janetpetiole(4b)August 12, 2007

I know I could post this on the daylily forum, but I only want to hear about which ones grow very well in Wisconsin.

I know Stellas do well, I have some that I will be replacing because I don't love the color. Aside from the other very common ones that can be found at any temporary garden center, which ones do you grow that do well every year?

I prefer spiders and petals that don't have much ruffling, and I'm not a collector so I really don't care about the latest and greatest; older varieties are fine with me. I more interested in fully hardy daylilies with nice form.

Can you help?

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I've just begun to collect Spiders and UFOs this year, so I can't help you with any long term results with those.
But here's a few that have performed well every year for me:

Atlanta Moonlight - high bud count, long bloomer
Prairie Blue Eyes - have 5 clumps surrounding an old tree stump, and they bloom for 6 weeks+
Lavender Deal - large flowers
Hyperion - an heirloom, hight bud count, tall
Pardon Me - blooms all season, outperforming Stella D'oro!
Always Afternoon - increases well
Wineberry Candy - high bud cound, increases well
Bonanza - a golden oldie
Chicago Silver - long bloomer
Final Touch - nice late bloomer
Fuchsia Dream - ML bloomer, high bud count
Indy Long Legs - blooms and blooms and blooms!
James Marsh - high bud count, fast increaser
Moonlit Masquerade - high bud count, very fertile, long bloomer
Red Volunteer - one of the prettiest reds I've ever seen!
Rocket City - heirloom, tough!
Siloam Merle Kent - short, high bud count
Summer Wine, - long bloomer, high bud count

I could go on and on, but I've had these the longest, and they are some tough plants.

I'm sure others can add to this list.

Have fun planting!


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Wow Julie. Thank you for taking the time to type everything out! I can't wait to look everything up and make a buy list.

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If you live anywhere near Madison, go to the Flower Factory Perennials in Stoughton. They have a huge selection of daylilies recommended for Wisconsin. The two I bought from them this spring both bloomed their first year and were exactly what I wanted.

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Are there any that don't do well here? I ask this seriously because I just pick whatever bloom I like the look of and they have all done well.

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I think anyone who lives in zone 5 has little chance in losing daylilies. In the 7+ years I've been growing them, I've only lost two, and that was because of spring flooding, so the crowns probably rotted.

If I'm in doubt about the hardiness of a daylily, I look in the plant files data base at I've found no cultivars that DON'T survive zone 5. However, there are some that aren't hardy in zones 3 & 4, but I've talked with people on line who mulch the "tender" varieties in those colder zones.


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I know nothing about daylilies. But I do have 'Pardon Me' and "Strawberry Candy' and both do well, even in part sun. I do really like the spider type of daylily though. Not that far from us is a place called Solaris Farms. I have never been there, but it is in Reedsville. It's kind like the lady up-north only with Daylilies. He only is open one more day this year and that is Wednesday from 10-7. I am pretty sure he is a teacher,

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You are Soooooooo lucky to live near Solaris Farms!
I have ordered daylilies from them, and they are some of the largest fans & roots I've ever received mail-order.
Absolutely Northern hardy.

A few other northern-hardy daylily venders for you:
(Cambridge, WI)
(Avalon, WI)
(Northern Grown Perennials - Ferryville, WI)
(They also sell Hostas - huge ones!)
(New York)
(Dodgeville, WI)

Have fun getting hooked on daylilies!


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Solaris Farms looks like I place I must visit next year, Jen. Scenic View sells daylilies too, but I still haven't gone there this year.

Thanks for the list, Julie. I'd call you a troublemaker for posting all those websites, but I doubt I'll get hooked - all that deadheading scares me off from owning too many. lol

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