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ShannonMTXJuly 18, 2012

This plant/weed has sprung up in my flower bed. The stem is pretty thick so I think it is more than just a weed. My daughter loves to plant random seeds in the garden. The last she planted was 3 months ago and was a kumquat seed. Is this a kumquat tree/bush? There is another sprout like it about 2 feet away that just started. This thing has grown to about 4 feet tall in about 8 weeks. We are in Denton (Northern DFW area) if that helps. All the plants were bought at Calloways so I don't think they would have with random things, but who know. Any help is appreciated.

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Looks like poke weed to me.


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I think it's Pokeweed, too. In September it will have red/purple berries on it which the birds love! If you can stand having it around a few more months, let the birds have their treat and then chop it down.

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Thanks for the help. Have no idea how this ended up in my flower bed. But the 6 year old will enjoy watching the birds eat from it. :)

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Thats polk salad! It is a native green type vegetable Collards, Mustards,... When I was home as a child in Paris, TX, My great grandmother added it to her mustard greens or alone with broiled eggs. It tastes like spinach! Tastes good!
You must eat it in before it starts to go to seed and turn purple. It's toxic and is not edible during this period. When cooking it. You must broil the leaves and pour off the first of the green broth. I would do it twice if it were me. I have'nt cooked any of it in years.

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