Tomatoes look like they were individual tomatoes became a cluster

mlugiJuly 21, 2014

I started my own Rutgers tomatoes this year. The plants look good but the green tomatoes look like there were two or three individual tomatoes that grew together into one tomato. The bottoms of the tomatoes have numerous crevices making them real ugly. Is this a disease or what am I doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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Could it be catfacing? Not a disease, but unsightly and hard to use the fruit when it's like that.

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Maybe you had a megabloom or fused blossoms. They turn into really weird looking tomatoes!


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Weicker(6a PA)

Tends to happen when the temps are cool at the time of pollination. Not a disease, and nothing you did.

I remove most of my "ugly" catfaced/fused toms when young so the plant can put its energy into producing new fruit or focus its energy on the fruits that aren't jacked up looking.

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