Lilac question

daisybelle1August 24, 2008


This is my first year in my new house that has a row of lilacs on the lot line. They were in blossum this spring and were beautiful. They now have a seed pod type thing growing were the blossums were. It is yellowish in color and is the shape of the nut of a sunflower seed. Is this normal? Thanks.


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Yes, it's normal and they're just the seed pods from the spent blooms. I have a mature lilac hedge of maybe 150' in length and I never bother to cut spent blooms off as they add some winter interest once the leaves drop. (And it would be too monumental a task anyway.) Plus they disappear in the spring when the lilacs put out their new growth.

It's a little late in the season to be cutting on lilacs, you may accidentally cut into the growth that produces next season's blooms.

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