Protecting Pumpkins

daddylonglegs(z5 WI)August 28, 2006

Growing pumpkins for the first time.

They are quite large and looking good.

I'm sure that an animal or a borer will destroy them before halloween and my daughters will cry for days.

Does anything typically attack pumpkins and how can I prevent it?

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thinman(Z5 MI)

I've had deer chew on mine almost every year. They don't seem to really gobble them, just nibble a bit here and there. Out of a dozen or so pumpkins, I usually have four or five that are ruined for jack-o-lantern use. So far this year, only one is chewed, but I'm sure those pumpkin and squash chompers will be back.

I think I will throw some plastic netting over them pretty soon now. That has kept them out of my sunflowers this year.


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I thought you ment protecting them from frost, and unless you have really large blankets there is not much you can do, just pick them. We have had temps in the 20's quite a bit now so they are long gone even with cover, you even have to bring them in rather than leaving them on the porch. We do have trouble with deer eating them too. I have found that they don't really bother the vines, but will kick a hole in a nice size pumpkin and eat it. We have had pretty good luck with putting laundry baskets over them. Even though they could easily kick them off they haven't seemed to figure that out.

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