2014 Best

bigpinksJuly 17, 2014

In my mostly clay soil garden:

1. Bearclaw.....fruit by fruit the largest I have ever grown and very prolific also.

2, Cherokee Purple....what more can be said? Makes loads of med to large great tasting tomatoes.

3. Big Beef ..everything its been cracked up to be and more

4. Hillbilly ..very nice sweet fruit and it sets better than Mr Stripey

I also have three cherries and all I know for sure is that this yr Choc Cherry is doing better than Black Cherry did the past two seasons. Havent eaten enough SunGold or Sweet Million yet.

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hoosier40 6a Southern IN

So far in my mostly clay soil garden:

Cherokee Purple and Italian Heirloom. Both have been early, large, and great tasting. The others are either not ripe yet or the sample size is too small so far.

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Having a good year thus far. Best greenie performers to date are Cherokee Purple, Cuostralee, Cuostralee Pink.

All "C's" it turns out !!!!

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

2014 Best
I like the topic.

So far I have had just ripe fruits from Bloody Butcher and Siletz. Then as far as "Best" it is still too early for me to make a judgement. But in terms of production : Bloody Butcher, Early Treat and Stupice are doing real well. They all have small fruit . size but lots and lots of them.
On the minus side Mortgage Lifter is a POOOOR producer, so far. I am disappointed. Cherokee purples are a little bit better

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

My best greenie producers so far are Estlers ML, Big Zebra (no surprise with those 2 - they are always my go-to workhorses), KBX and San Marzano. Worst in the production department are German Red Strawberry, Yoders Yellow and Orange Oxheart. Middle of the roaders are Lucky Cross, Bear Creek and Cherokee Purple. Even my little "foundling" that I pulled up from the parking lot at work has several babies on it, which everyone at work is just amazed over. Since many of these are new-to-me I can't wait until I actually get some ripe ones to see how they taste!

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oh, I have not tasted 2/3 of my tomatoes yet am sure things will be changing. Yesterday I tried Haleyôs Purple comet, delish! I got the seed from doublehelixfarms really just right amount of sweet and sour, even that it split because I did not picked it up before rain- note to self...
So Haleyôs Purple Comet for yesterday best. Very Productive with about tennis ball size dark tomatoes.

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Got my first Medovaya Kaplya, which many could find under Honey Drop translation name. Great one and prolific and if any one plans to grow Ildi or Yellow Pear- Medovaya Kaplya wins by taste many times over- sweet, delish flavor! Just as large and productive as Yellow pear though so one plant is plenty.

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Good to know! Putting Medovaya Kaplya on my list to grow next year!


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My thoughts on mine so far--

Bloody Butcher is a nice, tasty, albeit small, early tomato. It's been very prolific. Earned a spot on my permanent list.

Big Beef. I really am a fan of BB. Great flavor, heavy production, huge toms. Been on my permanent list since last year and isn't budging from it.

Brandywine is just one of my favorites for flavor. Production wise my plants actually have been lackluster this year, though they're both having a new burst of setting fruit.

Cherokee Purple... I get the hype. These are large and delicious.

Black Cherry, been a bit slow in production but I'm pruning and they were one of the last plants I started. Really one of the tastier cherries. Will grow again.

Tumbling Tom is insanely prolific. Not my favorite cherry for flavor, but quantity from two hanging baskets has been impressive.

Red Robin. I love this guy. I only had one plant, mixed it in the landscaping. It's tiny, adorable, very ornamental, and for it's size it's loaded with fruit which I like the taste of much better than tumbling tom. I'm going to try to work several into the landscaping next year and maybe try some in a hanging basket.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Bella Rosa
Brandy Boy*
Giant Belgium*
Dr. Neal
Brandywine OTV*
Bush Champion*
Cherokee Purple
Black Krim*

are all doing very well. So is SunGold. Pruden's Purple and MO Pink Love Apple not as good a performance this year as usual so far.but they got a bit of a late start.

Indian Stripe and Mortgage Lifter RC* have problems this year due to location - too shady. Crop rotation through that area isn't going to work for tomatoes.

2nd year of trials for Oregon Spring - good production but nothing special in flavor although the raccoons seem to favor it. Will pass on it in the future.


*annual standards

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German Johnson (big, ugly, and delicious)

Box Car Willie (also big, ugly, and delicious)

San Marzano (just have to figure out how to eliminate BER - probably my watering schedule needs tweeking)

Large Red Cherry (sweet and delicious, very prolific but susceptible to EB. Eliminate EB susceptibility and it makes a perfect cherry tomato. FANTASTIC TOMATO SAUCE).

Still waiting on my Black Krim.

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I might have to go one by one to post best keepers. My haul yesterday from one plant of Crnkovic Yugoslavian.

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The largest one is under 2lbs

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I love my Sun Golds. The whole reason I started gardening was to grow these, because I used to buy about 4 pints a week at the farmers market - I figured it would be far more cost effective to grow them myself :)

I also grew Tess's Land Race currant tomatoes - huge flavor and a nice crunch from the tiniest little tomato. My only complaint is that they're a pain to pick - so many little ones!

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