Desperado Sage leaning--How to straighten?

AFBKinTXJuly 3, 2012

I bought this desperado sage at about 1 foot tall and planted it a couple of feet inside my fence. It's 2-3 months later and the sage about 3 feet tall and looks great except that it's growing sideways (and into my salvia plant).

The fence runs east/west, and the north/south fence is a few more feet away. That fence would block morning sun but not the rest of the day. The plant is growing toward the south. It is growing away from a fence that wouldn't block the sun and not toward a direction that would get it more sun, so I'm a bit perplexed. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the sun.

Any suggestions about how to encourage it to grow upright? Stake it? Prune it? It's very drought tolerant but here in Texas in July I'm hesitant to do anything that will stress the plant too much because we have nothing but extreme heat to look forward to in the next two months.

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This is a picture from above.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Most plants will lean toward the most light, and the south gets the most sun for a longer part of the day as long as it's not obstructed by trees, buildings, fences, etc. I have Desperado, and it kind of did the same thing its first year, but second year it is growing up a little straighter - I guess the stems are getting thicker and stronger. I'd give it time - maybe prune lightly in the winter.

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