To pick or not to pick? the question

mhall1(NC (ZONE 8))July 11, 2011

I have some tomatoes growing on my still less than 2 feet tall tomato plants. They don't look sturdy enough to support a fully ripened tomato, and since I have had one plant bow over from the weight of a green tomato this morning and broken at the base of the main stem...they aren't.

My question is this:

Should I remove these early tomatoes before they have a chance to develop and break my plants? AND Will that have any negative effects?

What is the common practice for these types of situations?



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you need to support your plants. CRW (concrete reinforced wire) rolled into a cicular cage is the method of choice. doa search here.
The cone things from the box store are not too good. You need to give yor plants some kind of support!

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mhall1(NC (ZONE 8))

Thanks for the suggestions and the link! I think my biggest question is do people normally remove the first early tomatoes from immature plants?
I have seen hints of that practice here and there, but no definitive reasoning.
What, if any, besides the prevention of breakage of my plants, (which I have staked by the way), is there for doing that?

It was as I walked out to stake them that I found the broken plant...I knew better than to wait so long, but had to purchase the supplies...and I am on a dime-sized (husband-controlled) it waited until I was able. THE COST = One (1) tomato plant.

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I would let them be. I let almost all of my plants sprawl,mulching thick with pine needle.Sure, I lost a few brances here and there,but the cost behind supporting plants can be expensive. The tomato plant has a mind of its own. To me, there is a reason those tomatoes are there in the first place. In my opinion, alot of the techniques and practices derived by humans are questionable in regards to actual results. Plants however,for whatever reason, stay firm and consistent.

Take care,

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