Foam Flower Seeds

jessakaJune 13, 2010

I have a woodland area and wanted to fill it with foam flowers, so I bought some seeds, and it really seems like a lot of work, plus, I don't seem to do well with seeds. I was told to plant them in a flat, keep them at 70 degrees for two weeks, then refrigerator for 4 weeks, and then set the tray outside. Then I learn that they are a spring plant. Has anyone done this? Or even tried another method? And why couldn't I just bury them in the ground or throw the seeds out where I want them? Then I found the plants at Lowe's and just bought one since they are so expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I just want a nice pretty ground cover for a large area in my woods, not hosta as the deer eat it. I have ferns and ajuga and wanted to try these.

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These seeds are better sown fresh and are not meant to be stored. They need double dormancy, i.e., warm, cold, warm, cold, etc. My sources say they are "averse to germinating in artificial media."

I received some seeds from NARGS but had only one seedling germinate, so it appears the book information is correct. They self sow, although that is probably too slow for what you want.

Heuchera seeds can be stored dry and germinate in the summer. These plants give a similar effect and can tolerate dry. Sanguinaria usually prefers moist soil. Hope this helps.

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thanks. i think i will just toss them where i want them to grow and see what happens next year. probably nothing.

I bought two coral bells one year and they died very soon after planting them, but i will give the seeds a try. thanks so much.

i have a few seeds of the foam flowers in my refrigerator, so i will continue to see what they do. probably nothing. live and learn.i seem to be having luck with ferns, and i really love them. i have luck with columbine and blood root as well. if my foam flower plant makes it i will get more next year. and who knows, maybe lowe's will put them in their $1 batch.

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The tiarella that you purchased will release seeds also.
If you can find Tiarella Running Tapestry or the new variety
called Apalachian Trail, they both send out runners which will
cover a ground area in a couple of seasons.

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thanks. i love that idea. i also ordered coral bell seeds. Wish the one I bought was a runner--mystic mist.

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i found a nursery here that has the creeping foam flower. thanks so much for the suggestion.

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