Grape Tomato season?

Snomam(Zone 3)August 14, 2006

I'm not in the habit of buying tomatoes, but need to get some grape tomatoes for the seeds for next year. But oh my, the prices! Nearly $3 a pint!? Is it early in the season for them, maybe the prices will be lower in a few weeks?

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I've been pulling ripe Sweet 100 cherries off of my bushes for about the last 3 weeks. I'm up to around 10-20 per day from the 7 plants I planted (they weren't kidding about the 100). I've also been seeing them at the local farmer's market for about that long. But I also don't think this affects the price in the supermarket at all, since their tomatoes are probably shipped in from somewhere.

Also, I would think that just buying the seeds would be better than getting the tomatoes for the seeds. Check Ebay, or do a google map search for tomato seeds near you. It would probably be less expensive and would cost almost nothing to ship to you. Also, if the tomatoes you are getting the seeds from are hybrids then the plants that grow from those seeds are a crapshoot. You might get plants that resemble the parents, but you might not.


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