do japanese beetles eat currants?

greenbeansAugust 10, 2009

I'd like to get some currant bushes but before I do, can anyone tell me if they have problems with japanese beetles eating them?

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We have both red currants and everbearing red raspberries. We also have japanese beetles. Our JB's have a strong preference for the raspberry patch. But they might go for the currant bush, if there were no raspberry leaves available. Not sure.

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I don't have currants, but notice that in my yard the JB prefer raspberries above all else. They also like green beans a lot. As long as I have these two things growing they concentrate there and are fairly sparse on other things they are known to like such as grapes. This yer I have noticed a lot of them on yellow marigolds, but not other colors.

Probably not much help, but what I am trying to say is that to some extent you can keep them away from a plant by providing a plant they like more.

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krimjim(5 WI)

The good news is the Jap beetles are almost done here in Madison, I've had plenty of them. Not sure about currants, never grown them. I sprayed my ferns and grapevines with Bonide 8 again this year, that does a great job. I hate using any insectacide. but that's the only option (I never eat the grapes anyway). I had a Birch tree in the front yard literally eaten alive by the beetles, had to cut it down last year. I hand pick them and drop em in soapy water on the rasperries, beans, asparagus, marigolds and morning glories. It's a constant battle (noon & night), but very satisfing! A good attractant plant is morning glories. Beetles are easy pickins from the large flat leaves at top plus MG seed is easily saved in fall for next years plants.

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Thanks for the posts. If anyone has seen japanese beetles munching on currants, post here!

I'm well-versed in the daily drill of knocking beetles off my hazelnuts bushes into soapy water, and don't want to add to their buffet if I can help it.

I wonder if planting an attractant plant to draw the beetles off my hazelnuts, etc ends up working like those baits that draw more into your yard... hmmm... thoughts?

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I have currants and the JBs don't seem interested in them. However, I also have 2 cherry trees and 20+ raspberry bushes that keep them well occupied and focused elsewhere.

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