year, and with the cooler weather, I'm not expecting to be inundated with tomatoes this year. I'm glad I had the foresite to plant a couple of early varieties. My peppers are lagging behind too.

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Definitely running a couple of weeks behind due to the cooler summer this year. The last few years I've had my first Stupice by the end of July and the mid-season varieties a few weeks behind. This year I ate my first Stupice on August 10th. I've had 3 of those and a few cherries (Sungold and Blondkofchen) and I picked my first Italian Heirloom yesterday, but it's not quite ripe yet.

Besides the later ripening, the plants have been doing pretty well. Lots of green tomatoes so I should be buried in them in a few weeks (crossed fingers). Some BER (Blossom End Rot) on the potted plants. I think they grew too big for the pots and have been drying out. I'm watering them every morning now to hopefully prevent that. Some yellow and dead leaves on the bottoms of the plants, but I get that every year.

Hopefully the warmer August weather will help out the ripening process.


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BER is Blossom End Rot.

Still waiting for a red tomato.


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I've had ripe grape and cherry tomatoes for about a month, though I'm getting them in much larger quantities over the past few days. Picked my first ripe yellow Italians just yesterday. None of my other varieties are ripening yet, but I have plenty of large green ones on the vine. Crossing my fingers for an Indian summer. :)

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krimjim(5 WI)

Lots of cherries, Sungold & Black Plum here in Madison. The big ones have really started to ripen this past week. Picked 8 ripe Black Krims last night along with a few Pineapple, Beefsteak and Cherokee Purple. This heat really helped things along!

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Yes, after last week's warm weather mine are finally starting to show some red or yellow. Hubby and I had a Black Prince last night. That one has a mild flavor, but it's good. If the warm weather keeps up, by the end of August there should be a lot that are ripe.
Thanks Larry for letting me know about BER. I've heard of it, but never abbreviated. Never had a problem with that.


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pondwelr(z5 WI)

We just ate our first 'Old Germans', and oh my oh my, what
a sweet and delicious yello that is. I will plant that again next year. Wis 55's have ripened and sweet 1000, and mortgage lifter. All paled next to the Old German.

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We had the first brandywine tomato of the season, tonight. It was perfect, and there are more on the vine. We also have cherry tomatoes coming in. No late blight, so far.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Picked 2 of Bonnie select today, Ben picking Sweet 100 and
Rutger's select for 10 days Also started picking some bell, mild banana peppers and Lemon Cukes 10 days ago, all from 3-5 gallon containers .

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skb316(4 Central Wisconsin)

One more day and we'll have some ripe Wisconsin 55s.The salt shaker is at the back door ready to go. They'll never make it into the house!

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My Beefsteaks are turning orange ...finally!

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Well, I'm glad to hear we're all finally getting some ripe tomatoes. Now if only my carrots would ripen up. :)


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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Hey Kat, this is turning out to be a good August. Lots of rain, plenty of mild and dry days too.

Years ago, when I did some serious big gardening, I used to
go out to the country and buy a bale or two of oat straw, which I saved until late Oct. Then would loosly take apart and lay over the carrots. Mostly, the carrots made it thru the winter, and got sweeter from the cold.

My four surviving tomatoes are coming on strong and healthy. This year, the best taster is Old German. Other years it may be a different one. Soil and water and sun conditions play a huge part in the flavor of the fruit, I think.

Next step: how do you all preserve the harvest? (should be a new topic, I guess) Pondy

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Pondy, I'll try that with my carrots. In the past I had a few that wintered over on their own. I was surprised. More tomatoes are turning red, but there's still plenty of green ones. I just gave my son a few of the Celebrity ones. These last several very cool nights we've had, haven't helped in their ripening.


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