Mealy Bugs

RustyJuly 2, 2012

Are some varieties of tomato more susceptible to them?

Or do they like some varieties better than others?

I have 9 varieties of tomatoes planted.

3 Early Girl, 4 Celebrity, & 4 Big Boy.

One plant each of Solar Fire, Mortgage Lifter,

Black Prince, Golden Globe (I think)

Cherokee Purple and German Queen.

Thursday morning the Mortgage Lifter

was suddenly covered with Mealy Bugs.

(I say 'suddenly' because I check the plants

morning and evening,

& didn't notice a thing the night before.)

But there are no bugs on the surrounding plants,

Even where they are touching!

I've doused the bugs twice now

with Insecticidal Soap,

And there does seem to be fewer bugs,

But they aren't gone yet.

And still none on any other plants.

Is this a normal occurrence? ? ?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Never seen mealies on tomatoes. Any chance of pictures?

In the ground or containers? In a greenhouse?

Where do you live?

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I haven't tried to take pictures,
But they look EXACTLY like the images
That come up when I 'Google' Mealy bugs.
White, cottony looking things,
Just like the linked picture.

I am in Zone 9, South Texas.
The plant they are on is in the ground.

This morning I did fine a few
on a couple of the other tomatoes, too.

So it's off to the store later today,
for more Insecticidal Soap!

Unless someone here has a better solution?


Here is a link that might be useful: Mealy bugs on tomato plant

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