First frost!

Snomam(Zone 3)September 9, 2006

We knew there was to be a possibility of frost tonite, but not last night! Tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, dahlias--all zapped. Luckily I had picked most of the tomatoes and we were sick of the squash. Anybody else get a touch of frost yet? This must be the earliest on record for here.

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putzer(z4 WI)

Oh no!! It was cold here, but thankfully no frost. I am really not ready for that and am so sorry to hear that you got it :(

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No frost here, but there was a cold wind yesterday, so it could happen soon. We had such an early spring that it seems right to have an early fall.

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big_dummy(z3 WI)

There was a hard frost here on the 8th and the 9th.

I sprawl my tomatoes etc. so still have a large amount of green fruit that will probably turn red.

Collards, dakion, and swiss chard doing fine.

Squash, beans, and peppers done for.

Everything in the greenhouse is fine even with a roof panel removed and the door open.


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No frost here---yet. It's wonderful....Three Lakes got some, though. I'm in Eagle River. I'm so sorry you got unexpected frost. I hate it when that happens :(


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Upon my return home on 16 Sept I found my tomatoes, beans, and squash all killed by an early freeze. My friends in the area (who got only nipped) thought it happened on the night of Sept. 9th. Normally the first frost here is around 20 Sept. Last year there was a killing August frost here!

This is "global warming"?

My location is about 30 miles west of Hayward in the far NW corner of the state.

Where are your locations?


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There is definitely a 'killing frost' forcast for my area tonight. I guess my POD will include digging, potting, and bringing in some peppers and herbs. The party's over, as they say :(

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

They are saying patchy frost for my area. So I brought in my tropicals for the night. It's very sad to know that gardening season is over!

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