Should I cut my damaged cherry plant

richdelmoJuly 31, 2014

My cherry tomato plant was doing great up over six feet tall. But unfortunately my cage is only 5 feet high and today's gusty winds knocked over all the stalks above the top of the cage. I was able to tie them to hold them for now but not sure they will stay. My question is should I cut the damaged stems just below where they bent over or should I leave them alone. There are many flowers on the damaged parts. If I do cut them will the foliage continue to grow upward. Thanks for your responses.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I would leave them on. You can lightly tie them to the cage if you want. Otherwise the bent branching will be fine. UNLESS they are broken badly. Then , of course, if the number and volume of the branches are overwhelming, you can cut some of them,. This happened to my ML about a week ago too. I did exactly what I just told you. And the plant is doing just fine.

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Okay I will leave it as long as the damage doesn't worsen and tops start dying back. But does anyone know if trimming the damaged tops will allow further growth or will it just stop.

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