Falling leaves?

luvtosharedivsSeptember 1, 2007

I was mowing the grass yesterday early evening, and saw the first fallen leaves of the season under my Black Walnut and Honey Locust trees. This is actually happening later than than normal, since we've had so much rain....

Leaves falling in your yards?

Oh, and how is everybody keeping up with your grass mowing in Southeastern WI? Goodness, it looks like April around here...so green! Had to set my mower deck high, and still get mounds of piled "hay" left in rows, then have to rake it, but (not to complain) it makes good mulch for my gardens, as long as I don't spread it more than 2" thick.


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The neighbor's black walnuts started dropping leaves before all the rain and hasn't stopped, and the crab apples have some browning leaves, but that could have been from drought stress. We have some maple trees already showing color.

The lawn seems more full and lush now than it was in spring! I don't water the lawn during the dry part of summer because comes back so fast when it starts raining again.

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I haven't noticed any fallen leaves or Fall colors yet. Our lawn is really good. Came back well after all that rain. It really grew and hubby couldn't cut it because it was always wet! LOL! I like using the grass for mulch too.


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