Help My gourds are infested with aphids

DitchWalkerJuly 5, 2011

I have a few different species of gourds. My first year trying to really grow some. A week or so ago I noticed this orange looking bumps that were stickey under side of leafs. Then over night semmingly they had a lot of black areas ,, even on the wood 1x2s I used to build the fence around garden. I sprayed with Dawn , as a fellow recommended at Lowes, may have killed some bugs, but still living. I sprayed with a general insecticide yesterday, and looking at my plants this morn,,, I have most leaves and plants looking like they are dying . Leaves are brown spotted or black.

Is it too late? Should I cut the worst leaves off , and hope the gourds will try to mayke it thru?

any advice greatly appreciated. I am a complete novice, I would hate to lose the whole garden.

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I am raising lots of milkweeds this year and they were a aphid magnet. I tried washing them off but was flooding the area with water and aphids returned each day. Since I am trying to attract bees, butterflies, etc., I do not use chemicals and finally decided to buy some ladybugs. I have done this in the past without success but followed the instructions to the letter. Keep them in frig until release. Just before dark, wet the leaves on plants. Release the ladybugs - they will be looking for water. The next morning there were still lots of ladybugs but with time, many "took off." Enough stayed to take care of my problem and still see some occasionally.

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Have you tried to spray them with water with a few drops of dish soap? It has worked well for me, it also kills the ants that bring the aphids. Any hand sprayer will do the job.

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